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Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by willem tel, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. willem tel

    willem tel Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: holland
    Corsica diving and hiking

    May / June 2014

    Flown with Transavia
    As usual little legroom in the plane
    Heenweg directly from Amsterdam to Ajaccio (2h) and back
    From Ajaccio with a stop in Olbia (Sardinia) back to Amsterdam (3.5 h)
    Checked baggage 20 kg hand luggage 10 kg p / p (ticket € 435 p / p)

    Renting a car in Corsica, as evidenced by American Express credit card was not accepted there, luckily we did not troublesome.
    Another couple:
    They had already discussed a rental car in Netherlands and paid for but not received this not for that reason, I hope for them that it all does not resolve, but at that time they were called with dirt oriented business outside!!

    We got a brand new car along with so many buttons that I did not understand all the
    Along the way the car seemed to go there was inene lost impetus in driving still only very gently!
    There appeared to be a cruise control to sit on!!
    That's difficult when you're used to from four wheels and a roof only a cart on it and go but!
    Larger than that our problems do not become all I was going crazy with all lights beeps and buttons
    There is also a possibility to go by train on the island because it is often at a snail's pace seems unkind to me that it's all single track and narrow gauge
    Train ride about four times a day depending on the season

    The airport there is not big arrival / departure and baggage is a story almost no customs.
    Therefore, you can be comfortable with if you immediately go pick up your car on arrival and only then collect it. Whether the forces equally divided, easily makes for an hour waiting in the car, which is painfully slow.
    Car rentals are all located outside the airport, but no more than 150mtr of output
    Bringing back the car does not seem as natural as can be expected with regard to finding the entrance to the P site if you wait long enough, the gate is still open
    The Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is sometimes referred to as the Campo de oro

    Since we have only been in the northern part of the island, I can not say a sensible word about the rest.
    We land at 14.15h and 20.00h in the end it was only at the place of destination
    Ill in Rousse
    This had little to do with the fact that we could not find what we had rented, but also that we had to do, of course. route messages yet the cottage
    The grocery story is not such a problem.
    If you go to the north head towards Bastia so you come by naturally Corte where a big supermarket right next to the road sitting on a roundabout (which store there called Casino)
    Most of the time it is still sitting in the ride itself.
    There is almost 500 meters highway to find that right or is flat, the word highway you have taken with a grain of salt, we would call a provincial road, sometimes with a little opportunity to pass.
    The condition of the roads is good in the mountains, but the speed limit is
    sometimes 90 km / ph but usually only 70 km / ph everyone keep themselves neat to rate
    (It will not just be!)
    If you can take average of 60 km / ph then you have firmly drove.
    The highway goes right through villages around and through a mountain pass that can be closed depending on the weather and season it can quickly turn to that height again.

    We have rented a house in two places, we noticed that Corsica is still expensive as many other places where we rented houses. Retrospect we may like to stay with what happen outside in our experience there is also more expensive pieces offseason.
    Even if you live mainly outside when it's good, it offered was relatively small and expensive when used

    Our choice was for the diving event cases Ill. Rousse north on the west coast of Corsica on the map this seemed quite nice to have, the more opportunities I had also read somewhere that the experience of someone so fit nicely.
    There's two diving schools that I know of Beluga diving (German)
    EPIR (école plongee Ill. Rouse) (French).
    Bijden sit at the far end of the harbor and have a sort of cab stand from which the case is
    The German would be boring but decent and the other is always a treat.
    Of them may make, unfortunately nothing it was blowing too hard, I was again the only guest, but tomorrow it was ok, and it was yet again to bad weather, will not call back and do not show up, these two diving schools was I do not charmed.
    Must be said it was blowing strong, but it sounded more like an excuse than reason.
    If I'm the only diver and you do not want to go on is legitimate for me, but I'm allergic to k * t excuses.
    Finally I get the chance then taken away to look, in the end you come to dive
    And not in the first place to enjoy the nice small center of the village with plenty of great places to eat and drink which unfortunately from 22.00h shoots into hibernation

    After drove to Calvi which is about half an hour drive further south towards not dived two days
    What a nice old town with shops, small streets, small cafes and restaurants
    With a port where a lot of huge jachte are a million bucks or so, but WRS demurrage in St Tropez or Monaco can not pay? amazing what a capital toys, boulevard does therefore a bit mundane to.
    The prices there fell against me had a lot more expensive have done with all those thick necks.
    There is also a train ride between the two places that are a bit serves as entranceway.

    There in the harbor are perhaps as many as five diving schools, it was still running.
    According to their own words, because they had sheltered dive sites that would not be in another. Village
    I finally made ​​the choice to EPIC coincidentally the school where I came first and which also had some crowds.
    Immediately to make room for the next day, there appeared appointments still not a lot of life to be in the brewery they accept not a diver.
    A day which customers were gathered juggled also I was lucky that there had arrived there it was to be known a new DM in training that was easier for me to connect so that I could make. Plonsjes my right
    The school itself seemed well organized enough staff present.
    One of the guides called Camilla, they turned out to be good was done to reassure and divers, to deliver. Pleasant dive with proper attention and lots of underwater communications, a very laid back person
    Although I seemed to me that there are still all very well to look, no rent materials, bottles all neatly painted in excellent condition and nicely equipped.
    With a RIB it is getting to the sites, there is still not much briefing, which in retrospect appears not necessary, but feels a bit strange.
    Not necessary because it's all relatively easy side dives from the side although not reach, so it is rocky and steep.
    A dive we had to wait until a fisherman nets had brought inside.
    A single Squid or Grouper, Moray Rotsvis or the rest is all small stuff if any, still a Achtal snails found so my holiday was ok again.
    It is therefore not very busy with life underwater rocks are only thinly covered generally, as far as I understood all the dive sites are only a side issue because everyone comes to dive into the B17 bomber.
    As far as I understood not sunk there, but scuttled after they had tried to salvage and recycle what did not work.
    It must be said the wreck lies neatly with only one tail is gone and the hood of the cockpit is broken, the rest is complete.
    If the wreck is quite nice you can easily swim around it. Even for the less experienced diver an easy wreck to view
    The property is at its deepest point at 26 meters it is also a bit of swimming to it because they can not anchor on the wreck, there and back is not much
    For me personally, not interesting, I'll go to the museum if I want to see that old junk
    Yes or no diving or an extra round B17 is a simple choice at a time!

    Dives I paid € 35 for every 6th dive is free we were eventually lost 25.50 p / d it was not done so difficult.
    You can not pay with your pin that could possibly be difficult, but it does keep in mind if you know it.
    Their website is in French and has no translation button there, however, you should work.
    The owner is a German further you can also English, Spanish and Italian go.
    You can park for free in 5 minutes walking near L'onde a hardened sand terrain
    This is immediately a train departure point.
    From there, follow the track you come back to the dive center, you may as well just walk down the track with no problems.
    At the site there is always the master behind the water there on his hand knows in case of emergency, there is always an extra bottle on board what is left down on signal

    Although my diving vacation had ended because a bugger me after almost forgotten early was his weight belt to check that was close more like an arm of a brain disorder!
    I have to plunge, yet tasty but will not easily go back to the northern part of the island, underwater life I found very minimal

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