1. Roz

    Workshop: Be a safer (boat) diver

    Hello All I'm involved with something called ‘Time to Surface’ (TTS). One part of TTS is going to run a series of workshops, to enable divers around the world to enjoy safer, informed diving. At present (and for the foreseeable future) there is no money involved. TTS works with a “pay it...
  2. M

    Violence in Cancun

    After a long break from diving we (my better half and I) are looking to take our first grown-up vacation away from our kids. Cozumel came up as a potential destination… but the recent shooting incidents in Cancun give me pause. What is the general feeling about visiting a dive resort in the...
  3. J

    Can we take things from the ocean?

    I am a new diver. I just went on my first ocean dive post certification and while I was diving found a dead sand dollar and a Sheepshead fish jaw with teeth. I was tempted to bring them ashore but showed my husband and left them because I thought we couldn't take anything. Mentioned this to the...
  4. Rand

    Closed Lights, SMBs, Knives, Safety Gear

    For sale are the following. When inquiring, please reference the green item number chip in the item picture. PM me with your address and the item numbers you are interested in for a shipping quote. I can accept PayPal and Zelle. I have multiple listings on ScubaBoard. Scroll down to my...
  5. flyingdesigner

    Instabuddy vs. Dive Safety

    Hello All - I'm a relatively new diver, but it seemed appropriate to post in this sub forum... I'm a safety and systems oriented person. I'm a PADI MSD (which, I think, doesn't mean much except that I've had a couple of key classes) and I intend to progress into Tech in the fullness of time, at...
  6. Danielle Dankenbring

    Freediving safety virtual presentation 7/15/2020

    Ted Harty to give a virtual presentation on Freediving and Dive Safety Hosted by the History of Diving Museum on July 15th With mini-lobster season around the corner, dive agencies and shops frequently focus on safety as a topic for education outreach. To help spread the word, the History of...
  7. DiveHeart

    Back to School Masks for Kids...Thanks to Diveheart Volunteer

    Kids Back to School Masks will be available tomorrow at Diveheart World Headquarters at 5100 Main Street in Downers Grove during Farmers Market...Thanks to Diveheart Volunteer and Seamstress Ruthann Aves. Hope to see you there. #covid19 #backtoschool #safety #masks #pandemic
  8. DiveHeart

    Diveheart partner Ocean Reef fights COVID19....Well Done!

    We are proud of Diveheart partner Ocean Reef for their creative work in fighting the pandemic. Well Done! #covid19 #pandemic #coronavirus #ppe #facemask The beaches may be closed during the pandemic, but a company in Vista has come up with an...
  9. ncscuba23

    New Liveaboard vs Old Tried and Trusted LOB?

    Hey guys - massively torn. We're debating booking a brand new LOB in Asia for their 3rd voyage, over a long running and presumably reliable operator. The location has currents and drifts, which after LOBs in Komodo, Raja, Maldives in last 12 months we're ready for. My concern is that the boat...
  10. ncscuba23

    For Sale Brand New Liveaboard vs Tried and Trusted LOB

    how to delete this??
  11. divingscorpio13

    Poipu, Kauai Dive Recommendations

    You guys were so great last time for Oahu recommendations now I need another for Poipu, Kauai. This is a last minute trip booked yesterday, my husband and I will be there next week Dec 19 - 25th staying in Poipu. Any DS people can recommend? We're both experienced and prefer small groups...
  12. Schwob

    Pre LOB booking safety questions to ask

    Due to recent tragedies (Conception, Red Sea Agressor 1 (Suzanna) and the pending booking of a Red Sea LOB trip I decided to try to get explicit up front confirmation on a few security questions. What advise might you have as to what else one could ask or do PRIOR to booking the trip (or in the...
  13. G

    For Sale SELLING - 1 Used, 1 Refurbished Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue VHF Radio w/GPS for Divers $800 OBO

    Hey scuba people! I'm selling two of the original Nautilus Lifeline's with GPS and VHF Radio. These were discontinued back in 2016 and replaced with a simple EPIRB style device EDIT: I've been informed this is an incorrect classification of the current model of Lifeline. The current model is a...
  14. S

    WARNING: Jolly Dive boat captain by name of Paul sexually harassed me

    Just giving a warning out to everyone that Jolly Dive in Antigua employs a dive master/boat captain who sexually harassed me for about 45 minutes. I have already posted my story on reddit and I was urged to spread it around to other forums, I’ll link my original post here but I will also copy...
  15. DiveHeart

    Your Adaptive Scuba Program should do background's why!

    Does your Adaptive Scuba Program do Mandatory Background checks on volunteers working with children, veterans and others with disabilities? If they don't, you should think twice about moving to can help get you started.....don't take with the...
  16. C

    No deco time proximity.

    I am having a long time discussion with a buddy about the no deco time shown in a computer. How close can you get to the zero time while diving, without risking too much. Some opinions are to go up when you reach the 10 min mark, some consider the 5 minute mark.
  17. DiveHeart

    Diveheart practices "Safety First" This week in Cozumel Mexico

    Safety First is the theme this week in Cozumel for the Diveheart Adaptive Dive Team. Instructors, Adaptive Divers and Adaptive Dive Buddies are in Cozumel this week to train and dive with Diveheart. Want to learn the most innovative adaptive scuba training techniques in the world? contact...
  18. Deep adventures

    Accessories for safer diving

    Hi, here is a short video of the diving accesories that I never dive without, for safety and convenience reasons. Enjoy
  19. Schwob

    Egypt safer than US & UK? ... ... discuss...
  20. C

    Driving to altitude after diving.

    The information I have found on the topic is rather inconclusive, but what would be the best approach in this diving scenario: Saturday, two tanks 50 min, 20 mts. Finishing time approx. 2 pm. Sunday, two tanks 50 min, 20 mts. Finishing time approx.. 2 pm. Mexico City is at 2300 mts over sea...
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