1. Dannybot

    Best (better) lens & port for CFWA

    I currently have a Canon SL2 and Ikelite housing, dual strobes. I have been using mostly a Canon 10-18 in a 6" dome. I get some decent images, but it gets really soft as you get out of the center. My questions are: 1) Is it worth it to move up to a larger dome-that unfortunately would not...
  2. Jonnyola87

    Ikelite DS51 Snoot??

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a snoot for my DS51, but can't find one specifically adapted to this model. Anyone know of one? Thanks! Jon
  3. T

    For Sale Ilelite DS-125 strobes

    2 Ikelite DS-125 sub strobes with niCad batteries and one charger. Battery toggled on both lights were just replaced and lights do not leak. $475 plus shipping from California, USA.
  4. BackscatterUW

    Info Ikelite: How To Assemble a Complete Underwater Camera System

    Ikelite: How To Assemble a Complete Underwater Camera System Have you ever wanted to learn about Ikelite underwater housing, strobes, and accessories? In this video we break down everything that underwater photographers need to know about the Ikelite product line, and how to fully set up an...
  5. J

    Closed DS 161 strobe set SOLD

    Ikelite DS161 Underwater Strobe Flash Set. This includes 2 x DS161 strobes, 2 x CM dome diffusers, 2 x small dome diffusers, 2 x batteries with chargers (1 x NiMh and 1 x LiIon), 2 x single sync cords, 1 x double sync cord and 3 x battery compartment o-rings. The first image shows the strobes...
  6. jpomerantz

    Closed Canon 7d Mk II – Aquatica Underwater Photography Package

    I am selling my underwater kit and hope you will find this a great deal. I will try to provide specifics as much as possible for the components. Camera Canon 7D Mark II camera body $775 Camera strap (non OEM), 3 batteries and 2 chargers included Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 EF-S USM zoom $275...
  7. onetrekkie@hotmail.co

    For Sale SOLD-Ikelite DS160 and DS161 strobes.

    One DS160 and one DS161 both in very good condition. Never flooded. Each comes with a battery, charger, standard diffuser, and a dome diffuser as seen in photos. All connections are corrosion free. $650.00 for everything plus shipping. Will only ship to CONUS.
  8. sh_underwater

    Wanted I'm looking for a housing for Ikelite. 【Regardless of model.】

    I'm looking for an Ikelite housing for my research. It can be broken or old. Any model is OK.
  9. protey

    For Sale Sony RX100 V+Ikelite Housing+INON macro lens+Fantasea Big EyeII+INTOVA PX21+SL1600 led light

    Hello, this technique is for sale. I bought this kit in July 2018 for $2960. Used for only two diving safari in Egypt and Tenerife - 2018, several times in the pool, and one diving safari before 10 days ! Excellent condition, distinguishable from new. No functional remarks. 1. Sony...
  10. Jason Bingham

    Closed Ikelite Canon G10 housing, camera, and extras

    Below is my Ikelite housing and accessories for the included Canon G10 compact camera. It is a great beginners kit for someone wanting to get their feet wet in underwater photography This housing and the included accessories have been in the water less than 30 times and includes everything you...
  11. macado

    How long should a housing hold a vacuum?

    Apologizes for the stupid question but I'm still fairly new to mid-range camera housings. I've always used crappy point and shoots and never bothered with a vacuum port but I recently purchased a Sony A400 with an Ikelite 200DLM/A Underwater Housing and DLM 6" Dome Port. I installed a Vivid...
  12. Craig F

    Closed Turtle Smart TTL trigger Olympus-Panasonic

    Up for sale is a Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This works with Inon, Sea & Sea, Ikelite strobes, among others, providing TTL and manual flash exposure. See Turtle's website for additional applications. http://trt-electronics.com The unit works fine, but will...
  13. kate.e.powell

    For Sale FULL MACRO SETUP Nikon D90 + Ikelite Dive Housing (FULL KIT)

    Hi all, New to the boards here, but I figured this might be a good place to advertise... I am selling (one of) my underwater housings a full kit. This includes: Nikon D90 (excellent condition) + battery & external charger Nikkor 105mm F/2.8 lens (good condition) Ikelite Housing + Port...
  14. Greq

    Sony + Nauticam + Ikelite Ds160

    Hei Sony users :) I have problem to connect strobe Ikelite Ds160 with Sony a7iii with Nauticam housing. For connecting I have Ikelite double sync cords and ikelite bulkhead and Nikon hotshoe - Nauticam do not have Sony hotshoe plug :( How I can connect this with TTL option. I was getting some...
  15. PhotoBret

    For Sale Ikelite 5DMK IV housing with 8” dome

    Ikelite DL housing for 5D MK IV with pressure/leak check valve 200ft depth limit 8” dome port with extensions and focus gear for 16-35, also includes pressure tester pump to make sure it has a good seal before diving. item is in excellent condition - images do not show extension port but they...
  16. K

    For Sale Canon DSLR with Underwater Housing

    The perfect upgrade for a beginner photographer that is wanting to go beyond GoPro or point and shoot cameras. This DSLR takes amazing photos and full HD video. Check out my video to see the quality of video footage: Included: Canon EOS Rebel T6i Wide Angle Lens (Canon 10-18mm) Macro Lens...
  17. katefu

    For Sale Canon 70D camera, Ikelite housing, DS161 strobe, 2 ports, Tokina 10-17 fisheye, 60mm macro

    Canon 70D plus Ikelite housing, DS161 strobe, 2 dome ports, Tokina 10-17 fisheye, 60mm macro. Used, all in working condition. Loved and well-cared for. Selling because I'm moving back to Missouri from Hawaii and don't want to dive there! Canon 70D camera - works just fine - missing the top...
  18. MikeFotoDives

    For Sale Ikelite Sync Cord #45282 - 1 trip old

    Ikelite sync cord 45282 New $190. NOW $125. Think about insurance of a back up cord on your next trip. I have moved to using Nauticam. The sync cord is the last item to sell from my Ikelite kit and has seen only 1 trip to Indonesia in 2019 and are in great condition. Purchased from...
  19. C

    Sony a7sIII Underwater kit - What brand to go for?

    Hello! :) I am currently wanting to invest in an underwater videography setup and I hoped if anyone here could help me please. For the camera I'm looking at a Sony a7sIII but I'm a bit worried about the price. I am looking for something that shoots 60fps or higher at 4k as my operating needs...
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