1. LFMarm

    Tolerance on pressure sensors

    I realized that my NERD 2 is measuring 10 mbar more than my Perdix and Petrel (they both agree within 1 mbar of each other). 10 mbar is not a lot as it translates in about 10 cm or 4 in of water. Is this within the sensor tolerances or should I send it back for calibration?
  2. LFMarm

    Unable to turn off Petrel 3 from menu

    Hi all, recently my Petrel 3 (DiveCAN) is not showing anymore the “Turn off” option in the main menu when used on the surface. According to the manual it should only happens during a dive. The only way to switch it off is by removing the battery. I wonder if this is due to upgrading to the v97...
  3. vvcepheia

    Wanted Garmin MK2i or Shearwater Teric, with Transmitter

    Hey all, I am looking to purchase a Garmin MK2i or Shearwater Teric, Ideally with transmitter. Prefer New or Like New condition, open to other condition if the price point is right. Please let me know if anyone has one they would like to sell : )
  4. LFMarm

    Diving a wired computer disconnected from the head

    Hi everyone, Is anyone aware of water-tight caps that can be screwed to the wired 4-pin or 5-pin connection to be able to dive in OC with a wired computer? The cap I am looking for would replace the connector highlighted in the picture and allow to dive the computer in OC without having salt...
  5. fred32176

    What is NDT?

    MacDive has an overlay for NDT which is imported from my peregrine. I saw in a MacDive release note where they added importing NDT from Shearwater dive computers. Neither MacDive nor the peregrine operating instructions says what NDT is. What is NDT?
  6. LFMarm

    Closed Petrel 3 controller for Dive Rite Optima

    I am looking for a Petrel 3 controller for Dive Rite Optima (it can be from either a back mount or a chest mount unit given that the head is the same). Let me know if you have a good unit you are looking to get rid of.
  7. OctopusLover

    Riding GF99 instead of mandatory/safety stops

    This is all theoretical, I'm not even a technical diver, but I am a nerd and have been reading the manual of the Shearwater peregrine and if I'm understanding things correctly, then I don't understand why technical divers still use safety stops when these values are now visible on modern dive...
  8. Dutchman

    Sold! Shearwater Perdix AI / Reduced

    $800 OBO Includes shipping within USA Went to the Teric watch The computer was just rebuilt by the authorized service center “Dive-Tronix”, after a two year check up. They provide a 6 month warranty although Shearwater is excellent in their help. 1 test dive Replacement parts include: Window &...
  9. C

    For Sale 2 x Shearwater Peregrine For Sale. Brand New.

    Selling 2x Shearwater Peregrine. Brand new in the box, full warranty. Manufactured in 2023. $450 each. PM for pictures or if you have any questions.
  10. LFMarm

    Feature request -- delete same dive on multiple devices

    I always dive with 2 computers (NERD 2 and Perdix 2 when in CC or Teric and Perdix 2 when in OC) and I end up with duplicate dives in my Shearwater Cloud. This requires manually deleting one dive for each couple from both the Cloud and the device (if you don't do both they keep getting uploaded...
  11. Jason Bingham

    Sold! (New) Shearwater Perdix 2 Silver ($850)

    Up for sale is my unused, never wet backup silver Perdix 2 and Swift transmitter that has been sitting in my dive locker since purchase. I have two Perdix 2's (see attached photo) and have been using only one for diving. I have a total of three Swift transmitters and it is time for this backup...
  12. C

    For Sale Brand New - Shearwater Perdix 2 and Swift Transmitter

    New in the box Perdix 2 - $940 with shipping included New in the box Swift Transmitter - $340 with shipping included Picture files are too large to post on the website, but I can text or email them on request. Computers are extras I don't need. Manufacture dates are 2023
  13. Watthem

    Sold! Shearwater Peregrine - $400

    Shearwater Peregrine in excellent condition with all packaging, accessories, extra screen protector, and 2 longer bungee pieces. Has been used for 9 dives, and I am selling due to switching to a Perdix with AI. $400 shipped

    ScubaBoard Invasion 2023 T-Shirt Design Voting

    ScubaBoard Invasion 2023 Crew T-Shirt Design Voting Every Crew member attending the ScubaBoard Invasion 2023 will get an event T-Shirt in Roatan. Crew members get to vote for their favorite design to be printed for the Event T-shirt! Details on Voting Only those on the SB Invasion 2023 Crew...
  15. zach613

    Closed Shearwater Nerd 2 Fischer $1250

    2019 Shearwater Nerd 2 Fischer with 133 dives. Everything works great. Comes with various mounts that may or may not work for your dsv/bov (I was using a golem gear dsv). The fischer port has been well maintained, mineral oil used every dive and capped when not in use. Theres some stuff on the...
  16. DeepWonder

    For Sale Shearwater Petrel 1 (DiveCAN CCR) Prism 2

    Excellent condition Petrel 1 recently removed from Hollis Prism2 during electronics upgrade. Considering keeping as backup but offering it here first for any who might be in need. Zero scratches on screen protector as it has always had a secondary plastic film on it. Upgraded software to...
  17. L

    Wanted Shearwater Peregrine or Teric Journeys

    Hey fellow sea dogs , I'm looking for a Shearwater Peregrine, or possibly the bronze journeys edition of Teric. Locate in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but would cover insured shipping.
  18. R

    Perdix 2 - Minimum Surface Interval

    I can figure this out by looking at the dive tables, but I'm thinking the Perdix 2 should display this info while in surface mode. I know it tracks surface interval but I don't see any mention of displaying minimum surface interval in the manual. Like if I dive to 60ft for 40 minutes, will the...
  19. S

    First Dive Computer Peregrine or Perdix 2

    I am a new diver and trying to decide between the two computers. My fear is that if I buy the Peregrine I will end up incurring the more costs in a few years if I do decide to upgrade to a more feature rich computer. My concern with the Perdix 2 is the opposite. That I won’t use the features and...
  20. HomeBarista

    Freediving with the Peregrine - help with log bloat

    Fellow divers and freedivers, I recently got a Peregrine (wow, I absolutely love what Surface GF is teaching me about diving - thank you for the recommendations!). Unfortunately, for the first time I encountered a minor issue with it yesterday. I was free diving in the cenotes in Yucatan (in...
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