1. RickyVR

    Sold! Oceanic m2 One-Piece Drysuit Undergarment Divewear XL 400 gram **Price Drop** $60

    Oceanic m2 One-Piece Drysuit Undergarment Divewear XL. This is a heavy insulation equivalent to 400 grams. Exterior is a nylon with the interior being fleece. 2 outside pockets and 1 inside pocket. Call Rick 218 233-6088
  2. wonderand

    Closed Bare Nex-Gen Pro Dry Drysuit (ML) $350 - SOLD

    Bare Nex-Gen Pro Drysuit (Size ML) in good condition. I bought this suit used and leak tested it at home. No leaks detected and the neck, seams, and zipper all appear to be in good condition. Wrist seals should be replaced. P valve is installed but was not tested. Also includes the drysuit bag...
  3. R

    Easy Way to Estimate Amount of Undergarments to be Comfortable in a Given Water Temp?

    I just got a trilam drysuit and haven't had the chance to use it in diverse water temps. Is there an easy way to estimate how much undergarment insulation I will feel comfortable? (I know that most undergarment companies have charts, but I am asking if there is a way to approximate it...
  4. Dani Pierone

    Wanted Looking For --> Santi Comfort BZ200 Undergarments. Ladies. Size SL.

    Looking for a set of Santi -- Comfort BZ200 Ladies (onesie). Womens. Size SL. If you have a Santi drysuit as well, please include this information. You can DM me pictures and prices, please and thanks! Comfort BZ200 Undergarment The exact undergarments I am looking for from DRIS.
  5. jkandls

    Sold! Drysuit Undergarment - Men's & Ladies

    Diving Concepts Ladies Small Undergarment with fleece inner layer. approx size 5'-4" to 5'-6" height & 110-135 lbs. in very good condition - $ 40 pick up in Morrison, Colorado or pay extra for shipping.
  6. S

    Drysuit undergarments for Channel Islands?

    I'm diving in the Channel Islands in March. I never get cold in Monterey, where I usually dive. In fact, I'm prone to overheating. I have a DUI Yukon II trilaminate drysuit. What undergarments should I consider? And base layer? I have my eye on 2 piece undergarments from Fourth Element. I...
  7. Christozs

    Drysuit noob questions

    Hi, I am PADI AOW for a year now and i live in Denmark. Yesterday i did my dive #27 (only) with my 5mm wetsuit and a 3/5 mm vest and felt as cold as i never felt before. So from today i start looking of dry suits, inner suits and dry gloves system. Searching around and reading here i realized...
  8. Ryan Neely

    Is there an undergarments rule of thumb?

    Note: I understand that everyone's experience is different. I also understand that opinions on ScubaBoard are strong and varied. I am not seeking advice on branded vs. non-branded gear but, instead, on general guidelines that can be applied to everyone. Question: Is there a rule-of-thumb...
  9. A

    For Sale Andy's Drysuit & Undergarments (Women's Medium) - Used Dry Suit.

    Women's purple and black dry suit. Brand is Andy's. Size medium (see size indicator on boot). Purchased in used in 2011 and then used in Washington State for one year, approximately 50 dives. Replaced vent shortly after purchased in either late 2011 or early 2012. Seals were replaced, and...
  10. M

    For Sale DUI Blue Heat heated undergarments (size S)

    DUI Blueheat System New: $3600 + tax (~another $360) This undergarments: $2600 Heated undergarments for scuba diving. Only about 10 dives on it. It was always worn on top of a thin undergarment and it's washable so I can get it washed before handing it out to you (electrical wiring can be...
  11. Bearcat11

    Drysuit Undergarment Recommendations

    Hello, I just bought my first drysuit (Aqualung Fusion Bullet). My LDS is letting me try some undergarments this upcoming weekend to help me decide what to buy for future trips. I’m moving to the Monterey Bay, California area soon, where the temperatures are in the 55°F (13°C) most of the...
  12. norcalseadog

    For Sale Fourth Element Dry Suit Package Argonaut 2.0

    Full drysuit package! Bypass the wait from fourth element and get it now! 3,000 willing to consider reasonable offers or trades for photography equipment. Argonaut 2.0 medium (I’m 5’ 10”, 160 lbs, average build, inseam 31, waist 32, shoe 11us) Hood (XL (I’ve got a big dome)) Halo 3D...
  13. Xarifa

    Closed: DUI Polartec Undergarment Women's Small - SOLD

    DUI Polartec Undergarment Jumpsuit - excellent condition + booties, Women's Small Polartec PowerStretch double-layer all-way stretch fleece, pill-resistant Two-way torso zipper Two hip pockets Heel stirrups and thumb loops Stand-up collar Grey w/black trim Women's size Small Includes booties...
  14. FDdiverNY

    For Sale Fourth Element Arctic Underwear XL

    Fourth Element Arctic underwear, brand new with tags XL size top, bottom and socks. No bag. $300
  15. D

    For Sale SOLD in like-new condition, XL Fourth Element Mens Arctic Top

    In like-new condition XL Fourth Element Mens Arctic Top $75 Shipped in USPS flat-rate box
  16. markbmullins

    Looking for Warm Dry suit Undergarments $300 budget

    What are the best quality dry suit undergarments I can get for $300? I was looking at the Santi bz400x, but it is sadly out of my price range, and no one seems to ever be selling Medium Long in quality gear until it is already worn out. I will be diving in everything from 40F up to 70F, and can...
  17. markbmullins

    Wanted Drysuit Undergarments, Medium Tall/Large (Santi BZ400x, 4th element Arctic, etc.)

    I am looking to buy some drysuit undergarments so that I can take my drysuit course. I would probably wear a medium tall or large in most things. I am tall and skinny, about 5'11', and usually wear 30/34 in jeans and medium in tee shirts for reference. I get very cold so I'd like something...
  18. Rand

    For Sale Pinnacle Evolution Drysuit, Undergarments, and Rock Boots

    Lightly used Pinnacle Evolution Drysuit, Undergarments, and Rock Boots $500 shipped CONUS. This suit fits a woman about 5'4", 130 lbs. 34" chest. Back zip with latex neck and cuffs. Neoprene socks are designed to be worn inside hard boots. Socks fit about size 8 women's and allow plenty of room...
  19. Jake

    Drysuit undergarment advice

    Hi all- My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Norway to do some diving soon. We've been told to expect water temperatures as low as 38F and possibly as high as about 48F. The dry suits will be provided for us, but we will be bringing our own undergarments. I need help selecting something...
  20. frothchild

    For Sale Undergarments, DUI and Fourth Element

    I have been told to clean the scuba closet if I am ever to be allowed to get more stuff, and for those that know me, I have a bunch of stuff :) So to start the cleaning process are barely used undergarments. Not know which ones that we going to be liked or disliked, we got a bunch of them...
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