Any recommendations for Cozumel doctor who understands diving and nasal/sinus blocks?

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Its legit. You just put water in your mouth, get rid of the air in there, stick it in your nostril and pull trigger, it will blow air in - then you swallow. Its crazy how it works but it does. Absolute life saver for my wife and if my ears get a little sticky I will use it.

Also for those with sinus issues like the OP's son - I start taking an allergy pill with real decongestant a week out (I live in Oklahoma - allergy central) to try to clear out sinuses and ears etc.

Hope it helps someone!
Does it open up the tubes or just pressure your ears up so that you are more comfortable at depth?


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Virginia Beach, VA USA
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Gonna throw this out here for anyone who has any issues with ears clearing etc. This little thing is a life saver. My wife uses it to fly......her ears clog up when she flies and can take days to unclog. This thing does it in seconds.

I use it to exercise my tubes before diving and it works like a charm. Might help someone on here as well:


All that does is introduce a burst of pressure to the sinus cavity that serves both nostrils and both ears. Notice the "How to" picture shows the mouth closed in use and one nasal passage blocked with a finger when releasing the pressure into the other nasal passage. One can do the same thing by squeezing the nose and blowing hard with the mouth held shut. Yawning and swallowing do not create pressure in the sinus cavity, those are only physical means of trying to open up estuation tubes by relaxing and moving parts of the neck. Squeezing my nose and blowing is cheaper than this apparatus. However, if it works for you that's all that counts. I'd recommend if this problem persists to take a once a day allergy inhibitor like OTC Loradatine AND ADD a daily nasal spray of OTC Fluticasone. My wife has had problems equalizing over the years and our Dr. found fluid in her ears that was caused by allergies. Treat the allergies and the cause of the fluid you'll be fine. Also, we travel with a decongestant Pseudoephedrine.. Yeah, it's supposedly illegal to bring it into Mexico but we've been bringing it for 20 years and never had any problem just popping the pills out and sticking them in a container with all our other meds we think we may need.

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