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  1. Tom Hlavac

    Dive Report Madrona Point Feb 4 2021

  2. ScubaHankNYC

    Mischievous Sea Lions

    Mischievous Sea Lions The island of Los Islotes located in the Sea Cortez hosts many playful and inquisitive California Sea Lions. The Sea Lion colony of Los Islotes is about 45-60 minutes from downtown La Paz, Mexico. The island is only accessible by speed boat. The Sea Lions have become...
  3. California Sea Lion Hunting - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    California Sea Lion Hunting - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    California Sea Lion On the Hunt - Gulf of California (sea of Cortez) La Reina - Baja California Sur Mexico - October 2018
  4. Sea Lion Romance - Sea of Cortez - Mexico 【ラパス】カリフォルニアシーライオン、雄と雌

    Sea Lion Romance - Sea of Cortez - Mexico 【ラパス】カリフォルニアシーライオン、雄と雌

    Sea Lion Bulls and Females - Sea of Cortez - Mexico Adult male California sea lions (bulls) are easy to identify, weighing up to 500 kg for a 2.5 m body length covered in a dark-brown fur, and sporting a distinctively prominent sagittal crest on their foreheads. YT:
  5. Sea Lions Pups at Los Islotes - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    Sea Lions Pups at Los Islotes - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    Juvenile California Sea Lions at the Los Islotes Colony - Sea of Cortez - Baja California Sur - Mexico Espiritu Santo National Park October 2018 YT:
  6. Sea Lion and Sardines - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    Sea Lion and Sardines - Sea of Cortez - Mexico

    California sea Lion mesmerised by schools of sardines congregating seasonally around the Los Islotes islets, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur - Mexico - September 2018 YouTube:
  7. BluewaterPhoto

    50% OFF Sea of Cortez Liveaboard!

    50% OFF Last Minute Liveaboard Opportunity Sea of Cortez - 7 nights - only $1,347 August 10-17 Join us for exciting macro life, sea lions, sperm whales, and whale sharks on the incredible Rocio Del Mar. Underwater photography workshops provided at no additional cost! Message for more details!
  8. Premo83

    Wild Baja - Humpback whales, sharks, sea lions, mobulas, dolphins...

    I did a short video from a couple land based trips in Baja California Sur, Mexico (La Paz and Cabo San Lucas). We did see Humpback whales, silky sharks, sea lions, dolphins, mobula rays and a very curious turtle. It was shot with a Sony A6500 in a Nauticam housing (10-18mm F4 lens and 16mm 2.8...
  9. Divers Guide

    Divers can't believe what's living inside this wreck

    One diver discovers it and leads the way. Magical.... During a dive on the Fang Ming Wreck near La Paz in Mexico, divers witness a magical scene. The diver, who films the wreck, is the only one with a camera. Suddenly his buddy signals him to come and film something special. He follows him to...
  10. nautilusvideo

    Sea Lions at Play!

    Sea Lions dancing and playing with divers in the Sea of Cortez. Look for more 4K UHD stock footage coming soon from Nautilus Productions LLC.
  11. Lavalamp

    Trip Report Trip Report - Galapagos Aggressor III Liveaboard - May 2017

    If you're looking for a trip report with colorful pictures, videos, and detailed accounting of the dive sites, this report is not for you. If you are looking for a report on a general sense of the overall experience of the trip and of this particular boat, I hope you will find this helpful. My...
  12. Trevor JC Brown

    Private Holidays in La Paz - Scuba and Whale Sharks

    Baja Connections is offering early bird specials for this fall’s season of scuba diving in La Paz. Our private dive vacations are available for the months of September and October, the prime time for scuba diving in La Paz. These packages are private, this means a private guide and a private...
  13. stphnmartin

    Diving the Salish Sea

    Here's some footage from winter diving in the Salish Sea. 3 minutes of cold, green water muck diving with beautiful marine life large and small. If you've never seen a pacific spiny lumpsucker, take a look. Comments and critiques welcome.
  14. Sharkphoto

    Scuba With Steller Sea Lions In Bc

    Scuba with a playful gang of Steller Sea Lions in British Columbia. 5 days of awesome diving with 3 of them focused on the sea lions and the other for photographing the wonderful walls and wrecks (cross fingers for wolf eels!) The sea lions are playful and love to interact and check us out...
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