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  1. Harshit Bajpai

    Liveaboard just in full Raja Ampat vs Maumere - Alor - Banda Sea - Raja Ampat (via Dampier) in Oct -Nov?

    Hi, This will be my first time going for a proper liveaboard. Before this, I have only taken a 3 day liveaboard in Thailand. I have about 70 dives. I have two options - 1. Biodiversity Super Diving Cruise-Maumere-Alor-Banda Sea-Raja Ampat - Mermaid Liveaboards (15N 26Oct - 10Nov) 2...
  2. Jojo Soriano

    Hi all! New here.. and I discovered LIVEABOARDS

    and it's so much fun! I recently traveled with Mermaid I to the Komodo Islands. One thing I came away after this trip was, I need better... DIVE FINS ...dive fins! My split fin was no match to strong currents we encountered on a couple of dives, especially at SHOT GUN - that was fun. Any...
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