1. S

    For Sale Hollis DG05 Dive O/C or CCR Trimix Computer

    Quality Equipment for the Tech Diver.... Trimix/CCR "DG05" is a technical dive computer for the growing technical diver. Whether you are advanced nitrox looking towards Trimix or an avid CCR diver, the "DG05" will provide you the platform to modify based on your diving needs. Benefit from the...
  2. Zac S

    Ccr Normoxic Class Review with Georgia Hausserman

    I recently returned from taking IANTD's CCR Normixic Trimix +. It was held in Key Largo and taught by Georgia Hausserman. We chartered thru Rainbow Reef. I have to say that I did a reef dive with 40 other divers on one of the bigger boats... thank goodness for tec. We chartered the smaller...
  3. Richard FDC

    The New KISS Sidewinder is a Pretty Cool Unit!

    I had a chance to demo a KISS Sidewinder with Edd Sorenson after the 2017 NSS-CDS Winter Workshop and was pretty impressed. It's very stable and easy to dive. Edd will be at the June NSS-CDS International Conference doing more demos but why wait? Give him a call. KISS Sidewinder Sidemount CCR...
  4. Rickta81

    Pathfinder #027 For Sale

    I am the second owner of this fantastic unit and due to circumstances reducing my ability to dive it is reluctantly up for sale. It has been well cared for by myself and the original owner. Comes with Apeks Tek 3 first stages which route the hoses really well, an ISC BOV, standard ISC front...
  5. davy j0nes

    Davy Jones Locker, the first rebreather friendly dive centre on Koh Tao

    Davy Jones Locker are pleased to announce the opening of our CCR center, Koh Taos' first CCR friendly dive centre. The new facilities include a fully equipped work station for your rebreather unit and 3 litre cylinders for rent A boosting facility with o2 and helium and sorb fills is...
  6. Capt Jim Wyatt

    Big Ole Goliath Grouper

    I saw this big Goliath Grouper in the crews mess on the Spiegel Grove -- Lucky for me I was on a CCR so no bubbles & he was not spooked.
  7. Capt Jim Wyatt

    USS Spiegel Grove Forward Machinery Space

    I shot this video inside the Spiegel Groves' forward machinery space. This space is four decks down from the main deck in about 140 fsw. Divers on single Aluminum 80's have died in this space. This is a technical dive..divers must be trained as advanced wreck divers to do this dive safely.
  8. STR Alorman

    FS: Sentinel Travel frame, full optocon, C02 Monitor

    Hi Rebreather folks; I'm unfortunately selling my Sentinel due to a change in careers and location that no longer support having a unit such as this. It's a shame, it's a great unit. About the Unit; Completely updated Sentinel Expedition Travel Optocon #43. This unit was owned by a former VR...
  9. davy j0nes

    Davy Jones Locker Diving Expedition Song Hong Cave System Thailand

    After the successful trip a few months ago ‪#‎DavyJonesLocker‬ is planning another ‪#‎CaveDiving‬ expedition to ‪#‎SongHong‬ cave system with ‪#‎ANDI‬ Instructor ‪#‎BruceKonefe‬ and ‪#‎DJL‬ owner Tim Lawrence. Expedition dates will be during June or July. For more details or booking enquiries...
  10. Michel Hendrix

    Diverite O2ptima Rebreather For Sale

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my O2ptima. I've purchased it last year October. The unit is as new and has about 30hours on it. The unit will come with new O2 sensors. It has the new cover. You can choose to use cartridges or packing the scrubber yourself. The unit is currently being shipped from...
  11. renegade17

    O2ptima Ccr For Sale

    Specifications: -Rev C+ Hammerhead Handsets with OLED upgrades on primary and secondary -Rev C+ DIVA - Vibrating heads up display (brand new) with holder -EZ Solenoid inline shutoff valve -Stainless Steel stand with built-in outriggers -RG1208 regulators with 5th port -Newly serviced 2011 low...
  12. davy j0nes

    IANTD Normoxic Trimix and Advanced recreational Trimix O/C & CCR courses

    Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao will be running a series of IANTD courses over 2 weeks in May with Rasmus Dysted conducting the training, the courses will be at user & instructor level and can be done on open circuit or using closed circuit rebreathers. We will be looking to recruit a number of...
  13. davy j0nes

    We need more Tec Divers and Instructors!

    Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao, is looking to train and recruit a number of Tec Instructors and will be running a series of IANTD o/c and ccr courses in May with Rasmus Dysted conducting the training. If any Tec divers out there would like to expand their skills and take this opportunity to become...
  14. clownfishsydney

    Egyptian diver Wael Omar prepares for deepest dive of 400 metres

    Another person attempting a deep dive record, Egyptian diver Wael Omar prepares for deepest dive of 400 meters. Why?
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