1. Garth Jensen

    For Sale Hollis S38 LX 38lb Singles Wing w/Backplate and Harness. $500

    Brand New never dove the wing. Backplate and harness, used, but in good condition. Set it up but looking to go sidemount route instead. Would be interested in trading for an equal value Hollis SMS75. Or Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Rec system. Price includes shipping.
  2. Ever_Curious

    Help me feel like an actual diver again... XDeep NX Project Wing issue

    Hey all! I was able to find some people posting that they have had similar issues with XDeep's NX Project wing, but was unable to find information on what worked for those people to fix the issue. For me, I love diving the rig in a wetsuit. I can maintain great trim and the fit is excellent...
  3. Ever_Curious

    XDeep NX Project adds too much lift to lower body for certain dives

    Hey all! I was able to find some people posting that they have had similar issues with XDeep's NX Project wing, but was unable to find information on what worked for those people to fix the issue. For me, I love diving the rig in a wetsuit. I can maintain great trim and the fit is excellent...
  4. Frod

    Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap

    You asked! We listened! Let me introduce you the Fist Free Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap (S size)! There are three versions of clip with inner/outer diameter: (A) 10/18mm (B) 11/19mm (C) 12/20mm Was too lazy to go to storage room to get some hoses and I had only my Deep6 reg with...
  5. fabrizio71

    For Sale !!!! XDEEP Black EANx !!!!

    Hi everybody, the time has come for someone else to enjoy this wonderful computer. The Black EANx has been a trusted companion of many good dives but now I have to make a necessary upgrade. Display and battery are in perfect conditions, EANx version, always kept very well with normal signs of...
  6. B

    xDeep Stealth Classic: Rec mounting loop set

    Does anyone use the lower set of mounting loops of the xDeep Stealth 2.0 Classic compensator? The manual says, those were advised for recreational open water diving, because they provided greater comfort compared to the upper set of mounting loops (xDeep manual, p 44). I haven't seen the use...
  7. R.Gabriel

    NEW Sherwood The Crux, any thoughts, opinion?

    Any thoughts, opinion? I've been looking for my first bcd for some time and I came across this new model from SHERWOOD, but besides the website itself I couldn't get any more detailed information or user opinion. I was buying the SP Hydro pro, but after I learned more about bcd's I ended up...
  8. Kimberly Thompson

    SOLD!!! XDEEP Ghost

    XDEEP Ghost BCD. Meticulously cared and cleaned after each use. Approximately 20 dives. Works great just built my own more custom unit. Large Weight pockets, One piece webbing and cam bands included. Tank is not included. $550.00 OBO
  9. T

    Finnsub Speleo vs XDeep stealth Tec 2

    Hey guys. I currently dive the Apeks WSX and I'm due for an upgrade. I'm looking for a comparison between XDeep stealth tec 2 and Finnsub Speleo. I know quite a lot about the XDeep and how it works but don't know much about the Speleo. XDeep bias aside (I know XDeep did a fantastic job at...
  10. Gary_Ward

    Are all Jet Fins Created Equal? We review 3 Jet style fins from Scubapro, Deep6 and XDeep.

    Imagine 3 dive pro's having a beer (or two) and the conversation comes around to scuba diving fins. Specifically Jet Fins, and more importantly Scubapro Jet Fins. Imagine now how the conversation turned into an underwater blindfold review of all the "Jet" style fins we have in the shop...
  11. ahcalde

    XDEEP Hydros 40 (as an alternative to Halcyon Evolve 40)

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the XDEEP Hydros 40 wing. I am about to pull the trigger to switch to Halcyon, but thinking of it as an alternative being $200 cheaper ($339 vs $540). Main concern I have about the Hydros wing is that they state they reduced the volume of the...
  12. The Laconic

    SOLD!!! XDeep Zeos 28 with aluminum backplate and deluxe harness

    XDeep Zeos 28 wing with "deluxe" harness and aluminum backplate. Single-tank adapter included, as well as (removable) XDeep weight pockets, Halcyon trim pockets on the tank strap, and an unassuming-looking UTD knife. Bought in 2014-ish. $300 obo. We'll split the shipping cost (UPS Ground), or...
  13. ScubaWithTurk

    Thailand Exploration with ScubaWithTurk

    I went to Thailand in May of 2019 and explored Bangkok while attending the Thai Dive Expo and then did some dives around Phi Phi Islands. I am working on becoming a better videographer but this project was more about post production as I was diving my XDeep wing for the first time as well as my...
  14. rsingler

    XDeep Stealth 2.0 Tec Sidemount

    As the title suggests, am looking for a Stealth 2.0 Tec sidemount harness and bladder. Looking for a butt plate as well. Will accept a double bladder if the pricing works out. Thanks! Rob
  15. Jason Bingham

    SOLD!!! TECLINE Side-16 Avenger Sidemount BC

    Thought I would go this route for sidemount diving but decided to go XDEEP instead so my loss is your gain. This bcd has seem 9 dives in the Puget Sound with its previous owner in Vancouver B.C. This loop bungee buoyancy compensator is very well thought out and was developed for sidemount...
  16. echocat

    For Sale Bid for Conservation - xDeep 50% OFF

    Hey all, A little bit of shameless promotion for the NGO I work for. I hope this is within the forum guidelines. LAMAVE has launched an online auction to raise some funds for our conservation initiatives. You can now bid on a custom xDeep BCD. Bidding starts at $500! Customise your BCD using...
  17. The Laconic

    SOLD!!! XDeep Stealth Classic (1.0?)

    The original XDeep Stealth. Used on around 50 cave dives. Currently sized for someone 5'11", ~170 lbs, although of course you can adjust everything. I replaced the dump valve with one from DSS. $200 obo. Shipping via UPS Ground, buyer pays half the shipping cost, up to max $20.
  18. O

    Xdeep Wing Puncture & difference between Zen and Zeos series

    Hi, I'm a rec diver planning to buy a single-tank wing for the obvious reasons of achieving a good trim and getting introduced to the DIR system (with future plans to go into tec diving) , and i tried xdeep zeos before and it worked pretty well for me so i was thinking to buy one , but before...
  19. v-v

    XDEEP Dump Valve Handle Extension (3D printable)

    Hello, I've recently bough the XDEEP NX Project set and I really love it, especially the harness. However, I had difficulties grabbing the dump valve handle of my wing with gloves. The original handle proved to be a bit small and elusive for my poor frontal lobe. So, for the next dive, I...
  20. B

    A question regarding sidemount diving in coldwater / warm water / single cylinder use

    Hi guys, i currently think of moving to sidemount because i got a bit annoyed of carrying the tanks on my back. I'm also impressed with the advantages of SM (streamlining, redundancy, no tanks on the back). 80% of my dives are in German or Austrian cold waters with a drysuit. Though, i go on...
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