1. Kharon

    Closed Travel Harness & Bladder

    Essentially new – 4 dives total Description Cost New Sell For Dive Rite Harness (delux with shoulder side release) 74 50 Soft Backplate 85 57 Mares Donut Bladder Single Tank 22lbs – XR Line 286 200 Sold as a package 445 307 Flat Rate Shipping 21.5...
  2. yuliyahol

    Closed Halcyon SS Backplate and Harness

    Used only a few times. In great condition. Halcyon SS Backplate and Harness - $250 Local pick-up preferred. Located in South San Francisco, CA. I can ship if the buyer will cover the shipping price.
  3. R

    Backplate Shoulder Harness Slots

    On some backplates, the shoulder strap slots are horizontal and on some they are angled slightly down from the inner edge to outer edge. My question is why the difference? On the angled slots, do the shoulder straps route slightly different up and over the body? In other words, is one a better...
  4. Jason Bingham

    Closed Hollis Stainless BP/W System (10 dives)

    Up for sale is a Hollis BP/W system which includes a stainless backplate, original S38 wing, HTS weight pouches, STA w/ stainless cam bands, Elite 2 Harness. This kit was dove 10 times in the Puget Sound and is in like new condition. Full disclosure, the webbing has been cut for a small female...
  5. Ski_Lounge

    DIR- Generic Weight Plates on Webbing - Considered DIR-friendly?

    I have these weight plates that I found on DGX. Quite like them because they stay close to the body (or at least marginally closer than a weight pocket). But are these considered DIR-friendly? Link: Highland Weight Plates - Set of Two
  6. yuliyahol

    Closed Halcyon SS Backplate and Harness, Weight Pockets, Tank Adapter

    Scuba gear for sale. Used only a few times. In great condition. Halcyon SS Backplate and Harness - $250 Halcyon 5lb Single Tank Adapter weight - $100 Local pick-up preferred. Located in South San Francisco, CA. I can ship if the buyer will cover the shipping price.
  7. jpomerantz

    Closed Dive Rite Backplate and Harness

    Selling my backplate and harness - got a soft one for travel. The plate is steel but has cut outs so it weighs the same as the aluminum one. This is the Dive Rite Stainless Steel XT Lite backplate. The harness is used but very functional. Some wear. NO WING INCLUDED. This great Dive Rite...
  8. elubes

    Closed Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate (GUE edition)

    Halcyon Blue Carbon Fiber standard backplate (GUE Anniversary edition). Brand new, never touched the water. Harness is still factory rigged. Has a tiny little white nick in the middle of the backplate (pictured). I will not separate the harness from the backplate at this time. The harness...
  9. GulfDiver24

    Wanted SS Backplate, Wing and/or Harness

    Hello ScubaBoard, I am in search of a Stainless steel backplate, wing and/or harness! Preferably <= 30# wing and possibly a deluxe harness of sorts. Please reply or shoot me a PM so we can work a deal! Greatly appreciated!
  10. J

    Closed Dive Rite voyager wing and Transplate XT harness

    Never been used. Still in original packaging. I have two sets of the Dive Rite voyager single wing, with TransPlate XT harness, stainless steel XT Lite Backplate, 1.5-inch crotch strap and cam straps. Retail is $700. I'm looking for $500 for each set. OBO. Dive Rite voyager wing with Transplate...
  11. Scubaroo

    Inner tube, bungee, o-rings or EPDM for harness

    Rigging my backplate harness up for the first time in several years - what are people using to retain their backup lights and inflator these days? I used to use inner tube for the backup lights, and a bungee loop for the inflator - but I see people using EPDM rubber bands, o-rings for the...
  12. G

    Closed deleted

    For sale is the following. Paypal net to me, OBO. Items sold as pictured. Pickup available in Chicago or buyer pays shipping via USPS flat rate. (1) DiveX 3 Point Scooter/DPV Crotch strap. As seen here: 3 Point Crotch Strap - Dive Xtras As new. Purchased and then decided to go in a different...
  13. CC Weske

    For Sale BRAND NEW Hollis S25 LX Wing w/slots For Sale

    Hi Scuba Board Community! I am posting this to sell a brand new Medium/Large Hollis S25 LX Wing w/slots. BACKSTORY: This wing and backplate has literally never been used, let me explain. A couple of years ago I was working at a scuba shop in Agoura Hills for experience and gear. I worked hard...
  14. W

    Closed Reduced -Oxycheq 18# wing / Diverite Harness with Aluminum BP

    Selling my BP/Wing rig as I'm doing side mount doubles now. (SOLD) Harness- Dive Rite harness with Aluminum backplate and single tank adapter. Includes cam bands and OMS weight pockets. Great for a travel rig which is what I used it for. $125 Oxycheq 18# - great condition, holds air great...
  15. S

    For Sale Dive Rite OMS Deluxe Ultimate Harness System with Backplate Plus Accessories

    This gently used and in like new condition rig has everything you need if you are into technical diving; 1. Dive Rite Rec Wings with adjustable securing cords and user replaceable bladder system, integrated gas inflator and emergency vent valve with optional air horn. Wings and inflator have...
  16. Jason Bingham

    Closed PRICE REDUCED: Scuba Force Black Devil Wing and Backplate

    LOWER PRICE: Decided to go Sidemount so I no longer need my Scuba Force Black Devil 45 doubles wing, long Skeleton Backplate, or Comfort Harness. Everything is in great shape and functions perfectly, sidemount is just easier on my back (getting old sucks). Here are links to the individual...
  17. W

    Best 30# Single Tank Wing...

    Question says most of it! What’s the best single tank 30# wing you’ve ever used and why?
  18. P

    Back Plate and Wings Build

    Dear Fellow Divers, Im trying to build a BP/W setup for me and my Girl Friend. I'm 5'9 and my GF is 5'2" Let me first tell you that I have very limited source for diving equipment here in the Philippines. I was gunning already for a SP Hydros and thank God I found the thread about BP/W. Also...
  19. W

    BP/W - Which one?!

    Hey guys! Looking to get into a BP/W setup :). Currently using a jacket style BCD (currently an Aqualung Axiom I3 & Aqualung Legend LX Supreme regs (DIN)). I'm PADI AOW, and stopped logging dives at around 500, but currently sat somewhere around 800-1000. In terms of the diving I currently do...
  20. Andrei Astra

    Best way to don/doff harness

    What's the best way to put on a harness, the right arm first, or the left arm first? I'm using a BP/W with a single piece harness and a single tank. It's definitely the right arm first if I'm diving in a wet suit. Both of the regulator hoses are on the right and I make sure that they run...
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