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  1. aquabluegreg

    Socorros for Xmas 2025 - Belle Amie - $300 Discount

    Join us on an adventure on the Nautilus Belle Amie Socorros Islands, Mexico December 23-31, 2025 Save $300 We have a limited number of Stateroom cabins available. Staterooms B, F, G, and H are available. Trip embarks and disembarks at the Cabo San Lucas harbor, meeting point is SeeCreatures...
  2. Top Class Cruising

    A great experience of Liveaboard in the Maldives in May

    A shot of the spectacle offered underwater on the end-of-season cruise, last week in May. Back in the water in August!
  3. aquabluegreg

    Dewi Nusantara Save 20% - LA Scuba Show Deals

    Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard "Best of the Best" Save 20% Los Angeles Scuba Show Deals Always wanted a trip on the Dewi...? Now's your chance..! Contact us for rates and availability. Ask for our agent discounted rates. Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard presents an exclusive offer specially tailored...
  4. aquabluegreg

    Socorros - Last Minute June 2024 - Belle Amie & Explorer

    Dive the Socorros Last Minute Dates - June 2024 Nautilus Belle Amie & Nautilus Explorer Bait ball season!!! Socorro is all about amazing interaction with our favourite giant mantas. No other mantas in the world behave like this. We don't know why but we love it...
  5. EVMarketing

    Rewind the Clock and Turn Up the Volume with Explorer Ventures Fleet's 1987 Birthday Celebration Sale

    IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY!! It's time to awaken your inner '80s icon, dust off that boombox, tease up those bangs, and get ready to score some epic 1987 savings with Explorer Ventures Fleet! This sale is running for two weeks only, starting May 7th - May 21st, 2024. This is your chance to score some...
  6. aquabluegreg

    Blue Voyager - Maldives Far South - Feb 20-Mar 2, 2025

    Blue Voyager Liveaboard Maldives Far South Itinerary February 20 - March 2, 2025 - 10 Nights Even by Maldives standards, this itinerary is something special. Diving around Huvhadoo, Fuvahmulah and Addu, the three southernmost atolls of the Maldives, you will dive on both sides of the Equator...
  7. aquabluegreg

    White Manta - Lembeh - Last Minute May 20-29, 2024

    New White Manta Liveaboard Last Minute to Lembeh Indonesia May 20-29, 2024 Limited Space New White Manta Liveaboard - Last Minute to Lembeh Indonesia. May 20-29, 2024. This is a 10 day / 9 night & 26 dive safari, starting with world famous muck diving in Lembeh then across the Celebes Sea...
  8. aquabluegreg

    Scubaspa ZEN - 20% OFF

    Scubaspa ZEN to Komodo 20% Discount Best of Komodo: 13 Jun - 23 Jun 2024 Komodo Expedition: 30 Jul - 06 Aug 2024 Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia Liveaboard - 20% Off - As we craft new exotic itineraries for 2025, the 2024 season will be the last season when Scubaspa ZEN will visit Komodo National...
  9. aquabluegreg

    Tubbataha Reef - Infiniti LOB 50% Off - Last Minute

    Tubbataha Reef Infiniti Liveaboard 50% Off June 1-7, 2024 Now on last minute sale 50% off. NOW $1498 per person double occupancy We have 3 remaining berths on this trip - One full twin cabin (C11) and one male share space. Now on last minute sale 50% off. NOW $1498 per person double occupancy...
  10. aquabluegreg

    Palau Siren - New Moon Spawning - May 20-30, 2025 - Save $500

    Palau Siren New Moon Spawning May 20-30, 2025 Save $500 $5940 per person double occupancy The 10 nights Special New moon spawning itinerary on Palau Siren offers guests something truly exceptional. Divers joining this cruise will have a chance to witness one of the most spectacular natural...
  11. gplerma

    Question Thorfinn status? - Chuuk Lagoon

    I wish to go on a liveaboard diving excursion in Chuuk Lagoon this spring or summer, but am not able to find many options. I keep noticing the SS Thorfinn in Chuuk Lagoon advertised with much lower costs than the other liveaboards. Can anyone provide an updated review from say, the last year...
  12. aquabluegreg

    Solomon Islands on the Bilikiki Sept 17-24, 2024

    Bilikiki Liveaboard The Solomon Islands September 17-24, 2024 ** 2 Remaining Cabins ** Published rate $6930 standard package + nitrox and all taxes PPDO. Book with us and get a $500 discount. Send us a message: The Bilikiki has 10 deluxe cabins...
  13. aquabluegreg

    Tubbataha Reef - Infiniti LOB - June 1-7

    Tubbataha Reef on the Infiniti LOB with Photo Pro Brandi Mueller Join us on the Infiniti liveaboard to Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines June 1-7, 2024. We had a recent cancellation on this trip and have ONE cabin (C11) available and also one male share berth open. This trip departs Puerto...
  14. aquabluegreg

    Damai II - RA & Halmahera - Black Friday Deal - Mar 6-18, 2024

    Damai II Liveaboard Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deal - Now $5400 USD Raja Ampat & Halmahera - March 6-18, 2024 Here's another smokin' hot deal for Black Friday or Cyber Monday or name the deal...! Email: Join us on board the Damai II, a luxurious...
  15. EVMarketing

    Explorer Ventures Fleet® Unveils Unprecedented Cyber Monday Sale – Up to $3400 Off on Premier Liveaboard Dive Trips

    The Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet®, a leading name in liveaboard diving and water-based adventures, announces its highly anticipated Cyber Monday sale, offering unparalleled discounts on exclusive dive trips aboard several of their renowned vessels. Divers, ocean enthusiasts, and...
  16. aquabluegreg

    Maldives - No Single Supplement! Carpe Novo & Carpe Vita

    Maldives Carpe Novo & Carpe Vita No Single Supplement Fee..! The Carpe Diem Fleet - Carpe Novo and Carpe Vita - are offering some charters with no single supplement fee. This is a great opportunity for solo divers to experience some great dive itineraries in the Maldives. Contact us...
  17. aquabluegreg

    Sunseeker or Sachika - Maldives 20% off

    Sunseeker or Sachika Liveaboard Maldives Itineraries 20% Discount We have a new partnership with the Sunseeker and Sachika liveaboards in the Maldives. These ships have been operation in the Maldives for more than 16 years and have established a reputation for high quality liveaboard service...
  18. TSS

    Going back to dive in Myanmar soon!

    DON'T MISS THE SMILING SEAHORSE FIRST CRUISE OF THE SEASON! GO BACK TO MYANMAR 7D/6N!!!! Black Rock, High Rock, Shark Cave, North Twin, Western Rocky, Seafan Forest, Volcano... MORE DETAILS: Get our schedule here!
  19. aquabluegreg

    Sea of Cortez - Belle Amie - 50% Off - Sept 2-9, 2023

    Sea of Cortez & Ultimate Whale Sharks Nautilus Belle Amie 50% Off DEMA Deal September 2-9, 2023 We have one Superior cabins that just opened up on this amazing trip to the Sea of Cortez on the Nautilus Belle Amie. Normally $3495 + $175 tax = $3670 per person. NOW $1835 per person double...
  20. aquabluegreg

    Nautilus Explorer - Cocos & Drake Bay - Sept 14-26, 2023

    Nautilus Explorer Cocos Island - Drake Bay - Caño Island September 14-26, 2023 SAVE $1255 Stateroom Cabins Normally $6250 - NOW $4995 The best of 2 awesome adventures. 7 dive days at Cocos Island of the Sharks + 2 days of diving and adventuring around Drake Bay and Caño Island including going...
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