1. BONAIRE | 2023 Marine Biodiversity Expedition  (4k)

    BONAIRE | 2023 Marine Biodiversity Expedition (4k)

    I traveled to Bonaire, one of the top shore diving locations in the world to be part of a Marine Biodiversity Expedition with 10 other people from around the...
  2. BONAIRE | 2023 Marine Biodiversity Expedition  (4k)

    BONAIRE | 2023 Marine Biodiversity Expedition (4k)

    I traveled to Bonaire, one of the top shore diving locations in the world to be part of a Marine Biodiversity Expedition with 10 other people from around the...
  3. Laval

    Info Alor - Underwater Critter Haven - 4K HDR Video

    Hey UW videographers! Dive into our latest adventure as we reveal the amazing sights of Alor in our new HDR video. This is the second part showing the best moments from our exciting two-week scuba diving trip through Komodo, Flores, and Alor in September-October 2023 on The Seven Seas. Watch...
  4. Collin O'Brien

    BONAIRE Expedition Film (4K)

    If you've been to Bonaire, are thinking about going to Bonaire or are just curious what you can experience in Bonaire, check out this video. 10 days of non-stop diving with 10 strangers from around the world that have become true friends. Can't wait to do it again! Best watched in 4K
  5. Collin O'Brien

    Bonaire Green Sea Turtle

    My encounter with a friendly green sea turtle down in Bonaire.
  6. Collin O'Brien

    Recent Bonaire Trip

    For those interested, I have been slowly sharing some footage from my recent trip to Bonaire on my new ocean centric Instagram Page @OceansCollin A short film of my trip is being created now and I hope to post that very soon!
  7. JasperLuijkx

    Gopro HERO 9 versus older Sony RX100VI

    Hi all! I've been wandering this forum for quite some months now. Looking, as many others, for a good step-up from gopro. My current rig consists of an Ikelite tray, 2x weefine 2300 video lights and a gopro hero 9 + backscatter flip with macro 15+ /10+ I shoot ONLY video, never photo's Reason...
  8. Dani Pierone

    For Sale GoPro Hero 7 w/ accessories $180

    Selling this for a client. Includes hero 7 (white version), underwater housing, charge cable, floaty handle, multiple mounts, screws, and the head strap. Two carrying cases as well. $180 for it all. OBO
  9. L

    Closed $139 -- FLIP10 Pro Package for GoPro HERO 5-11: DIVE & DEEP Filters, +15 MacroMate Lens

    CONDITION: VERY LIGHTLY USED. Filters used about 10 hours underwater in total. MacroMate lens only used on one dive. Go professional with a FLIP color correction filter and a +15 MacroMate Mini at your fingertips. The flip design gives you one-finger access to both color filters -- or to one...
  10. cozmo

    Vandenberg Dive video

    Put together some older footage of a dive we did on the Vandenberg. Just finally had time to put it together. Please enjoy. Now that's done turn off the computer and get diving.
  11. D

    Closed GoPro 10 Black Kit for SeaLife SportDiver

    Hello, Looking to trade + cash either way depending on trade. My Hero 10 kit for a SeaLife SportDiver housing with or without light and accessories. I have a Hero 10 Black, 32GB Sandisk Extreme card, additional Enduro battery, The Handler grip, Protective Housing, Large Semi Hard Case in...
  12. Jafo19D

    GoPro Quik and Dive+ Question

    I have a GoPro10 and take videos without the red filter opting instead to correct the color with Dive+. Not the main question, but for this camera do you use a red filter ? The issue is that I download the video footage to my iPhone using Quik which in itself seems tedious because you first...
  13. m_BK

    Trip Report Oman (South)

    Welcome to some scuba dives on the south coast of Oman. I heard about the insider tip of the south some time ago. Now I had the opportunity to explore the waters around Mirbat close to Salalah. An untouched rich underwater world awaits you due to the emergence of nutrient-rich waters. At the...
  14. M

    For Sale Backscatter Flip5 Pro Gorpo Hero Filters

    Backscatter FLIP5 Pro Package for GoPro 5 - 8 (I believe it work for newer gopro housing, not 100% sure) Filter/lense SHALLOW filter DIVE filters +15 MACROMATE MINI Lens Asking price $130
  15. m_BK

    Scuba Diving at Marsa Shagra (Egypt)

    The bay and the diving camp of the same name are located in southern Egypt near Marsa Alam. The reef is in a super condition and offer all facets and creatures of the Red Sea. The camp is run under ecological conditions - the All inclusive diving package offers the possibility of unlimited...
  16. I

    Lost gopro

    Hi everyone, this is a long shot but.. I lost a black gopro hero 9 on monday 6/6 around 11am, right at the start of Paso del Cabral. It has a waterproof case on it with footage of our 9am dive including my mom with a huge turtle that I would love to get back. There’s other footage on it as well...
  17. R

    For Sale PRICE REDUCTION- GoPro Hero 7 Black with Self Tray & light plus tons of accessories

    GoPro Hero 7 Black with underwater housing, 3 snap on color filters, 2 batteries, tons of other accessories & attachments Also includes older Sea Life SL980 LED torch Light, flex arm and tray. All original manuals etc Used for the past few years. Takes great phot & video I am at the point, I...
  18. m_BK

    Maldives - Baa Atoll

    hello, some nice shots in the western / south area of the baa atoll :cool:


    Scuba diving guides toying with an underwater diver propulsion vehicle.Dive logistic and equipment provided by Fuvahmulah Dive in the Maldives.Additional und...
  20. aeraym

    For Sale FLIP FILTERS and close-up lens system for GoPro - $175 shipped

    Description: FLIP filter set and close-up lens system for GoPro. Includes all accessories and pouches. Condition: Like New. Used on < 5 dives. Includes: FLIP9 Pro Package with SHALLOW & DIVE Filters & +15 MacroMate Mini Lens for GoPro HERO 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (FLIP9 Pro Package with SHALLOW &...
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