1. C

    Sold! 2 Sets Double HP 100's Fresh Hydro and VIS

    2 Sets of Double HP 100's Hydro'd April 2024 and VIS the same ( 2nd Hydro in tanks life) PST 100s born early 2000's and married together with OMS bands Using Thermo brand convertible valve/manifold 300 bar, 5250 psi burst disk (No I dont have the inserts they are set up for Din) Great tanks for...
  2. Dutchman

    Sold! Brand New Stainless Steel OMS backplate with harness. Never used.

    Price Drop Again: $130.00 OBO OMS's superior de-burring process eliminates back plate sharp edges, and prevents abrasion and cuts to webbing and BC's. The Stainless Back Plate weighs only 4.85 lbs Buyer pays shipping
  3. B

    Aluminum 100

    I was recently gifted 2 Aluminum 100s. I already have 1 Steel 100 and usually rent Steel 100s when I need more tanks. I am getting into Megalodon Teeth diving which is anywhere from 80-110 ft deep. All my tanks, including the new Aluminum 100s are set up for DIN valves (I dive DIN). Does...
  4. S

    Faber Hot dipped galvanized durability

    Hi, I am considering buying Faber Hot dipped galvanized HP 100s. I am curious about their durability. There are not a lot of detailed specifics I can find other than galvanized offers superior protection to paint. I currently have two aluminum 80s that I dont take care of. They live in my...
  5. V

    Steel Cylinder NA/EU Specs

    I have moved from North America to Europe, and I am considering buying 2 used steel cylinders. However, the specs seems confusing. These cylinders are 10L / 300 bar. The cylinders I had to leave behind, were Faber HP100-HDG. They were 12L / 3442 psi, which would be equal to a service...
  6. SeaKatt

    Closed Steel OMS Low Pressure 120 Doubles - New Hydro

    I’m selling my Steel Ocean Management Systems (OMS) LP 120s. These come with bands and manifold. (The valves on them in the picture don’t come with them). I just got them back from hydro and have the paperwork for both tanks. Asking $750. You pay shipping from Northern Michigan
  7. Scuba-74

    Closed Faber 72 Steel Scuba Tanks ($125 each)

    If you are in southern New England and are looking for a pair of smaller steel tanks, I have two Faber 72s, fresh hydro and visual done 6/21. Yoke Scubapro valves. $125 each. Born 88.
  8. Hodg

    Closed Hollis Steel Backplate, 5.5 lbs

    Selling my standard-size steel plate, as I've moved to a short plate. Some scuff marks from regular use, but nothing that would affect its function. Retails for $129.95, I'll sell it for $60 plus shipping. Located in Chicago, can arrange for local pickup.
  9. V

    Tank Recommenation - Please

    My dive buddy is a petite lady in very good shape, so I always end up being the limiting factor when it comes to air. Like most, we are using standard AL80 tanks filled to 3,000 psi. Now I want to invest in new tanks that will equalize the time we can spend below - and I need some input. 1...
  10. Newdiv

    Closed .

  11. T

    Wanted LP85 doubles, preferentially Faber

    Looking for galvanized or the white Faber LP85 set up as doubles. Tanks in hydro would be great but not a necessary. Only local pickup in North or Central Florida. I would prefer doubles in MINT condition and for free, but used condition for appropriate price is also OK :)
  12. kurisuji

    Weighting Impact of AL to Steel

    Hi All — Question on weight adjustments when switching tank types: When I switch from an AL80 to a HP100, I’m able to drop 6 lbs based on weight checks at end of dives. However looking at the buoyancy characteristics of the two tanks, there is about an 11 lb swing in buoyancy at empty: +4...
  13. Kx125dude

    For Sale PST 100 STEEL TWINS

    Twin PST Steel HP 100 tanks. Tanks are in current hydro and vip. 300 bar manifold was recently serviced. These are 7/8” tanks. Also comes with bands. $500 obo.
  14. bcolcla

    Closed Twin LP108s - Faber Steel Tanks

    I have a set of Faber LP steel 108s that are currently doubled up. They have been fantastic tanks, I loved the extra air as a single tank diver and their trim doubled up. I've been diving only sidemount now for the last 2 years and they are taking up room in my garage (LP 108s are a little long...
  15. Lostdiver71

    Closed Steel Faber/XS Scuba Low Pressure 95t

    In Jupiter, FL, Needs Hydro and VIP $175 or best offer. White lp95 tank, last hydro 2011.
  16. Sphyrnidal

    Closed Suunto Eon Steel with accessories $500

    I've got this Suunto Eon Steel at a screamin' deal! It's a couple of years old, has about 100 dives on it and has been well taken care of. It comes with an unused wrist strap (it currently has the bungee kit on it), charging/data cable, protective case and a spare screen protector. Free shipping...
  17. Amy B-G

    Wanted X7-100 Tank Found - Disregard Post

    Found a tank so this listing isn't needed. :)
  18. M

    Removing rust from a steel tank

    I picked up a scuba pro/ faber 95lp steel tank. It just passed vip and hydro. It has some light surface rust that I'd like to get rid of. What would you recommend to take care of that? Right now it's painted white from the factory with scubapro graphics. I planned to strip it entireley and...
  19. F

    Closed 7 steel/alum tanks

    I’m gonna start by saying I’m not separating them. The price is set to get them out of my garage as I don’t need them so price is firm. $350 takes them all. 6 of them need hydro/VIP. All under pressure unless noted. Located in Ft Myers FL. Pickup only. 1 LP95 steel. Born ‘97 2 LP72 steel. Born...
  20. ClusterFlux

    Wanted Suunto Eon Steel, Crore, or Perdix. Also Suunto Tank Pod

    Looking to get a backup computer and wanted to see if anyone had a Suunto Eon steel or Perdix AI laying around that's looking for a new home. I will also consider a Core. Also looking for a second Suunto tank pod! Thanks!
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