1. Jason Bingham

    For Sale Mares R2XR-VR Nitrox Regulator Set

    Up for sale is a nearly new (5 dives) Mares R2XR-VR Nitrox reg set. This works great for any type of diving but is especially awesome on a deco bottle. The vertical hose orientation works really well no matter what side your deco/stage bottle is on. The hose is a 40” rubber hose and is also in...
  2. R

    Semi-DIY O2 and CO analyzer

    I'm convinced of the benefit of analyzing tanks for O2 percentage and presence of CO (carbon monoxide). I was a kickstarter supporter of Cootwo, and still think it was a great concept and form factor. I was unhappy with the lack (and tone) of support from Divenav in the past. On my last dive...
  3. Katie A

    For Sale Analox Analyzer - Sensor 1yr Old

    SOLD!!! Analox nitrox analyzer for sale. Used, but works well. Current sensor & battery are 1 year old. No case. All yours for $120 including First Class Priority shipping with tracking.
  4. The Cosmicist

    Advanced Beginner Gear Grab - Helpful for others too?

    Alrighty then. I've managed to get irritated enough in about 15 dives to want my own gear (more or less) immediately. Like most of us, I have pockets that you can see the bottom of and want to choose wisely. I would consider myself an "advanced beginner" or "beginning advanced" due to...
  5. cd95806

    Looking for Tech Nitrox Fills In Northern Michigan

    I am taking a team up to Lake Superior in June and am having difficulty finding a facility that can fill tech nitrox 50/50 etc. Anyone have a suggestion?
  6. V

    Some Basic Nitrox Questions

    I'm considering nitrox as the next step, and will greatly appreciate some input on the following: Is there rule of thumb for how much longer BT EAN32 and EAN36 offer, as compared to regular air, all else being equal? Considering oxygen toxicitiy, what would be the depth limits for EAN32 and...
  7. jagfish

    "Nitrox" Incident - Full analysis

    Nitrox Incident Scuba Diving - Full Analysis As the final culmination of my scuba gasses series, this is my full analysis of this "nitrox" event. As many have noted, though this was posted originally as a nitrox incident, the nitrox itself was not the culprit, but there were many issues to...
  8. jagfish

    Scuba Nitrox Incident for Analysis

    Scuba Nitrox Incident for Analysis This apparent true incident was taken from Scuba Board almost 20 years ago. I use it in my nitrox course before the final exam as a discussion exercise for students in small groups. Here, I describe the incident, please post your analysis in the comments, and...
  9. ActinopterygiiGuy

    Importing Apex Regs

    Hi all, I've just ordered some Apeks regs from a European website and it has since occurred to me that as the EU has regulations surrounding what connection can be used with EANx (anything above 21% O2 uses the M26 connector) that the DIN regs I've ordered may not be nitrox compatible/oxygen...
  10. Xterra

    Punta Cana Dominican Republic Dive Shops with Nitrox

    Are there any Dive shops one can recommend that has Nitrox and has DIN tanks? I know I can place a adapter if needed but would prefer to use my Native DIN valve to the tank. Thanks
  11. OctoHelm

    My Introduction to Sidemount Diving, as well as Training and Equipment Questions

    Hello Scubaboard! I hope this finds you safe. Before I get into things, I would just like to thank the medical professionals and firefighters putting their lives on the line for us daily. Their selfless service to benefit us all is admirable, and we all ought to thank them for their service...
  12. J

    Low-cost nitrox compatible home compressor?

    Does anyone sell a low-cost compressor under US$3000 that is designed to be compatible with nitrox air tanks? Yes I have taken the PADI nitrox course. I am aware of the hazards of using a generic compressor and filling system with nitrox rated tanks. I do NOT want to blend oxygen and air at...
  13. P

    For Sale Mixed Gas Fill Station for Sale

    Bauer K14 Compressor Haskel AG15/30 Gas Booster Mixed Gas Panel Air Panel Nitrox Continuous Flow Stick 10,000 cf bank Air purity test kit Tumbler Cleaning stands Multiple dive cylinders in tech configurations & singles. Lots of rental gear. Take it all for best price, offers considered on site...
  14. jcm1911a1

    Nitrox on Little Cayman

    I have coordinated a small group heading to Little Cayman Beach Resort this Fall. My wife and I have only been Nitrox certified since last summer. Is it worth it to go with nitrox on the boat dives that LCBR would normally do, meaning sites close for their boats? I don't want to shell out...
  15. 4F6DB5C1-4E76-4D1B-BA30-875F2B120129


    DiveSafe Nitrox
  16. F

    OTU menu entry nonexistent on Galileo G2 even if exist in the manual

    Hi folks! as many people I do recurrent divings with nitrox air for multiple days. So, for this reason, I must have both CNS and OTU informations. This is one of the reasons I bought Galileo G2. Now the problem is: I have the CNS informations, but as soon as I search for the OTU, there's no...
  17. Protondecay123

    AquaCorps Issue #4. Free Download

    A blast from the past. This particular issue of the magazine originally came out in January 1992 and was titled “MIX.” The “MIX” issue features an article on mixed-gas technology, a mixed-gas primer, plus articles on “The Case for Heliox” by Dr. Bill Stone, “Understanding Special Tables” by Dr...
  18. giovyledzep

    Why O2 before Air for PPB Nitrox?

    This is probably a basic question answered in any Gas Blender course, but it came to my mind and I can't find the answer online. Why is the procedure for partial pressure blending of Nitrox to put 100% oxygen in the empty tank first and then top up with air? Wouldn't it be "safer" to add the...
  19. T

    regulator and stage for good breathing control, lightweight, coldwater ...

    Hi diving folks, I will start in some months with my Divemaster and search for my first own equipment. specialy i have some questions about the first and second stage. After reading in this forum and on other pages i coud find the right answer and i am nt sure which combinaton is the best. my...
  20. A

    DCI and the perils of diving in a mixed EAN/Air Group

    Time to hold my hand up and admit I screwed up and ended up with mild case of Decompression Illness (DCI) on a recent dive liveaboard in the Maldives. There were however a couple of lessons to learn that may be of benefit to others. I was with an experienced group of divers all who had 500+...
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