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  1. G

    For Sale Suunto Zoop Novo

    Excellent condition Suunto Zoop Novo with original box. 7 dives total. Battery just replaced. Selling because I’m moving to a Vyper Novo I just purchased right here! $185 plus shipping.
  2. Legenderyi

    SUUNTO D4I deep sleep mode

    Is there anyway to put the SUUNTO D4i back into its factory deep sleep mode state? I vaguely remember there being a desktop application with this functionality but I can't seem to locate it anymore.
  3. datth

    For Sale ScubaPro Aladin dive computer

    ScubaPro Aladin Prime dive computer. Supports air diving and nitrox diving up to 50%. Dives just fine and the battery is still good. I last used it in Jan, 2021, I think. Plastic *replaceable* screen guard is a bit scratched up but the glass screen underneath is fine. You can buy a replacement...
  4. L

    SOLD!!! Delete

  5. N

    For Sale Shearwater Teric and Petrel 2

    Selling my dive computers as I no longer need them for the type of diving I will be doing. Petrel 2 - Was my primary computer. Is in very good condition, no issues. $550 New in Box Teric _ Has never been wet $950 All prices including shipping in the CONUS.
  6. onetrekkie@hotmail.co

    For Sale SOLD - PRICE REDUCTION - Original Eon Steel with POD pressure transmitter.

    This is the original EON Steel wrist dive computer. I’ve updated it to the latest firmware. It is in very good condition. The scuffs shown on computer screen are on the clear display protector, it has always had a screen protector on it so there are no scratches on the display itself. I replaced...
  7. M_Heyns

    For Sale Cochran Nemesis II Dive Computer

    For sale is a Cochran nemesis ii computer with manual, programmer, and transmitter. This is such a cool vintage dive computer for its time. I don’t have a specific sale price, offer what you think is fair. Shipping not included, but happy to ship anywhere in the world at your expense...
  8. R

    SOLD!!! Shearwater Perdix AI

    Pertix Ai new never used no transmitter, $800 obo
  9. Biotortuga86

    SOLD!!! ScubaPro G2 w/transmitter

    ScubaPro G2 wrist dive computer with transmitter. Only used for 10 dives on a trip to the Caribbean. MSRP $1250. Asking $900 OBO. Local pickup in Stuart, FL or will ship FedEx within US. https://ww2.scubapro.com/en-GB/HKG/instruments/computers/products/g2.aspx
  10. T

    For Sale Scubapro Galileo HUD w/ Transmitter $950

    $950.00 Used Scubapro Galileo HUD dive computer with transmitter. Used on approximately 12 lake dives and approximately 20 pool dives. Never used in salt water and comes complete with everything that comes from the factory. Computer is in excellent condition. Computer is located in Springfield...
  11. N


    Suunto EON Core Black dive computer with color screen and big numbers
  12. D

    Want to Buy found

  13. fxrguy

    Functional Vintage ScubaPro Regulators For Sale...

    Vintage ScubaPro Diving regulators with Sherwood instrument cluster. Includes a R109 primary regulator that has the upgraded R156 balanced adjustable kit, a R108 octopus regulator and a Mk 5 1st stage that has been upgraded to 3000 psi. All the regulators were last serviced about 5 years ago...
  14. DV-Bottom Time

    For Sale Oceanic VTX Diving computer with transmitter

    $450.00 This is the Oceanic VTX Wrist Scuba Diving Computer Complete with USB and Transmitter Features: Bluetooth ready for wireless transfer of dive profiles and dive computer settings. Compatible with soon-to-be-released PC, Mac and iOS applications Advanced features for today's...
  15. 5

    Want to Buy WTB Shearwater Peregrine

    I would like to buy someone's Peregrine. Let me know if you have one! Thanks!
  16. R

    For Sale $800 - Suunto Vyper Air Advanced Dive Computer with wireless air integration

    Used 3) times - excellent condition. Have Suunto wireless tank transmitter to go with the dive computer. Also have a red sausage alert with line holder and line. Please see attached photo. Cannot dive any longer.
  17. Oceans S2 Supersonic

    Oceans S2 Supersonic

  18. C

    Need AERIS Computer Interface software.

    I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the AERIS Computer Interface software or knows where to download it. I have an Aeris Epic Dive computer and have lost the software. Any help would be appreciate.
  19. MagicalCatboy

    Computer: Stick with used D6 or go entry level?

    I'm just getting back into diving, eventually I'll probably be an instructor (I teach other adventure sports), but right now it's all about being frugal and me and the GF are just looking into Advanced Open Water now. I picked up a secondhand D6 from a retired divemaster for $150. He said it...
  20. N

    The "Proper" way to store a Shearwater Teric?

    With COVID-19, my wife and I have been unable to get our normal 4 dive trips a year in and we have sparkling new terics that I bought early last year (hoping for the best for our Bonaire trip at the time.). I noticed that that teric never turns off and only goes into a standby mode with a...
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