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Diver missing near Mandurah Australia

Discussion in 'Accidents & Incidents' started by underH2Oman, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. fbk

    fbk Contributor

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Western Australia
    Unless he was concealed and stuck deep under a ledge or in a cave. Possibly after suffering a medical emergency. If 3 divers were all within a 10m radius (which I doubt) then the vis must have been pretty bad for noone to see anything especially something like a fatal shark attack in open water. To me any other explanation seems unlikely, how else could you explain such an extensive search failing to locate a body which then miraculously happens to appear in that exact spot with bite marks several days later.

    Maybe because this isn't a fatal shark attack? Except in your mind perhaps.

    From the last article you posted: "Police said his death would be examined by the WA Coroner but initial investigations indicated that he might have shark bites. The friends did not observe any attack and the cause of death is unclear at this stage".
  2. Wingy

    Wingy Contributor

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Perth West Aust.
    I was thinking along the same lines FBK - his sister was diving with him, im sure she wouldnt have just gone..oh..oh well...

    Its established they were diving for crays, he may well have been under a ledge/overhang and had some form of medical emergency and not been able to extradite himself.

    Personally id just like to add that Fauxfish turning this into a thread to grind his own deluded axe is a reflection of his character. Talk about lacking the fundamentals of respect for another humans life - turning a thread about a guy who was having fun loving life with his sister and mates into an opportunity to bleat off like a sheep about how he is keeping we divers in WA safe is morally bankrupt. I hope his sister and buddies know that we other western australian divers are sorry for their loss not foaming at the mouth using their loved ones death for their own warped selfish attention seeking behaviour.
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  3. bowlofpetunias

    bowlofpetunias Oh no, not again! ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Sydney Australia
    REALLY.. you expect too much from the media:shocked: I've seen and heard what they were told and then seen and heard what they said after:fear:

    Anchored in the area .. doesn't say in the same location as the dive. Could be off shore or in shelter. Seems like they did stay in the spot for a while tho.

    Really not a good idea to count on media to do anything but sensationalize, provide selective information and misunderstood information:shakehead:

    What is near??? 1 M or 50M or perhaps 1 or 2 km? It is relative.

    No Cookies | Perth Now

    I doubt the deceased was doing any evading! Currents and serge could have moved the remains under or out from under ledges. Not that easy to locate... have you ever conducted a search?

    Don't expect too much from the autopsy. :shakehead: after being in the water a while it can do a lot of damage and contaminate "evidence"

    I'm not sure I am reading the information the same way. You may expect it was self evident from your perspective..perhaps your perspective is a little skewed:idk:

    The sad thing is this process will be a very long and hard one for the family. Other than ax grinding.. what can we learn from this? I don't hunt crays so I have no idea of the process. Do people hunting crays tend to scatter and everyone do their own thing or is there anything like a buddy process? Is the expectation that the Cray fishermen will be a group of solo divers?

    Perhaps my lack of experience with underwater "hunting" will mean my questions here are stupid. Is it possible or recommended that the "hunters" have someone hovering above them and watching them to make sure they are ok?

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