1. P

    Question Need help with improving my Itinerary - Miami/Destin Dive trip

    Hello Community, I'll be in Florida from the 23rd of December to 31st. I need some help with planning my itinierary. Looking forward to some feedback and suggestions to improve! Dec 23 - Dec 24: Wreck diving certification course with the South Florida Diving Headquarters. Dec 25 - Dec 26: Dive...
  2. Fahad Alabhoul

    Wetsuit thickness for Egypt Nov-Mar

    Hello everyone I Hope you are all doing well and being safe throughout the pandemic. this topic is puzzling me a bit; I'm a new diver and only dove in waters >23C in Aqaba. upon searching for what thickness do I need for Egypt in winter there was a lot of different opinions. some say a 5mm is...
  3. MNDiverBryan

    Storing steel tanks in sub zero garage

    I've searched a couple threads but not really found any great answers: can I store my full (~2000PSI) steel tanks in a 0° or below garage in the winter? I see plenty of threads about not storing your full tanks in the sun/heat... but not the other way around. I would think the only risk is to...
  4. scubabudie

    Exposure suit

    traveling to LBTS in two weeks. What are people wearing at that time for wetsuits?
  5. FloM

    Lake Geneva/Lac Léman diving in winter

    Hi, I am looking for an enthusiastic diving buddy who would like to do some dives in the region around Geneva in the cold season. It would be great if anyone else is looking forward to do some dry suit dives during winter. I am rather new to diving (25 dives, OWD + several specialities) so I am...
  6. DaveDryDiver

    SE Idaho divers?

    Looking for people to dive with in SE Idaho and surrounding area.
  7. tarponchik

    C. Brac: Nov vs Dec?

    Hi all, We would like to go to C. Brac for the 1st time this year. Due to our schedule, we can go either any time in November or during the 1st 2 weeks of December. Considering that we'd like to go to BB Wall at Little Cayman at least once, which depends on the weather and surf, which option...
  8. J

    Blue Heron Bridge Rental

    Dive the Blue Heron Bridge every day this winter when you rent this 2 bedroom, 1 bath, fully furnished duplex located within walking distance of the bridge. Contact me for more information.
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