1. L

    For Sale Aqualung Navigation Board

    I'm selling an Aqualung Navigation Board. Very good condition, works great. With protection bag and travel bag. This kind of navigation board is generally used with military oxygen ventral rebreather (like LAR, Oxygers, Frogs, OMG Caimano,....) Price is $600.
  2. R

    Semi-DIY O2 and CO analyzer

    I'm convinced of the benefit of analyzing tanks for O2 percentage and presence of CO (carbon monoxide). I was a kickstarter supporter of Cootwo, and still think it was a great concept and form factor. I was unhappy with the lack (and tone) of support from Divenav in the past. On my last dive...
  3. mheaster

    Seems that Airspeed Press has gone out of business?

    Seems that Airspeed Press has gone out of business? Does anyone know any specifics? Would they sell the business and/or rights to the books? Would they sell the business and/or rights to the books? As many have experienced, their website is still up but with limited functionality. No online...
  4. JonathanD-Panda

    [DAN - Oxygen Emergency Kit] - HSA/FAA

    Hi dear friends, For the ones in the USA, do you know if there's any possibility to buy an oxygen emergency kit with an HSA/FSA account? First aid kits are supposed to be covered. If the ones sold by DAN are not covered. Any other idea? Thanks everyone
  5. jagfish

    Nitrox and Scuba Gasses Video Lecture & Workshop- Full Version

    Nitrox and Scuba Gasses - Full Version I finally put this to video for posterity. A nitrox workshop plus alpha! Get a full overview of nitrox and all scuba gases and how they are used in scuba and how they relate to each other. An overview of how and why recreational divers vary gas mixes to...
  6. G

    SOLD!!! deleted

    For sale is the following. PayPal or Venmo net to me, buyer responsible for applicable fees. Shipping at cost via USPS Flat Rate or pickup available in Chicago (or in N FL Feb 20 to Mar 1) (1) Chris Kennedy GAF Oxygen Needle Valve. Used on four dives before switching to something else. Swagelok...
  7. kurisuji

    Best Practices for O2 Reg & Deco Bottle

    Good Afternoon All, First post on ScubaBoard ... yay! I'm in the process of tec training, and have a handful of questions regarding Best Practices for O2 Reg & Deco Bottle care. Of course, this is something I'll learn more about in my courses and will discuss with my instructor, but I've also...
  8. J

    For Sale DAN Rescue Pak - Emergency Oxygen kit

    DAN Rescue Pak - Emergency Oxygen Kit DAN Rescue Pak - Soft Case - $250 or best offer Currently the Jumbo D cylinder has just over 2000 psi in it. The hydro date has expired. I used this DAN Rescue Pak to support the scuba and rescue classes that I used to teach. I no longer have a need for...
  9. 57Writer

    Oxygen Regulator Basics - Video by Jill Heinerth

  10. giovyledzep

    Compressing Hydrogen

    How would you go about blending Oxygen and Hydrogen? Assuming the final blend results in an Oxygen concentration that is below the safety limit for explosions (say 3% O2 97% H2), would it be safe to just setup a Stick and run the blend into a compressor, making sure the system is properly...
  11. giovyledzep

    Why O2 for DCS?

    Hello, I have a technical question regarding the mechanism through which Oxygen helps with DCS symptoms. I am aware that it is an effective treatment, but I'm not clear on what actually happens inside the body as the Oxygen is breathed to help dissolve gas bubbles in the tissues. What are the...
  12. F

    Partial pressure blending

    question for the masses...I have access to a compressor so air fills for me are accessible 24/7. That being said I want to go out and buy my own O2 tank so I can partial pressure blend my own nitrox. What is the cost of a just say 200 or 300 medical grade O2 tank? Trying to see if it’s cost...
  13. Pao

    When to discard analyzer O2 sensor?

    I can't seem to find any info on the subject for analyzers, most are recommendation for rebreathers. I am doing a project on an Arduino based O2 analyzer. I would like to know if there is a cutoff voltage value (in air) for the sensor to be considered "bad" and lose its linearity significantly...
  14. Sedlák Zabiják

    Suunto Tank POD and using with 100% O2

    Hi all, Have anybody experience with use Suunto Tank POD with 100% O2? Can I use POD for decompresion stage? Thanks in advance for answers.
  15. J

    Best way to empty an O2 cylinder?

    I have an Al 80 cylinder that has approx 1000 psi of 100% O2. I used it as a dedicated cylinder, but really no longer have a need for it. If I do get back to where I need a dedicated cylinder, it will be a smaller one! I'd like to use it for regular air or nitrox. However, I've been unable to...
  16. J Pasquette

    Reversible O2 regulator.

    Hi, I can't seem to find any thread already started on this so I will ask what may be a stupid question which has potentially already been answered. I am looking to purchase myself a dedicated O2 regulator for accelerated deco, I was thinking of something simple and with the least failure...
  17. C

    For Sale Portable Medical Emergency Oxygen Resuscitator Kit

    High quality, professional grade portable emergency 02 kit. Excellent for first responders, dive boats, swimming areas, etc. Includes- -2 oxygen tanks. -manifold. -demand / positive pressure regulator. - 1-15 liter adjustable valve. -Pressure gauge. -O2 therapy bag mask. (sealed) -Adult size...
  18. C


    We use 3 DAN oxygen kits, but over the years have had problems with the '2nd stage' on the oxygen regulator corroding due to salt exposure. This is clearly a ridiculous design for dive equipment as even with frequent cleaning some salt exposure is inevitable in daily dive use. Does anyone know...
  19. E

    Scuba Compressor - $6000 (Key West)

    Fixed System Complete mixed gas fill system. Compressor and all items have been sitting unused in covered garage since 2004. Dust and surface corrosion has effected appearance. New compressor has test hours only. All plumbing and filters were pressurized when disassembled in 2015. All bottles...
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