1. Kenya 2000, Immersione Pape tartaruga

    Kenya 2000, Immersione Pape tartaruga

    Vecchio filmato digitalizzato, Pape, Malindi, Kenya con una simpatica tartaruga come amica compagna d'immersione, oltre alla nostra accompagnatrice MichelaUn...
  2. Lumix LX10 (LX15) test shots - Green turtle & trumpetfish @ Yaene, Hachijo Island, Japan [4K 30 fps]

    Lumix LX10 (LX15) test shots - Green turtle & trumpetfish @ Yaene, Hachijo Island, Japan [4K 30 fps]

    Green turtle shadowed by a curious trumpetfish, best friends for ever… Yaene, Hachijō Island, Izu Archipelago, Japan - September 2021Test shots in ambient li...
  3. Thai Turtles RCP

    Gulf of Thailand Sea Turtle Photo Identification Project

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well despite the pandemic. Have any of you ever seen a sea turtle in the Gulf of Thailand whilst in the water or on a beach, were you able to get a photo or a video of said sea turtle, no matter how old it is, we here at the Gulf of Thailand Sea Turtle...
  4. Craig F

    SOLD!!! Turtle Smart TTL trigger Olympus-Panasonic

    Up for sale is a Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This works with Inon, Sea & Sea, Ikelite strobes, among others, providing TTL and manual flash exposure. See Turtle's website for additional applications. http://trt-electronics.com The unit works fine, but will...
  5. Fexei

    How to react to bad diver etiquette (coral poaching/destruction etc)

    Hi there, this is my first thread on the board after spending the last two days reading through all kind of different threads and decided to register. I couldnt find anything in the search, so I hope my question is in the correct subforum. I would like to ask you, how do you react when you see...
  6. Galapagos Diving

    Galapagos Diving

    Highlights from my trip to the Galapagos Islands. We spent 10 days aboard the Galapagos Master Liveaboard.
  7. Bruno videos

    Very Funny Turtle

  8. klausi

    Nudibranchs and Turtle from the Philippines

    I discovered a new dive site in the Dauin area with an unusual diversity of nudibranchs, and managed to film a few. I used my Olympus EM-1, with a 60 mm macro lens, and a 1200 lumen video light. The camera has an option for a digital zoom, this gets me some really hefty magnification, as seenn...
  9. 7316


    Green Turtle, St. Croix Virgin Islands
  10. Premo83

    Wild Baja - Humpback whales, sharks, sea lions, mobulas, dolphins...

    I did a short video from a couple land based trips in Baja California Sur, Mexico (La Paz and Cabo San Lucas). We did see Humpback whales, silky sharks, sea lions, dolphins, mobula rays and a very curious turtle. It was shot with a Sony A6500 in a Nauticam housing (10-18mm F4 lens and 16mm 2.8...
  11. Flying in a dream and waking with a turtle.

    Flying in a dream and waking with a turtle.

    Simply space ! You fly in outer space with a flying turtle and only stars fly by. The turtle totally ignored me. She allowed herself to shoot for a very long time. Usually they get away very quickly. He took off during snorkeling.
  12. Divers with Turtle

    Divers with Turtle

  13. Napping Turtle

    Napping Turtle

  14. klausi

    Vacation Island uses Turtle Shaped ROVs to distract Tourists

    Manila, March 13th.The Philippine vacation destination Hubog Island took an unusual step to protect the island’s marine turtle population. The tourism board of Hubog recently purchased 4 underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) with plastic covers looking like turtles. These turtle-shaped ROVs...
  15. Be Alpha

    Color correction in FCP X before/after examples

    Here I have a few examples of color corrections in FCP X. I used a Gopro Hero 3 BE. All film shots were made without additional light. Of course you can not replace the use of light, but the results are noticeably better.
  16. The Curly Mermaid

    Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    Sharing an experience where a resort I went to mixed diving and speed dating together lol. No new boyfriends, but a lot of new dive friends. If you're diving in the Philippines, let me know! We can always use new buddies. Also, showing a bit of Anilao, one of the most popular and convenient...
  17. Belize Favorite Dive Sites - Love Tunnel and Tackle Box

    Belize Favorite Dive Sites - Love Tunnel and Tackle Box

    In this video, I scuba dived 3 sites Coco Beach House Reef, Love Tunnel and Tackle Box. Out of the 3, Tackle Box and Love Tunnels are my favorite dives. I loved the swim thru’s. Coco Beach House Reef was cool. I had a lot shark interaction there, which was a lot of fun.
  18. Ahanu

    For Sale Dive Gear Liquidation - many brand new items

    Selling everything and no longer diving due to health concerns... And I JUST moved here and bought a whole bunch of gear as I was a warm water diver in Hawaii... So, everything goes, most of it never used. 1) Bare HDC Expedition Tech Dry Suit size LT, size 12 integrated tech boot, SI Tech Pee...
  19. Mia Toose

    Trip Report: Caribbean Explorer II – July 16 - 23, 2016

    Allow us to guess where you are right now...Perhaps you’re sitting at your desk in the office. You’re supposed to be getting a report out but instead you’re perusing the www.ExplorerVentures.com website and dreaming about your next dive vacation. Now take a moment to consider our guests this...
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