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  1. A

    For Sale For Sale - Faber FX 100 S and Luxfer AL 40CF

    I have two tanks I am selling as I am not able to dive often so I figured someone else may make better use of these wonderful tanks. Both items lightly used and very well maintained. Faber has 30-40 dives in both salt and fresh water. Luxfer was used once in fresh water. Paperwork of VIP &...
  2. Collin O'Brien

    Steel 120 Question (Normally dive Steel 100)

    Quick Question: How many more pounds would you use with a Steel 120 vs with a Steel 100 to factor in the slightly more buoyant properties of the 120 toward the end of a dive? Explained: A buddy is letting me hold onto his Steel 120’s as he is a CCR diver and never uses them, so I gave them a...
  3. Collin O'Brien

    Advice on New vs Used Tanks

    I am looking to buy two Steel HP100 tanks but I am torn between going new or used. If I go new, I would go Faber so I think this is around $650-700. Do I have to then pay hydro and service on top of this price or are they good to go when I get new tanks? If I go used, I can probably find them...
  4. Kx125dude

    For Sale PST 100 STEEL TWINS

    Twin PST Steel HP 100 tanks. Tanks are in current hydro and vip. 300 bar manifold was recently serviced. These are 7/8” tanks. Also comes with bands. $500 obo.
  5. Collin O'Brien

    Want to Buy Steel 100 HP Tanks in New England

    Looking to buy 1-2 Steel 100 HP tanks in the New England area. I would prefer tanks that are not too old, regularly serviced and hydro tested. I would prefer DIN connection or a DIN adapter but a Yoke is not a deal breaker, I can always switch it. Please send pictures of tanks, engravings, and...
  6. wakerider017

    SOLD!!! Worthington Steel HP100 Tanks - XS Scuba X7-100 - RARE

    Getting out of the hobby and have 4 Worthington steel HP100 tanks that I am selling. These are not easy to get your hands on anymore as Worthington has ceased production of these tanks. All tanks are out of hydro (1 tank expired in 2015 and the other 3 in 2016) and also have expired VIS, so...
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