1. elubes

    Sold! Halcyon JJ-CCR Evolve Wing (GUE Anniversary)

    Halcyon JJ-CCR Evolve wing (GUE Anniversary). 32lb wing. No gusset on this wing. Comes with LP hose. Asking $500. Bought in 2019. This is the GUE anniversary wing. This had limited release. Brand new. Bought it as a backup wing. But I never used it. Selling now because I don't need it anymore...
  2. Dutchman

    For Sale Brand New OMS Aluminum Backplate with Signature Smart Stream harness & wing.

    Price Drop: $700 Bought 2 of these for Christmas. Son decided he prefers jacket. So my loss your gain. Brand new, never used. One size fits all. Got this as a Christmas gift but already have one . Includes crotch strap, back pad with trim pockets, shoulder pads and 1 utility pocket. 32 lb...
  3. R

    For Those Contemplating a BP/W Setup…

    And you’re obsessing about how hard the transition might be from a traditional BCD… just do it. Took my first backplate on the Philippines trip. Set it up on a table, checked out the fit in a mirror and adjusted a couple times, jumped in the water with it, and was amazed at how much of a non...
  4. js47

    Wanted Oxycheq Mach V 18# Wing

    I am looking for a low-lift wing to pair with my new AL Freedom Plate for a tropical travel rig — my slight preference would be for a VDH wing due to the internal bungee, but the Oxy is a very close second place (except that I can't stomach the new price). I take barely any lead so the 18 pound...
  5. js47

    Wanted VDH Wing: 18 or 23 #

    Like everybody else, I am looking for a low-lift Vintage Double Hose Argonaut wing to pair with my AL Freedom Plate for a tropical travel rig. I barely take any lead with my old jacket BC so 18 or 23 pounds should do the trick. Shipping or pickup would be to 10023 in the USA, BS8 in the UK, or...
  6. maxfanatic

    Sold! Halcyon Pioneer wing, small leak

    For sale is a Halcyon Pioneer wing, I believe the 27lb lift version. There is a small pinhole leak just inside the hip dump -- it is in principle reachable with a tool or a finger if one wanted to try a DIY patch fix. I take no responsibility for the performance of this wing as is, or for the...
  7. B

    Sold! Halcyon Evolve 60 Wing

    Selling a Halcyon Evolve wing, in excellent condition. This wing was used only a handful of times. As you can see from the pictures there are no cuts, tears, corrosion, or galling anywhere on the BCD. The low and fair price of $300+ shipping takes it!
  8. jcraffi

    Overthinking BP/W Choice - Are tapered wings better?

    Hi all, I recently had my dive gear stolen out of my home, so I'm in the market for a new kit. Fwiw, both thieves are now in jail on felony counts of grand theft and home invasion; PSA: don’t steal dive gear! My old travel gear was a DIR harness with OMS AL & Hollis S25 LX wing. Have a good...
  9. Calatinus

    Info Stolen equipment: look out for specific BP/W

    Hi all Two days ago, following things were stolen from me: XDeep Zen wing (all-black) with SS backplate The wing has my name embroided on both sides of the outer bladder in white (M. HE#####E) Waterproof D7X Nylotech drysuit, size S Waterproof H1 5/7 mm cap, size M Apeks RK3 HD fins, black...
  10. O

    Halcynon BPW

    Has anyone used a "deluxe" harness on a Halcynon backplate, and if so which brand? As far as I can tell Halcynon only sells the one piece 2" webbing. Thank You, Pete
  11. dive_blue

    Sold! Apeks Stainless Steel Backplate & WTX-D30 Wing

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. Switching to doubles and no longer need a single cylinder wing. Purchased both items new from authorized dealers. Selling backplate due to switch to aluminum backplate and wing due to moving to doubles. Backplate and wing can be purchased separately or...
  12. calvin007

    Sold! Deep Sea Supply, 49# doubles donut-style Scuba wing - $180 + Shipping

    While Deep Sea Supply may not exist, their excellent scuba products live on. I'm selling my 49 lb (22.2 kg) doubles scuba wing. It is in excellent condition with no punctures or tears. * Donut-shape provides even volume air distribution to improve buoyancy and trim in water * Only used in Fresh...
  13. B

    Sold! Scuba Diving Doubles Wing - DeepOutdoors - Ballastic 55 - $150

    This well-constructed wing provides 55 lbs of lift and is designed to accommodate double tanks. It is black with a reflective band. It has only 21 dives, has been well cared for, and is in excellent condition. These wings retail for $350+. Selling for the firm, no-haggle price of $150. Selling...
  14. wnissen

    Closed SOLD Halcyon 40 lb. donut wing – $95 Shipped CONUS

    Single-tank 40 lb. wing. Normal wear and tear. I opened up the kidney dump, no crusties inside and the bladder is shiny. Some slight corrosion on the spring. The inflator is busted, so it's just the oval hose and wing. I didn't buy this, I think lexlevi did. No holes or rips. "Smartpost" style...
  15. J

    Closed XDEEP stealth classic bladder/wing

    Works just fine. I used to live in the Riviera Maya and used it for cenotes. I now live in CA and no longer need it. I'm asking 50, buyer pays shipping. I am located in 93950, but happy to estimate shipping for you.
  16. J

    Closed Like new SS Halcyon Backplate with Cinch and Harness $325

    This has been used on exactly 10 freshwater dives at Ginnie and Peacock. This is the setup with the adjustable cinch. Cleaning out my extra dive gear inventory. $325 obo. Located in Jacksonville FL. I will ship at buyer's expense. Payment via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. Thx Chris
  17. R

    Wing Inflator Hose Centered or Offset

    Looking at various wings for a dedicated cold water kit. On some it appears the inflator hose is centered on the back of the wing top. On others it appears offset to the traditional side. Do people have a preference and if so what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Thanks in advance.
  18. Bierstadt

    Need Wing Recs for warm water rig

    I want to make a new sidemount rig for warm water boat diving with a pair of al80's. I build my own harnesses, but I need a wing. I figure 15-20lbs of lift from the wing will be plenty. I am leaning towards the Deco 22lb sidemount bladder I saw from @DevonDiver - the price is right - but I am...
  19. R

    Closed Argonaut #23 Wing

    I'm selling my Argonaut #23 wing. It's been used 5 times and just doesn't have enough lift for me. I am trading out for the #35. Of all the wings I've used, Argonaut is by far my favorite. Solid construction, compact, easy to use and clean. Super durable! $175 + shipping OBO
  20. Penguine

    Closed OMS wing and plate

    $300. After speaking with divers and my LDS, I have decided to sell my OMS wing and plate set up. Its more than I will ever completely utilize. This has 94lbs of lift. I have never dived with this. Questions or more pics, just email. Can be picked up in Tallahassee or I will ship at...
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