How much weight is too much?

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Erie, PA
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Nothing beats checking out your weighting at 500 psi at the end of a shore dive. As Marie said, if you need the weight you need the weight. If you have a buddy to assist you that makes it easier. That way your buddy can check to make sure your wing is fully empty and hold the float with your extra weights. Once you know your proper weighting everything else falls in place. Your rig should float, so if you need to put some weight on a belt or harness do it. 29lbs is not odd, but given your trouble holding a safety stop you are either underweighted or are not venting your air cell fully. I have a buddy about your size who uses 32lbs with his drysuit.

Otherwise what @inquisit said.


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One thing I have noticed is when you first get in the water with a drysuit you will float. It takes a few minutes for the excess air to work its way out. Many people will feel this and think they are underweight.

As mentioned, do a weight check at the end of the dive. I slowly shedded about 10 pounds. There were various undergarment eveolutions as well. You can be too hot and that will make you cold, sweeting inside a plastic bag issue. A little less insulation can make you warmer. Strange, but something to try if you have too much condensation inside the suit.

Another end of the dive is if you can be neutral, don't add any air to the wing, get out of the water. Consider the volume of air in the wing. Think of how much volume of water it is displacing. How much would that water weigh? A little bit is fine, a lot means you need to shave some lead.

Those hidden air pockets can get you as well. Have a talk with your buddy and have them look you over. Remember that your attitude (body position, not mental state) changes as you dive so what you think is fine standing on land can lead to trapped pockets in the water.

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