Question Argonaut Kraken Owner

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First post of this thread from Bryan has a link to info on dh reg placement: Double Hose Diving 101 - Vintage Double Hose.

I'm a tropical vacation diver and use an Oxycheq softplate and 18# wing. The plate is tiny. I use the waist belt and crotch strap to position the dh can between my shoulder blades. The wing has some small nubs to stabilize the tank, so I don't use a single tank adapter (STA) which would hold the tank and reg away from my back. I find this setup stable enough for me. Others may prefer a hard plate and STA.
The lungs have no sensation.

When you have a snorkel in your mouth you can be flat, horizontal on the surface, or vertical on the surface and still breath through the snorkel without noticing the difference.

The NEDU (Navy Experimental Diving Unit) and all the commercial regulator (and rebreather) testing devices place the pressure probes on the back of the throat for the regulator "test dummy".

Human perception is very important, to the human, but it is very flawed and inconsistent. We are completely unreliable as a measuring device. Even our mood can affect our perceptions, and that is why we try to do blind tests when it comes to equipment that has to have human interactions. And even that is flawed.

The color of an item, like alpine skis affect how people perceive how they perform.

Human perception is extremely important when we have to interact with a machine, but we tend to be very poor judge of a machine performance if it is not instrumented. But, we tend to kid our self. We cannot even tell air temperature, but this another discussion...

To the OP,

Sorry that your thread has a few deviations, but most of the advice you received in the early posts are good.

I do recommend that try to get together with Herman. Whether you end up liking a double hose regulator or not is always hard to tell, but you will gain in knowledge either way.

And most important, have fun diving.
Thank you sir. Great information all around. I'm always willing to hear from others and learn all that I can
I am the owner of Kraken SN: AK19-077 but have actually never been diving with it. I got it in 2019, because I started browsing VDH and thought that it was so cool, and that I would have no problem diving it or getting it serviced by VDH.

I am just getting back into diving, and making plans for this summer to be much more active than I have been, and maybe even use my Kraken for the first time. I have read some posts by Luis and realize that the Kraken was designed in a way to be easily self serviceable, using many shared parts and such. My question is: with the unfortunate passing of Bryan, and the uncertainty of VDH as well as the Kraken, is it even worth it to keep and use?

I feel like I am doing it a disservice by not using it, but also do not know anyone in the vintage diving community, and feel like very few people even know what the Kraken is.

I realize how niche the Kraken is, and would like to hear the experiences of another owner whether it is worth keeping, or worth parting ways with to someone who can really appreciate it and use it as its intended.

Any thoughts or advice is definitely welcome, and I'd love to chat with any Kraken owner about their experience. Looking forward to hearing from you!
at diverdowndhr we can service your kraken and upgrade it contact us at 419-534-0714 Jerrie

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