computer case

  1. MaverickDiver94

    Scuba Gear protection

    I've posted a few question on here so far and I admit, most of the advise here has been very helpful. Figured I'd start a topic that may seem obvious or simple for most, but confusing for beginners like myself. Here are a few question that myself or I've heard students ask. Let me know your...
  2. Rbelde

    For Sale Sherwood Wisdom 2 Computer

    This computer is in excellent condition. Serviced regularly every year. Has not been used since it was last serviced. Approximately 200 dives on this computer without issue. Selling because I now need a computer with larger, more easily readable numbers. This computer also comes with a...
  3. M

    Detached and I can’t reassemble help please

    Okay so I accidentally pulled the computer piece out from the compass so I could remove it from the boot & I am unable to get it back in. There’s a small hole with a huge ring and I don’t know the trick to fitting it in, I’ve tried everything.
  4. txgoose

    Re-purposed EOTech now dive comp case

    Nothing too fancy but I bought this plastic box out of a surplus bin five or six years ago and I have been looking for a good use since then. I added a few vent holes and it is now a case for our computers. There is also a single hole in both the top and the bottom. Couldn't be happier. I...
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