1. Scratch_Monkey

    Trip Report Roatan Trip Report June 11 - June 18

    My wife and I met some friends down in Roatan, Honduras this past week and had an excellent time. We love Roatan and try to go once or twice every year as it's an easy flight from Houston where we live. This was our first trip back since 2019, however, because "you know why". From a Covid...
  2. CryptKeeper

    Cozumel, Rio de Janeiro or Roatan

    I’m a new diver with only about 6 dives certified under my belt, but will be doing about 4-5 dives in Bahamas next week including tiger beach. My question is a recommendation. I have time in early June for about 10-14 days and wanna go to one of these destinations but not solely for diving. I’m...
  3. CryptKeeper

    New diver here wondering on a suggestion.

    First off I have my open water cert I got back in august in South Africa only did about 6 dives. I’m going to Bahamas next week gonna do probably 4-5 dives including tiger beach. I then will have some time in early June to go somewhere for about 10-14 days, I’m considering Cozumel, Rio de...
  4. Laval

    Trip Report Scuba Diving in Roatan - 4K HDR Video

    'Scuba Diving in Roatan in 4K HDR' will show you what to expect from diving in Roatan based on our 1-week scuba diving trip in February 2022. We stayed at Turquoise Bay Resort and dived with Subway Watersports. Both resort and the dive operation are good. UW video equipment used to shoot UW...
  5. Laval

    Video: DIVING IN ROATAN in 4K HDR (February 2022)

    'Scuba Diving in Roatan in 4K HDR' will show you what to expect from diving in Roatan based on our 1-week scuba diving trip in February 2022. UW video equipment used to shoot UW footage for this video: Camera: Sony camcorder PXW Z90 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle...
  6. Titatom

    Roatan Aggressor, March 5-12, 2022 availability

    My partner and I booked this trip when it went on sale. It is looking like we may not be able to do it. If anyone is interested, please PM me. The booking is for 2 divers, sharing one queen size bed in the Master cabin, located on the upper deck, behind the Captain's room. Thank you.
  7. Eyal K.

    GoPro 9 Rocks

    Hi All, Wanted to share some of the pictures I took with my new GoPro 9 in Roatan, HN during our last trip on March 2021. These are raw JPEG images I pulled out from the video. I haven't had a chance to correct the colors in photoshop yet but I think the result is pretty decent. The video was...
  8. Eyal K.

    Going to Roatan

    Hi All, I have a trip planned to Roatan at the end of March. My son is supposed to do the 4 checkout dives for his open water certification while there. I am wondering if anyone visited the island recently and have any info about the COVID situation there. They require a negative test 3 days...
  9. Jafo19D

    Recommendations for the Americas

    I’m pretty new and have only dived in the following places: Taganga Barú (near Cartagena) Islas del Rosario (near Cartagena) Santa Marta San Andrés Providencia Roatán. With the exception of Roatan all these places are in Colombia. I already know that I want to try Malpelo and Gorgona but...
  10. aquabluegreg

    Roatan is Open - Anthony's Key Resort 2 for 1 BOGO

    Roatan is now open for divers. Anthony's Key Resort is offering a 2 for 1 BOGO deal. Book with us and get an additional $50 OFF per person. A negative PCR test is required 72 hours before travel. And an online health form must be completed. Honduran Website: INM - Prechequeo Migratorio "All...
  11. DiveHeart

    Want to join Diveheart in Roatan Sept 5-12th ???

    Want to join Diveheart in Roatan? Divers of "All Abilities" are welcome! Don't wait...spots are filling for your reservation today. To enroll for adaptive buddy or instructor training on the trip contact Hope to see you there...
  12. BoundForElsewhere

    Looking for a Roommate!

    So I just booked what I think (maybe wrong) is the last room for the Roatan Invasion coming up next June. It is a Hill Superior double but I will be traveling alone. Is anyone interested in bunking up with a 50-year old man who supposedly snores? I can't verify it but my wife swears I do. I...
  13. KidDocDMC

    Roatan Hotels - Anthony's Key vs. Ibagari

    I am planning on going to Roatan with my son in April (though am also thinking about the ScubaBoard invasion, since I just saw that post). My local dive shop recommends Anthony's Key, but Ibagari looks much more upscale. Does anyone have experience with both? Anthony's is all-inclusive and...
  14. cardzard

    ScubaBoard Invasion 2020 Roatan Package Deal

    IT'S A DONE DEAL ScubaBoard is Invading Roatan :pirate2: We are pleased to announce an all inclusive deal with Bay Adventures making it 1 stop shopping. We will be hosted by Anthony's Key Resort Here's your chance to meet The Chairman & Moonie and share a great week of diving and fun with...
  15. DiveHeart

    Fiji & Roatan Trip Winners Announced....Congrats & Thanks to All

    CONGRATULATIONS to Alison T. and Liza W. who are the winners of our trip drawings to Garden Island Resort in Fiji & Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort in Roatan. Thank you to both resorts and our friends at Scuba Travel Ventures for your incredible friendship & support, and thanks to everyone...
  16. DiveHeart

    The Scuba Show is Now Open In Long Beach...Visit Diveheart & Win

    The Scuba Show is Now Open in Long Beach CA. Scuba Show – Long Beach, California | May 4th & 5th Stop by the Diveheart booth and Don't forget to enter the Fiji/Roatan drawing...48 hours left....:) Fiji DIVEHEART FOUNDATION - Win A Trip for Two in Fiji - Garden Island Resort Roatan DIVEHEART...
  17. DiveHeart

    Fiji & Roatan Trip Drawing Ends This Week!

    Diveheart's two big trip drawings close for ticket sales on May 5th at 1130PM. DRAWING IS MAY 6TH!! You do not have to be present to win! Enter for your chance to win a free dive trip, and support Diveheart! FIJI Garden Island Resort:…/8620-win-a-trip-for-…...
  18. Caribbean Reef Squid

    Caribbean Reef Squid

    Caribbean Reef Squid on a night dive in Roatan, Honduras
  19. VanceFishMan

    Central America Travel Suggestions

    Hello fellow divers and travelers, I have always been a person who likes to walk around and shop certain areas to find a dive center that I want to use, I always like to talk to staff and ask questions. I am looking for an area in Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Honduras) that have...
  20. DiveHeart

    Enter to win trip to Fiji & Roatan to help Diveheart's mission

    How can you win a trip to Fiji and/or Roatan and help support Diveheart's efforts to help children, veterans and others with disabilities? Just enter to win! #fiji #roatan #divefiji#diveroatan #scubatherapy #diveresorts...
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