1. Jeff Dykes

    How to find inexpensive masks and fins locally?

    I've been told that, particularly with masks, you just have to try on the one that's right for you. Pretty much the same with fins (I prefer the kind without straps). In other words, don't buy online. Is there a local classifieds where I could find a good mask and fins? I can't afford new, and...
  2. urmaddad

    1954 Scuba Diving Equipment

    I'm curious as to what make this scuba diving equipment is. The only clue is a date of 1954.
  3. DiveHeart

    Can't wait to get back on the road and underwater...

    We can't wait to get back on the road... =AZVbdpG5RSq17qgqUduSRaNH7_Znq0vJOq6035mOOMEOEfgL0DzDIlDpWfO2Qv29pQCNiO2hHHCpm0OYvhspQUrmfcWU3EoOAoAYeL0M7_vHFsT7UmHm7RRJe_arU8tp6-irUes6Dumd9qc2EMDslSfw&__tn__=*NK-R']#covid...
  4. DiveHeart

    Don't throw out that prescription mask...Diveheart can use it!

    The "I Can See Clearly Now" Diveheart Initiative encourages divers to donate their old prescription masks so that Diveheart can use them for our Adaptive Divers with visual impairments that can be corrected with proscription lenses. Just like Lions Clubs around the world collect glasses...
  5. DiveHeart

    Scary New Masks Benefit Adaptive Divers This Sat @ Diveheart Headquarters!

    Scary & holiday theme reversible masks will make you a hit this season. Diveheart will be showcasing our latest batch of cool holiday theme masks this Saturday from 830am till noon at Diveheart world headquarters at 5100 main street in Downers Grove Illinois. You can always order Diveheart swag...
  6. DiveHeart

    What does your mask say about you???

    What does your mask say about you? This Fall you can be styling with a cool reversible cloth covid19 mask from Diveheart. All proceeds support Diveheart programs for children, veterans and others with disabilities. We have a variety of size and pattern. Order yours today at or...
  7. DiveHeart

    Back to School Masks for Kids...Thanks to Diveheart Volunteer

    Kids Back to School Masks will be available tomorrow at Diveheart World Headquarters at 5100 Main Street in Downers Grove during Farmers Market...Thanks to Diveheart Volunteer and Seamstress Ruthann Aves. Hope to see you there. #covid19 #backtoschool #safety #masks #pandemic
  8. drakcheslav

    Which of the manufacturers have non far east made masks?

    I've been searching for a new mask, and I really have trouble of finding the one, but I've noticed something. Looks like apart from Cressi (non farameless) masks which are made in Italy, all other companies use Taiwanese/Chinese made masks. I know that Problue is one of the biggest OEM...
  9. S


    The complete list of equipment and retail prices are located in the attachment. All equipment is like new with 5 actual dives on it. This will be clear when you see the equipment. Computer and regs were just serviced and battery changed. Tanks have fresh annuals. I'm unwilling to sell the set in...
  10. L

    Old School Oval Masks - Thoughts?

    New member to the forum so hopefully this thread is in a good location, I've been searching the internet for an old school oval mask and Ive found a few. They all seem to have the classic stainless edging around the mask which looks awesome but I'm a little hesitant to buy it because you're...
  11. J322Y

    Loving my DGX Ultraview frameless mask...

    As a new diver, this is my second mask since being certified. The first one I bought from my LDS where I took the class. It's a Sherwood Oracle+ with magnified bottoms (gauge readers/bifocals) which cost $100. I could read my gauge with one eye only, and the magnifiers are useless for seeing...
  12. Mjobe43

    New here! Questions about new Tusa Freedom HD Elite mask!

    Hey there divers! I am new to owning my own equipment, and have been practicing at my place of work in Norris lake Tennessee! I have a great local dive shop, and picked up some a very nice set of goggles. The freedom HD by tusa, it fits GREAT! My problem though, is that it leaks from the bottom...
  13. socaldiver33

    Atomic venom frameless mask

    Atomic Venom Frameless mask for sale $70 or best offer. This mask was only used twice. Great mask but does not fit my Face. Will Ship if needed. Meassage me if you have any questions. This mask retails brand new for 169 bucks.
  14. DLSTEW

    Stolen new dive gear out of dive trailer in La Jolla

    Hey guys, I'm a local San Diego dive business owner trying to start up a recreational hookah diving company. This week was supposed to be my grand opening and a couple assholes decided to cut the locks on my trailer. I was in La Jolla on La jolla shores drive. It got broken into overnight and I...
  15. PhASe

    For Sale Bulk lot of scuba gear for sale!

    Downsizing my storage unit and need to sell most of my dive stuff. Some gear brand new and never used! Complete list of gear is included below. Selling all as one unit - $10,000. DRY SUITS Brand Size Color Material 1 KME M-L Blue Neoprene 2 KME S...
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