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Guns for freeshafting on Scuba

Discussion in 'Underwater Hunting' started by BoltSnap, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. MAKO Spearguns

    MAKO Spearguns ScubaBoard Business Sponsor ScubaBoard Business Sponsor

    A Hawaiian Sling has a range of about 8 to at least 15 feet, depending on the skill and strength of the hunter. A Pole Spear has a range of maybe 2 to 7-8 feet, depending on the type of spear, length, configuration and again strength of the hunter.

    In the Bahamas, spearguns are not allowed so slings and pole spears are the only game in town . A sling shoots a free shaft. Often, on a skittish fish (like a Mutton Snapper) a sling is advantageous due to the increased range. Also, if the shaft placement is decent and the fish swims away, you can often track it and get a second shot to retrieve the fish.

    I know this is not SCUBA, but this recent video provides a good example of how the increased range of the sling can be applied and then teamwork comes into play to quickly get the fish before attracting too much attention from sharks.

    My buddy Atil delivers the first shaft and I make a dive and place a pole spear shot to recover.

    "freeshafting" has been around for a long time.

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  2. Brant Emery

    Brant Emery Registered

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Chicago
    Free dive was all that was allowed when I worked there.
  3. 100days-a-year

    100days-a-year Contributor

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: NE Florida
    Biller muzzles take care of the snap track feature out of the box being semi closed.
    The muzzles last a few years before they get too loose.
    You're going to lose shafts freeshafting, notch shafts are cheaper.
    Single bands reload faster.
    Custom guns are generally significantly more expensive and normally provide 0 benefits over a stock gun other than finish.
    Biller actions will work with several brands of shafts.
    TBH, unless you are shooting commercially I can't imagine really needing the speed reloading that often.
    I was shooting up to 20 fish a dive freeshafting commercially butv ec diving rarely shot more than one or two. Limits are just too small to need it, I'd rather do several dives a day
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  4. CuzzA

    CuzzA Percoidea Wetwork for Hire ScubaBoard Supporter

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  5. Johnoly

    Johnoly Contributor

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    I haven't seen that before. The reload time is fast. I'd like to take a look at the mech to see how the 'sear' release is setup. Looks interesting.
  6. 100days-a-year

    100days-a-year Contributor

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: NE Florida
    Yes it will. It's called a top loading muzzle instead of a front loading muzzle for a reason. But like I said after a few thousand loadings it gets loose enough to effect accuracy. Both the metal and wood guns have them.
    The guys I dove with all built up custom guns with Biller, JBL and Spearfishing Specialties parts. And the occasional bow rail or shower rod.
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  7. MAKO Spearguns

    MAKO Spearguns ScubaBoard Business Sponsor ScubaBoard Business Sponsor

    Since an inquiry was made, I should probably mention that MAKO Spearguns also offers a gun that is perfectly adaptable to shooting a freeshaft. No modifications are necessary - other than removal of the shooting line from the shaft. The enclosed track makes loading fast and easy.

    It should probably be emphasized that guns that have an open track and an open muzzle are not directly capable of safely shooting a freeshaft. The basic reason is that, for this type of gun, a wrap of line is placed over the end of the shaft when loading so that the shaft is held tightly in the track.

    If the shaft is not secured by one of the following: (a) closed muzzle, (b) enclosed track or (c) a wrap of line, then the spear shaft can fall away from the front of the gun when loaded and result in the unintentional release of a shaft. Something that is very important to avoid.

    The MAKO Teak gun shoots euro notch shafts which have shark fin tabs. The gun is handmade and the roller mechanism is extremely smooth and strong.

    The MAKO Teak Enclosed Track Euro Speargun includes:
    • Made of 100% hand selected teak for a stunning look. 1 5/8" wide x 1 3/8" high
    • Enclosed track increases accuracy and loading speed. It's removable,replaceable and modifiable, so the front end can be shaved down and opened up. Accepts 7.0mm and 7.5mm spears.
    • Treated with pressure infused tung oil for a long lasting finish.
    • The MAKO/Ermes Sub Double Roller Reverse (EURO) Trigger Mechanism makes this the smoothest and most accurate trigger mech ever produced. Trigger, Sear and line release 100% machined from stainless steel. Twin roller wheels eliminate friction.
    • Selectable left or right hand line release for single or double wrap.
    • Your choice of twin or triple 14.5mm small ID MAKO/Primeline Power Bands.
    • Tin Man AR15 speargun handle frame w/ black grip.
    • Comfortable molded loading butt (non slip and no pain).
    • Internal ballasting delivers buoyancy without spear and slightly negative with spear for the perfect balance.
    • South African 7.0mm euro spear with 3 sharkfin tabs and hand tuned flopper.
    • MAKO Rapid Change corded wishbones rated over 1,000 lbs.
    • Fully rigged with 300lb mono shooting line.
    • South African shock cord with swivel clip for Teak guns ordered without reel.

    Teak Enclosed Track Euro Speargun

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