1. sprockjohnson

    Titan CCR solenoid replacement/ substitute

    My buddy bought a used Titan CCR about 6 months ago and the solenoid appears to have failed completely. He's not mechanically minded so I am attempting to assist him in getting the unit back to working condition, which it had been in until the solenoid stopped functioning and the Predator...
  2. LFMarm

    Megalodon teeth rebreather charters

    Hi there, are there any Meg Ledge charters that organize trips for CC divers? From what I understand, these are typically 30m/100ft dives that would benefit greatly from a rebreather to increase bottom time and decrease deco time. After some time spent on Google, I have not been able to find any...
  3. C

    For Sale APD Evolution with Vision 2020

    APD Evolution with Vison 2020, Back mounted counter lungs, and full Trimix software, BOV, and off board QD. Over the shoulder counter lungs and harness included along with an extra small and large wings. 2 sets of 2L bottles, 1 HP and 1LP. See photos attached for everything included. Located...
  4. MattK911

    FATHOM Dive Systems Q&A

    Hi everyone, I wanted to open up this forum to act as a Q&A for Charlie Roberson and I (Matt Key) for questions involving our rebreathers. We want to make ourselves available within the ScubaBoard Community, and answering any questions you may have involving our design, philosophy, or anything...
  5. PEDiver

    Closed Dive Rite O2ptima CM (Choptima)

    Dive Rite O2ptima CM (Choptima) for sale. Asking $6,000. Unit is in great shape and is ready to dive. Well taken care of and primarily dived in fresh water. Sale will include the following: Shearwater NERD2 HUD 2 x 13 cuft. O2 bottles MAV and ADV (currently using the MAV) 2 unopened EAC In...
  6. N

    Question Mount bailout tank with OTS lungs

    Hi, I need some tips on how to mount bailout tanks when diving over the soulder counterlungs. If using a normal D-ring on the harness, the counterlungs will cover the D-ring and it will be impossible to access the D-ring. Especially when diving in cold waters with drysuit and dry gloves. Now...
  7. LFMarm

    Pre-breathing procedure

    Hi all, I am trying to understand in detail the sequence of pre-breathing actions and their reason. Acknowledging that pre-breathing has been proven ineffective for hypercapnia prevention (article from @Dr Simon Mitchell in 2015; also discussed at length here Does Pre-breathing Your Rebreather...
  8. LFMarm

    Loop wraps — functional or fashion?

    I see many CCR divers wrapping their loops with cordura covers. Are these just for the looks or do they have a functional reason?
  9. LFMarm

    Question Dive time management - multi-level vs. square profile

    Hi all, Would love to hear feedback on the approach I am envisioning for managing real life multi-level long deco dives on CCR. Below is my approach and a couple of simulated examples to show how it would work in the water. Configuration is CCR with on-board oxygen; 2 AL80 tanks for diluent and...
  10. flymolo

    Closed Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT for sale

    Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT for sale. Some minor scuffs on bezel and screen protector from normal use. Screen is unscratched/undamaged. Purchased on July 30, 2020, serviced in April 2022 by Divetronix (the depth sensor was changed at no cost to me). Has 15 hours on it post service. Will include...
  11. LFMarm

    Underwater off-gassing equivalent to a surface interval on air

    As I study to get ready for the CCR class, I discovered something that may be obvious to many but was definitely not to me. “Surface intervals are not always the most efficient way to off-gas nitrogen after a dive”. Depending on the blend, there is an optimal depth at which the off-gassing is...
  12. boriss

    South Florida: which CCR do you dive?

    Very curious which rebreathers divers in south Florida are using. I'm sure northern Florida is dominated by cavers, but what about here in the south? Would love to hear not just the make/model, but also the type of diving you use it for, why you initially chose it, what features you like/don't...
  13. boriss

    South Florida Rebreather (CCR) Groups/Buddies/Dive trips?

    As the title states, I'm interested in learning about local community/group for CCR divers. I'm very interested in converting, but need to find buddies, information, etc. I mostly dive out of Pompano. I'm not even sure where to start. I'd like to know what units others dive in the area. I see...
  14. mr_v

    Manually voting out bad cells with Shearwater

    TL;DR: Shearwater should allow us to manually vote cells; why not? Howdy folks, If we track mV or if Shearwater does it for us, should we not be able to to identify bad cells and vote them out? There are at least several ways of accomplishing that. First, there is a pure manual way. You...
  15. veryfastfourier

    Info Megalodon CCR MOD1 course on Oahu (2022)

    I am organizing a CCR MOD1 (air diluent) course on the Megalodon CCR to be hosted in Honolulu this fall (I will be one of the students). I have reached out to two very reputable and well-known Meg instructor trainers who are both available to come out and teach the course, tentatively in...
  16. veryfastfourier

    Question Any experience with CCR training on Oahu?

    Does anyone have any experience with the CCR training at Honolulu Scuba Company (HSC) here on Oahu? Particularly on a Se7en? I’ve decided to (finally) make the jump from OC to CC after thinking about it for (many) years, both for my weekly normal dives and for the deeper stuff where I normally...
  17. elubes

    For Sale JJ-CCR OEM STOCK WING ($215 shipped)

    Stock JJ-CCR Wing. Got it in 2017. Used only for about a year and a half and in good functional condition. Don't need this anymore. Never had a problem with it, but obviously please test in safe waters first. See pictures for condition. Includes Deep Sea Supply OPV. $215 includes shipping in a...
  18. H

    Fischer Connector Part Number

    Hey there, does anyone know the part number of the Fischer male connector that plugs into the Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT? I am looking to make up a cable for a DIY project. Cheers, Pete
  19. P

    Garmin MK2i for Rebreather Diving a KISS

    I absolutely love my Garmin MK2i computer and use it daily for surface activities and love it for my open circuit diving. I have absolutely zero rebreather experience but I am interested in a rebreather sometime soon and have been leaning towards the KISS Spirit mCCR. I am the kind of guy who...
  20. evandroairton

    Brazilian Northeast wreck diving video

    Hi there This is a vídeo from a ccr group trip tô Recife shipwrecks on the last days of january I Will post two more videos on the incoming days so you can get know about it This was recorded at the Bellatrix and Phoenix artificial wrecks, they are about 50 metres apart connected by a cable...
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