1. R

    Closed Argonaut #23 Wing

    I'm selling my Argonaut #23 wing. It's been used 5 times and just doesn't have enough lift for me. I am trading out for the #35. Of all the wings I've used, Argonaut is by far my favorite. Solid construction, compact, easy to use and clean. Super durable! $175 + shipping OBO
  2. Penguine

    Closed OMS wing and plate

    $300. After speaking with divers and my LDS, I have decided to sell my OMS wing and plate set up. Its more than I will ever completely utilize. This has 94lbs of lift. I have never dived with this. Questions or more pics, just email. Can be picked up in Tallahassee or I will ship at...
  3. Golden Brown

    Closed OMS Trieste Double Bladder Wing 60lb (Black) 225shipped

    This wing is pretty much like new. It is the OMS Trieste 60lb version (redundant bladders). I got it as a part of a complete BP/W setup I bought used but haven't moved on to doubles so am still on a mono wing. I figure its better to get it to someone who will use it! The prior owner supposedly...
  4. J

    Wing Size Advantages and Disadvantages

    I am about to purchase my first harness/wing and am wondering if there are any downsides to buying a slightly larger wing with more lift as opposed to a smaller wing with less lift. I dive with a single AL80 in warm water almost exclusively, but would like to have the option of diving colder...
  5. BillyBandido

    For Sale XDEEP NX ZEN Single Tank Scuba Diving BCD, Webbing, Stainless Steel

    XDEEP NX ZEN Single Tank Scuba Diving BCD; Webbing, Stainless Steel. I Have been on 7 drives with this back plate and wing. It is in excellent condition. There is absolutely no damage, corrosion, or wear to this BCD. BCD comes with extra large weight pouches (15lbs max weight) The Stainless...
  6. The Cosmicist

    Closed Or WTB - Have Halcyon Singles Wing, Want a Smaller Donut Doubles Wing

    Just got a Halcyon Adventure Traveler Pro 30 singles wing on here. Turns out, I am able to switch to doubles now. I literally just received this wing, it’s never been wet with me. The original owner said it has less than 20 dives on it. Looking to trade, if possible, for a donut-style doubles...
  7. elubes

    For Sale JJ-CCR OEM STOCK WING ($215 shipped)

    Stock JJ-CCR Wing. Got it in 2017. Used only for about a year and a half and in good functional condition. Don't need this anymore. Never had a problem with it, but obviously please test in safe waters first. See pictures for condition. Includes Deep Sea Supply OPV. $215 includes shipping in a...
  8. S

    For Sale Halcyon wing

    Halcyon wing for sale. Inflates and holds air. All valves work. $75 plus exact shipping cost. Ships from Oregon.
  9. R

    Determining Minimum Wing Lift

    This is probably more of a physics question than anything. Determining weight to achieve neutral buoyancy at the surface is pretty easy. How exactly does one determine added negative buoyancy at deepest depth? In theory would this not determine minimum wing lift needed without ditching weight...
  10. phgachoud

    DIR- Generic wing accessory and scubapro buckle

    Hi Folks! Was wondering What is that piece which is delivered with my wing and what is its use? What for is the scubapro buckle hole for?
  11. GulfDiver24

    Wanted SS Backplate, Wing and/or Harness

    Hello ScubaBoard, I am in search of a Stainless steel backplate, wing and/or harness! Preferably <= 30# wing and possibly a deluxe harness of sorts. Please reply or shoot me a PM so we can work a deal! Greatly appreciated!
  12. A

    For Sale Apeks WTX-60R

    Selling a WTX-60R 200 OBO never used. Will ship domestic. Based in norcal. Accepted forms of payment are paypal/venmo.
  13. breathein15

    Closed Aqua Lung Lotus - Wmns M - Like NEW

    Aqua Lung Lotus BCD - Womens Sz M - Like NEW Everything works perfectly. Nothing wrong with it. Awesome BCD. This BCD goes for $5-$600 brand new. I'm selling for $300 OBO Local pickup in San Diego or will ship for $15 to anywhere in the lower 48.
  14. O

    New Wing - Buoyancy change

    Hi Divers! I was always diving with hiring gear and just got my First own bcd. Its a wing (Cressi Commander) and I know the Buoyancy and trim is different with a jacket style bcd and despite that I'm not sure if it's the commander, if it's a faulty bcd or if it's normal but: I got a perfect...
  15. Garth Jensen

    For Sale Zeagle Scout BCD Size XL, New, , $300

    Perfect Travel Wing. But going sidemount Route and looking to reduce my "inventory". Bought before Covid and never got to use it. I will happily keep this if it does not sell. Just checking the interest with this one.
  16. Garth Jensen

    For Sale Hollis S38 LX 38lb Singles Wing w/Backplate and Harness. $500

    Brand New never dove the wing. Backplate and harness, used, but in good condition. Set it up but looking to go sidemount route instead. Would be interested in trading for an equal value Hollis SMS75. Or Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Rec system. Price includes shipping.
  17. GulfDiver24

    Closed Wing for OMS SS BP

    SOLD SB, I am getting back into diving now that I live closer to the water and I obtained a SS OMS BP. I am looking to buy a wing for this setup and I wanted to see what was out there. This is my first time with a BP and I went ahead and put together a simple harness. The BP also came with a...
  18. PEDiver

    Wanted Dual Bladder Doubles Wing

    Looking for a dual bladder doubles wing (i.e. Dive Rite Classic XT or Apeks WTX-D). Thanks!
  19. D

    For Sale Lots of gear for sale

    Our neighborhood is having a yard sale (5/15/2021) so my husband and I are getting rid of lots of gear. We have been instructors for over 15 years. My husband taught technical diving and I taught OW. We also have a few gun holsters for sale. I can’t figure out how to add pics right now but...
  20. Giselle

    Wanted Deep 6 Tropical wing or Argonaut 18#

    I'm looking to buy one of these two wings, used or new. Anybody want to part ways with yours??
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