1. S

    For Sale Shearwater Teric Black color Brand NEW

  2. Jason Bingham

    Closed Shearwater Compatible Transmitter

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale is a Shearwater compatible MH8A transmitter. It is in beautiful condition and works perfectly. I will be including one of my Swift transmitter cases, brand new battery and o-ring (installed), and an extra battery. See the picture of the transmitter installed and...
  3. CT-Rich

    Peregrine compatible logging software

    So last year I switched over to the Shearwater Peregrin. I been very happy with the computer, and having it keep a permanent electronic book is new to me. I bit the bullet and switched to the shearwater logging software to track my dives. I like the easy downloads and being able to add detail...
  4. M

    Shearwater Teric issue

    Hey guys, So my wifes teric got all funky after our dive. At first it was a small black spot in the middle of the screen and got progressively worse, now can barely see anything. Anybody had this issue before and Will shearwater cover this repair if its already out of its warranty years? I...
  5. Jason Bingham

    Closed Shearwater Teric ($825 shipped)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale is a beautiful, mint condition Shearwater Teric with Stainless Bezel. About a month ago I traded a fellow member my Shearwater AI for this Teric. I thought I might like diving the Teric as a backup to my Perdix 2 but I just like the bigger screen of the Perdix so I...
  6. serpentara

    Perdix 1 Not Connecting to iPhone 14 Pro Max/Shearwater Cloud Other Shearwaters OK

    Hi Folks, I finally made the switch to an iPhone after a decade of Android products. I have spent the last several days downloading apps and getting it setup. I am now on my loyal Shearwater computers. I have 3. The Petrel 2 controller for my rebreather and Nerd 2 connected to the iPhone 14...
  7. Jason Bingham

    Closed Shearwater Perdix AI

    My Perdix 2 just arrived and I don't need three amazing computers so one of them has to go. (I included a picture of all three computers together so you can see I am not making it up, the two I am keeping are at the top of the image) Up for sale is a my backup Perdix AI with 15 dives (see the...
  8. flymolo

    Closed Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT for sale

    Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT for sale. Some minor scuffs on bezel and screen protector from normal use. Screen is unscratched/undamaged. Purchased on July 30, 2020, serviced in April 2022 by Divetronix (the depth sensor was changed at no cost to me). Has 15 hours on it post service. Will include...
  9. C

    For Sale Shearwater Peregrine

    I am selling a new Shearwater Peregrine for a friend. He decided to switch to a Perdix AI for air integration. $450 with shipping.
  10. datth

    Question Feature Request: Teric's user-configurable bottom display data on secondary screen

    Hi @Shearwater / @lynnpartridge , I love my Shearwater Teric a lot since I got it and look forward to many dives with it in the upcoming years. I love the bright display and bezel compass and just the very awesome layout of everything. I usually dive in either OC Tech mode or Gauge mode, with...
  11. cklaus

    Closed Shearwater Perdix AI $800

    This Perdix AI is just over a year and a half old and has 86 dives on it (most in freshwater). It has a couple of bumps on the screen protector but works great (to the best of my knowledge) and looks almost new as well. It has not needed any repairs or servicing. I am not including the...
  12. 1

    Amphos 2.0 w/ transmitter vs. Perdix 2 w/transmitter

    Have a Sherwood Wisdom 3 now, but looking at doing something wireless. Looking at Amphos 2.0 and Perdix 2. I'm not a technical diver, don't use CCR or cave dive. I know the Perdix is more suited for that. I dive Nitrox. I dive solo some and am looking at getting training on it. In the...
  13. C

    For Sale Shearwater Teric Swift

    I have come into possession of a Teric Swift Combo through a larger gear exchange. It appears to be unused and has a manufactured date of December 2021. I would like to sell as one lot, but I will split if needed. Teric - $975 Swift - $350 Photos are apparently too large to upload onto the...
  14. ScubaZach1993

    Weird perdix issue.

    I did a dive on may 6th with my perdix while teaching a class. Dive profile was 30 feet max depth 30 minute dive. We got out of the water and computer wrapped up it's dive like normal. Today may 10th I turned on my perdix and it's in the middle of a dive going from 150 to 175 feet in depth...
  15. Rearviewmirror

    Shearwater Teric - a few questions on how it works!

    Hi all, I've had my Teric for ~10 dives now and absolutely love it. BUT I got certified originally in the stone age (manual tables were the order of the day) and computers were a comparative rarity. I have found the Teric manual to be a bit sparse on the "how" things are happening in more basic...
  16. C

    For Sale Shearwater Perdix AI

    Brand new Perdix AI - $875 Used Petrel 1 - Great Condition - $450 Both prices include shipping PM a cell # and I can text additional photos, but unit has not been dove and is pristine
  17. G

    Closed deleted

    For sale is the following, PayPal F+F or Venmo OBO. Includes insured shipping USPS flatrate continental US. Preference to local transaction, pickup available in Chicago. (2) MH8A Shearwater compatible transmitters. Clean condition, no wear on threads. Will upload photo of both successfully...
  18. Chris Stock

    Next Teric or Garmin MK3????

    Seems the two big players in wrist mounted AI are 4 years (teric) and 2 years (mk2i). Garmin launched the mk1 and two years later the mk2i. Given todays product cycles and innovation, what are your thoughts or the NEXT generation Teric or MK3?
  19. Nicool

    Can the Teric auto-turn on with wrist movement?

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a Shearwater Teric dive computer, which is also my first digital watch (I am old school...). One thing annoys me when I wear it as a watch: I have to press one of the 4 buttons whenever I want to check what time is it. My wife has a fitness watch 4 times...
  20. ScubaBadger32

    Scubapro G2 v. Shearwater Perdix AI v. Suunto Eon Steel

    I was looking at these three computers, and was wondering if anyone has these, things you like/dont like, what features you think they are missing, or features you are happy to have. anything helps! thanks! trying to make decisions based on facts, not just, "buy perdix ai cause SHEARWATER", if...
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