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Diverlog+ question: Interpreting colors on graphs

Discussion in 'Dive Software' started by Seaweed Doc, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Seaweed Doc

    Seaweed Doc MSDT ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Seattle, Washington State, USA
    I've been using a AL i300C dive computer for the last 6-7 months and uploading the data to Diverlog+ on my Android phone. When viewing the graph of the dive profile, a no-deco dive shows the whole area in blue. If you enter deco, the area in the graph shows in red until you worked off the obligation. I get that; it's all well and good.

    However, a new color appeared after a dive this weekend: Pink. Or something like a light pinkish/orangish/tawny color. Definitely not red or blue. My best guess is that it had to do with the safety stop timer triggering, then descending below 20' and shutting down the clock.

    The dive profile is a bit odd: I was headed to a deep spot at about 100', but my group got off-course and took the long route. Due to low air, we turned at 90'. Similarly, to be safe on air supply the ascent was in the water column rather than swimming all the way to shore on the bottom. As we approached the 15' safety stop, I was seriously task-loaded securing my camera, balancing a derelict fishing rod I'd grabbed, and controlling buoyancy in BCD and drysuit. Until I could secure everything, I "flirted" with 20'. Once I was set, I went up to 15' and did my safety stop. The best I can figure is the pink marks these crossings shallower than 20', then descending below 20' again after the safety stop timer had kicked in but before 3 minutes were up. The pink seems to be associated with these periods.

    The weird part is the i300C manual says the unit would only "cancel" the safety stop if I descended to 25' for at least 10 seconds. I did at one point, then got right up to 20' and didn't really drop any deeper than that afterwards. That one "bob" does show pink leading into it. But after that, I did hang right at 20', though I got another pink patch where perhaps I crossed the 20' line (it's tough to tell on the graph, and the numerical output sticks at 20'). There's no dip to 25' on the graph, no ascent to 3' (which also cancels, according to the manual), but it shows pink. (And when I had everything secured, I went to 15' and did the stop.) All to say the best I can figure is that pink indicates you entered safety stop depth (less than 20') and then went below 20'. But I can't say that conclusively.

    Alternatively, would I have been flirting with deco or something like that? The old Navy tables I learned on would have said you couldn't enter deco at less than 30' and there's no clear indication I entered deco though I was close based on my tracking the computer during the dive.

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