GUE-F gear choice: all-in on Halcyon?

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I'm planning to take the GUE Fundamentals class later this year and before the class to start I would like to buy a full equipment compatible with the class requirements.
I've been diving for a few years, currently certified (CMAS) up to 40m, nitrox (<40%), and having done something like 70 dives up to now (mostly in 12-30°C sea), but I've never bought anything and only rented everything in each dive center I've been diving with.

I've read a lot about DIR / GUE equipment requirements, and I understand the basics of what kind of stuff I should buy, but my knowledge about all the subtle differences between brands and models is still very limited. I've spent quite a long time wondering about take an Apex or Scubapro or ... reg, a DAN or ... SMB, a DiveRite or Halcyon backplate... and it finally looks like it's, in most cases, a personal preference (and I don't really have one at this step) more than a GUE / DIR compatibility.

So in the end, as Halcyon is deeply rooted in the GUE / DIR philosophy, wouldn't get a full Halcyon gear be a very easy way to get a great equipment for this class? From regulators to backplates, from lights and masks to wet notes, it seems that it will never be a bad choice. Maybe not the best choice, depending on diving situations and personal preferences, but considering that I'm still a beginner it seems that it would definitely be a good choice to start with (and maybe I'll revisit these choices later when I'll have more experience).

What do you think about that?

(I'll still miss a few things... drysuit, fins... but for these I'll probably go to Santi and Scubapro Jet fins).

Thanks :)
I'd speak with your instructor. Halcyon is compatible, but you're paying a premium for it vs other mostly equal offerings, especially in Europe.
In my fundies I had nothing from the Halcyon (cause, duh, money) and it was no issue.
Check with the instructor, but I had a BP/W from Xdeep (subsequently changed to Tecline), regs from Apeks, DSMB from DirZone.

Certainly Halcyon will be a good choice though, and you can sometimes get a nice deal on German eBay (just don't confuse the donut and the horseshoe wing ;-)). But if money is not unlimited, you can go cheaper and still get a good quality gear, and spend the cash for diving instead.
You can’t go wrong with Halcyon. Most of my gear is Halcyon. It just depends on your budget. There are plenty of non-Halcyon gear that is adequate for DIR diving. For example, HOG and X-Deep, amongst many others. Your fundamentals instructor will go over all the necessary equipment in detail. Then you could decide what’s best for you.

Wet notes can be any brand.
Mask doesn’t have to be halcyon at all. It’s a scubapro remake anyways.
As with anything class related, GUE or not, discuss with your instructor.

I don’t know how Halcyon is in the EU, but here in North America, their service is top notch, and in the unlikely event something isn’t right, they will make it right (even with Santi)

There are lots of other manufacturers that offer similar and very usable equipment as well that may be a better fit in the EU.

Halcyon makes great stuff. It's not the only option for your class. In short quality made equipment is what you need. The best option is to speak with your instructor and don't be afraid to ask about specific brands or models of gear you are considering.

Also, you'll be better off posting this question in the DIR forum as there will be more people who've actually taken the classes and understand the needs vs people who've only read about it online and unintententionally give bad advice. (That's not directed at any of the posters in this thread):)
The philosophy makes sense, but the recommendation above to talk to your gue instructor makes a lot of sense too. I don’t own any halcyon gear but still fit right in when i dive with dir buddies from gue and utd. So if your on a budget, you could save a lot of money by just asking and doing more research first.

I'm planning to take the GUE Fundamentals class later this year and before the class to start I would like to buy a full equipment compatible with the class requirements.

I will repeat what others have said, email/call your instructor and speak with him/her. You will be paying them a premium for their knowledge and instruction and it starts now. Your instructor is an awesome resource of knowledge, take advantage of it.

Whenever you think about asking a question about your upcoming Funies class, remember, its GUE-Fundies, not Scubaboard-Fundies!

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