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Information Source for Scuba Diving in Taiwan

Discussion in 'Taiwan' started by Joe Garrity, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Joe Garrity

    Joe Garrity Angel Fish

    If anyone is considering scuba diving in Taiwan, I have set up a website that provides information on it.

    The name of the site is Taiwan Dive Sites. It's a new source and will be more informative soon. You can visit it here.... Taiwan Dive Sites

    There is a map highlighting dive sites around Green Island, Kenting National Park, Orchid Island and dive sites in Northern Taiwan. There will be more dive site locations added to the map soon. Here it is... The Taiwan Dive Sites Map

    If you haven't been diving in Taiwan, then here is some video on Green Island, which is the primary destination for most divers. The marine life there is abundant... Taiwan Dive Sites Video Gallery

    I hope this helps those planing dive trips to Taiwan. :D
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  2. Makhno

    Makhno Divemaster

    Thanks for the info, Joe. I checked out your website and saw that we have a number of friends and acquaintances in common, in both northern and southern Taiwan.

    I think there are a few divesites which should not be added to your website because (1) they're almost pristine, and divers with poor skills will damage the reef long before they can even begin to appreciate how good it is, and (2) relatively inexperienced divers will be unprepared for how dangerous those sites are when currents start to move and waves start to crash. Competent divers will be invited there and asked not to tell everyone where the divesites are. Incompetent divers have no business going there. PM me for further info if you want to.

    I'm sure we'll have a chance to meet in person and dive together sometime; looking forward to it.

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  3. Joe Garrity

    Joe Garrity Angel Fish

    Thanks for the feedback Makhno.

    I'm going to take on northern Taiwan next. I have a few sites now but want to get the primary ones on the map. If you or anyone else for that matter, have any insight to northern dive sites that I could add to the map, feel free to contribute here... New Dive Sites and Map Updates

    I'm guessing it wont be long before we find ourselves in a dive group together.

  4. DiverDownD3

    DiverDownD3 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: SOBX, NC
    Thanks for posting this. I have to travel to Taiwan in December. Right now it's looking like I'll be in Kaohsiung and I'm half considering diving while I'm there. Looked like most were challenging dives. I'm only OW with 10 dives with a max dive depth of 85'. All of my dives have been wreck diving. I was hoping to get some input from the locals on whether or not I should consider this. If so, what kind of water Temps would I be looking at. Any input is appreciated and I won't take any offense to a fair assessment, I recognize I'm new to diving and with that comes limitations
  5. hsinhai

    hsinhai Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan
    Winter in Kaohsiung the water is often clearer, and usually less divers, so generally it is good that time of year. There is diving for all levels, so you will have no trouble finding a dive. Maybe get in contact with Andy @ taiwan dive.

    Water temp in winter maybe 24C, some would wear a 5mm, a lot will just use a 3mm maybe with the addition of a hood..
  6. Makhno

    Makhno Divemaster

    DiverDownD3, there are a number of dive sites in Kenting (southern Taiwan, not too far from Kaohsiung) where you can dive safely and comfortably at your level of experience. Water temperatures in December will probably be 23-25C (that's 73-77F), although sometimes it gets colder. This being a strong El Nino year, it'll probably be on the warmer side. I use a 5mm wetsuit but most of my buddies are OK in 3mm plus a hooded vest in the winter. If your air consumption rate is not great, then your dives will be shorter and just a 3mm might be adequate.

    As hsinhai said, visibility is often better in the winter than the summer, and it's less crowded. Also, most of my favorite Kenting shore diving dive sites--the ones which face west--usually have better conditions in the winter because the monsoon is coming out of the northeast this time of year, so there tend to be smaller waves on the west side unless a storm is nearby.

    If you've only been diving the shallower wrecks of the Outer Banks, then the marine life in Kenting will be much different from what you're used to. It's definitely worth seeing. A good guide will show you lots of interesting invertebrates and some interesting reef fishes, too. Shore dives will give you all the freedom and flexibility you could want, and boat dives will take you to some healthier reefs further offshore where you can enjoy a kind of beauty and biodiversity you'll never see in North Carolina. I loved diving NC wrecks like the Papoose, the U-352, etc., but I also strongly recommend spending at least a weekend exploring the reefs of southern Taiwan.

    Andy Gray is a friend of mine and I second hsinhai's recommendation of him as a guide. If he's busy teaching courses or something and you need someone else to guide you, I can recommend some other folks. Send me a PM and I'll get back to you with contact info.
  7. ambertiger

    ambertiger Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Taiwan

    If you wish to dive in the south of Taiwan, winter is actually the best time for a number of reasons. #1. great vis, as it is the dry season in the south all the sites usually have 20 meters+ vis, sometimes a lot more especially on the offshore sites. #2 far fewer divers in the water. Taiwanese divers are mostly fair weather divers and like it warm. As soon as the water temp dips below 25C they abandon diving until late spring when the weather starts to warm up again in April/May.

    Best places to dive are in the Houbihu area 6k north of Kenting and along the west coast, as well as a few K south of Kenting at Sail Rock, Banana Bay and Sand island. Be aware that some of the west coast dive sites have challenging entry and exit points and that there can be strong long-shore currents at certain times of the day on all the sites. So it is best to dive with an experienced guide and check the dive tables before entering the water. Also be aware that many of the Taiwanese dive operations will take you to the easiest sites and also fish feed. So if you go with a Taiwanese guide please tell them that fish feeding is something that you do not want to do.

    In late December you can expect the water temp to be around 24C. You can get away with a 3mm suit and hood. In Jan and Feb it will drop to 19 to 23C and you will need a 5mm suit and hood or a 3mm suit with a hood and vest under it. Take a wind proof jacket and beanie with you as the wind is cool in winter and it is cold when you get out of the water.

    Xao Liu Cho Island also has great diving in winter and excellent vis. XLC is famous for it's turtles and 3 wrecks. However accommodation there is often booked out well in advance, and IMO a little overpriced for what it is.

    Have fun and safe diving. :)

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