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Index Headings (in the following posts)

Save-a-Dive Kits
Maintenance Manuals
Tools for Gear Maintenance
Modify & Customize
  • General Information
  • Suppliers
  • Regulators
  • BCs
  • Valves & manifolds
  • Rebreathers
  • Lights
  • Camera housing
  • Miscellaneous
Dive Computers
  • Batteries
  • O-rings
  • Straps and covers
Non-O-ring Softgoods
  • Hoses
  • Mushroom valves
  • Diaphragms
  • Seats
  • Mouthpieces
  • Miscellaneous
Scuba Tank Identification and Testing

3D Projects

Continued in the next post


Continued from previous post

Save a Dive Kits

What's in your Save-a-dive kit?

Maintenance Manuals has been decommissioned. Some files may be available via the Wayback machine.

Vintage Manuals & Catalogs contributed by @Akimbo

Scubapro Manuals

Mares Manuals

Kirby Morgan Manuals & Exploded Views page for their commercial diving helmets and masks, contributed by @Akimbo

Tools for Gear Maintenance

Scuba Tools


Tools for DIY reg service, kiss

Tools for DIY reg service, kiss, Post #21 included a detailed list in an Excel file. Contributed by @rsingler
Silent Explorers Maple Grove Minnesot United States Online SCUBA contributed by @Bigbella for Poseidon, Apeks, vintage and CCR repair

contributed by @Akimbo

Modify & Customize

Freedom Plate Divers Roll Call: show us your rig!

What's your knife preference for diving. a.k.a. show off your knives.

Bungee or spring straps: which is best?

Dive ladder build


General O-Ring Information

O-rings for Divers contributed by @Akimbo

Comprehensive o-ring cross reference contributed by @rsingler

Scuba Cylinder Valve Installation

Rebuilding 7/8 Sherwood Manifolds, suggested by @Akimbo

Web pages with US, British, Metric, and Japanese O-ring standard sizes, contributed by @couv

O-ring Suppliers

The O-Ring Store LLC

Orings and More


Precision Associates, Inc. email:

AceSeal - Custom O-Ring & Gasket Manufacturer

Regulator O-rings
Scubapro O-ring Sizes

Scubapro o-ring chart by size 2008 contributed by @couv

Scubapro S-Wing poppet o-ring

Scubapro D-series poppet o-ring for ScubaPro Regulator, contributed by @rsingler

Apeks O-rings vs. McMaster, Post #20 contributed by @rsingler

Poseidon Jetstream O-ring sizes?

Scubapro parts diagrams with O-ring sizes — Continued on the following post. Contributed by @couv and @Zung

Scubapro G260 annotated diagram. Contributed by @couv

BCD/Inflator O-rings
Inflator oring size. contributed by @couv

SPG spool o-ring
Viton small o-ring for Suunto air spool?

Rebreather o-rings
JJ-CCR O-ring Sorter
JJ-CCR O-ring Guide

Firefighting SCBAs
Scott SCBA O-rings.

Continued in the next post

There are ten different standards for o-rings.
While we are most familiar with AS568 and metric, the list also includes:
BS 1806
ISO 3601-1
DIN 3771
NFT 47-501
JIS B2401
BS 4518
SMS 1586
ISO 6149

This fantastic cross-reference from PAI lists virtually every non-metric o-ring out there, and is very handy when you are trying to spec an oring from your own measurements, to replace via one of the suppliers in this thread.
And PAI is an easy group to work with!


  • PAI Int'l O-Ring Std X-Ref.pdf
    2.5 MB · Views: 201

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