1. Kev59

    Looking for Dive Buddy - Destin FL

    I will be in Destin FL sometime in the next week (Apr 6-12, 2024) - looking for a dive buddy. Interested in diving Destin bridge, open to other ideas.
  2. Kev59

    Dive Buddy - Destin FL

    I will be in Destin FL sometime in the next week (Apr 6-12, 2024) - looking for a dive buddy. Interested in diving Destin bridge, open to other ideas.
  3. C

    Need a buddy to dive Devil's Den on Saturday!

    I just moved to the area. I have been certified a couple years and have almost 15 dives completed. I'm trying to get into it more now that I am in Florida. I am going with a group of friends to Devil's Den on Saturday afternoon but none of them dive! Anyone want to come dive?
  4. hawaiian.hokie

    Question Diving with Manatee Suggestions

    Aloha all! I'm visiting Orlando next week for a conference, and while I'm in Florida, I wanted to try and snorkel with manatees and take some photos. Does anyone have any suggestions for tour companies for Crystal River? Specifically one that would be okay with me bringing my underwater camera...
  5. hawaiian.hokie

    Question Tell Me Where to Live in Florida

    I figured this might be a good place to put this question out there. I'm an Army Officer currently stationed in Hawaii, looking to leave the Army in late 2025. I love Hawaii and being able to dive every weekend, but it is way too expensive with not enough job prospects. Being the planner that...
  6. calebaudia

    Thoughts on Upcoming Trip (Recommendations, etc)

    Hello! Hope you all are doing well. I had spring break plans with some friends but they ended up falling through and I am on the hunt for the cheapest/easiest place for me to do a quick solo trip to get some dives in. Unfortunately, out-of-the-country travel is probably not going to work out...
  7. P

    Question Need help with improving my Itinerary - Miami/Destin Dive trip

    Hello Community, I'll be in Florida from the 23rd of December to 31st. I need some help with planning my itinierary. Looking forward to some feedback and suggestions to improve! Dec 23 - Dec 24: Wreck diving certification course with the South Florida Diving Headquarters. Dec 25 - Dec 26: Dive...
  8. H

    Best Place to do become a DiveMaster in the US - Hawaii or Florida??

    I'm considering doing a Divemaster this winter break somewhere in the US (US only, places I can go to without a passport). I'm currently a PADI Rescue Diver and would love to take it to the next level. What would people recommend? Mostly considering the Big Island in Hawaii and Florida. Any dive...
  9. cozmo

    Double domes video @ Devils system

    A little Video of Double domes and Roller Coaster.
  10. fred32176

    Hi from Ormond Beach

    Hi All, I am a diver in Ormond Beach FL.
  11. C

    Heading to Daytona Beach first of March

    I am heading to Daytona with my wife, and we are looking for dive locations and hopefully a dive center that will take us out in the ocean in kayaks. We have been diving a little over 25 times in varying conditions and have experience kayaking long distances. We are willing to drive if needed...
  12. Aimedfora100

    Looking for Future dive buddies

    I am looking for dive buddies near me, or around my area, for the weekends. I have been a certified open-water diver since June of this year. I have around 60 dives in my belt. I have been to spots as paradise springs, Alexander springs, ginnie springs, Buford sink, blue state park, Hudson...
  13. tarponchik

    Who is this little guy?

    Maybe 2 inch long, at Blue Heron Bridge this Friday evening. My guess is, a baby batfish?
  14. tpmc64

    Hello From Illinois to Florida

    Hello Everyone, I am originally from outside Chicago IL and currently moving to the warmer weather where we will be able to dive all the time! One of my favorite places to dive is in Bonaire doing some shore diving. I got certified in 2011 for open water through SDI and did some advanced...
  15. galodoido

    Question Panama City Beach Water Temperature - Late March / Early April

    Does anybody have a good estimate of what the water temperature would be like in PCB at both 100+ ft and shallower at ~20 ft around the end of March and beginning of April? Dives would probably be 04/01 through 04/03.
  16. R

    Hello from Florida

    hello from the Daytona beach area. Just got certified in ssi open water last week. Been browsing the forums for awhile but figured it was time to join up. Plan on doing a bunch of spring dives to get myself used to my new equipment before hitting the big blue ocean. any dive site recommendations...
  17. T

    Need Key West Parking Spot 3/5-6

    I'm heading down to Key West on March 5 (Saturday) and looking for a place to park my vehicle (SUV) for the night of the 5th and then leave it during the 6th while I do the Dry Tortugas ferry. I will be departing the evening of the 6th. I have a roof-top cargo box which prevents fitting in the...
  18. galodoido

    DIR- Generic DIR-friendly OW classes in Florida

    I have a friend who wants to get certified and asked me for some advice. So I am looking for recommendations of instructors who teach OW classes in a DIR configuration with proper buoyancy, trim, skills, etc. I did mention GUE Rec 1, but he didn't seem to be willing to do it because of the...
  19. DiveHeart

    Where can Adaptive Divers find the best beach wheelchair???

    The best beach wheelchair that we've found is at Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. Easy in and out at Cannon Beach for shore dives http://pennekamppark.com...
  20. Keith Blair

    Family Diving Costs

    Good day to all. I'm looking for feedback from people who dive with their significant others and children. When I got certified a while back I remember it was expensive to get into scuba with classes, gear and such but once you were 'in', the actual diving part wasn't too bad. We weren't...
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