1. J

    FXCCR how's the unit

    updates? FXCCR vs the cmoptima? hows the build quality? anyone did a trial?
  2. PEDiver

    Question How do you have your BOV offboarded?

    I'm looking to offboard my BOV to my sidemount bailout bottle vs. to the DIL bottle as is configured traditionally. I'm using the GG BOV and have the following hoses/fittings but I believe I'm missing certain adaptors/fittings. See the photo below of everything I have so far. 1x 40" LP hose...
  3. mattvish

    Question DSV recommendations and experiences?

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my old Hollis BOV with a DSV. The KISS DSV is nice, but with shipping from the US to Asia or Europe is a bit pricey for what it is. I'm considering the Golem DSV, but it seems a bit heavy/clunky. The DiveSoft DSV looks a bit nicer. Would appreciate opinions and/or...
  4. JohnSr

    New Poseidon Se7en+ Tec with DUAL SSO2 Sensors

    Never dove Poseidon Se7en+ TEC CCR package. I am a Poseidon CCR instructor and service technician. I built this unit for my son, but he moved away before I could certify him on the unit. The Se7en+ CCR and all the other components are new, never dove, except the M28. I used it as a backup unit...
  5. PEDiver

    For Sale Faber LP50s with bands

    A set of two Faber LP50s with bands to double them up. No valves. Just got back from hydro. A little cosmetic rust on the outside where the bands were previously. Overall tanks are in great shape. I purchased these to use with my Choptima but I have since sold the Choptima and these tanks no...
  6. J

    Need help for decision Xccr vs liberty or BMoptima

    so basically I narrow down my decision to these 3 unit. I’m looking for review, issue , comments anything for those unit! I’m in Canada, dunno if this helps or no! I’m not travelling often with the unit. Which one will you go for?!?
  7. J

    The big question about ccr… which one

    So my buddy and I are interested into CCR. Our local instructors can teach, the liberty optima jjccr or the Xccr. we spoke to both the instructor and none can tell which one is the better… so which one do you like? What make you decide that unit? We’re mostly gonna use it for wreck diving and...
  8. inquis

    Review Third Dimension Diving (MOD1)

    I recently went to Tulum and met up with Third Dimension Diving for a MOD1-level certification on a backmount Fathom unit. There aren't many reviews of 3D here on Scubaboard, so I wanted to offer my thoughts on the experience. First of all, the travel: the hardest part of getting there was the...
  9. mr_v

    rEvo butt plate - $100

    $100 shipped CONUS. Good working condition. Gently used in fresh water for ~15 hours.
  10. dgordondp

    CCR Divers near Columbia, Tennessee?

    Hey all! Are there any CCR divers who would be available for a half day project on the morning of Sept. 26th? I'm part of a sci-fi film project that's looking for divers in Columbia, Tennessee. If you're available and this piques your interest, DM me and I can connect you to our producing team...
  11. LFMarm

    Diving a wired computer disconnected from the head

    Hi everyone, Is anyone aware of water-tight caps that can be screwed to the wired 4-pin or 5-pin connection to be able to dive in OC with a wired computer? The cap I am looking for would replace the connector highlighted in the picture and allow to dive the computer in OC without having salt...
  12. PEDiver

    Sidemount Bailout Config?

    Didn't see a thread on this so thought I would ask. If you're diving a BM unit and are sidemounting bailout, how do you have that configured? Are you running loop bungees from the backplate and using a butt plate or metal stand to clip off the SM tanks? I've seen some premade options from...
  13. LFMarm

    Closed Petrel 3 controller for Dive Rite Optima

    I am looking for a Petrel 3 controller for Dive Rite Optima (it can be from either a back mount or a chest mount unit given that the head is the same). Let me know if you have a good unit you are looking to get rid of.
  14. LFMarm

    Best global locations for rebreather diving

    Hi all, Here on Scubaboard there are lots of great reports of locations for OC diving and I would love to start one for CC diving. I would consider these requirements for a location to be suitable for this list: 1. You can get O2 fills 2. You can buy sorb 3. Local laws allow for rebreather...
  15. L

    Question Triton CCR DSV & hoses

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could share some of their knowledge on this. I was wondering if the Triton chest mount can have it's dsv and hoses easily replaced with a different brand, and if anyone has done this or knows the diameter of the fittings on the loop hoses. Looking at some of the...
  16. cklaus

    Sold! KISS Classic PRICE DROP

    For Sale: KISS Classic #287 This KISS Classic is completely cleaned and is in excellent working order. It comes with many extras and is ready to dive*. Included: The Unit (head, sorb canister, counter lung case, loop hoses, etc) Petrel 3 - 4 Pin (about 25 hours of use) HUD (Uninstalled...
  17. serpentara

    Sold! Hydraulics International Oxygen Booster Model 3G-SS-20-O For Sale

    Up for sale is a Hydraulics International Oxygen Booster model 3G-SS-20-O. This is a great little booster that is perfect for filling rebreather bottles or with enough time, 40 or 80 ft.³ bail out bottles. It can be driven with a home air compressor at 150 psi. 150 Psi drive gas will allow...
  18. zach613

    Sold! Hollis Prism 2 with BMCL

    Selling a Hollis Prism2 rebreather. Unit purchased in 2019 from an owner of a shop where it had been used as a try diving unit with only 8 hours on it from ~2016. I upgraded the head in 2021 with a Petrel 2 controller and new HUD. Since then I have only dove it twice. I added an extra 5-pin...
  19. sprockjohnson

    Titan CCR solenoid replacement/ substitute

    My buddy bought a used Titan CCR about 6 months ago and the solenoid appears to have failed completely. He's not mechanically minded so I am attempting to assist him in getting the unit back to working condition, which it had been in until the solenoid stopped functioning and the Predator...
  20. LFMarm

    Megalodon teeth rebreather charters

    Hi there, are there any Meg Ledge charters that organize trips for CC divers? From what I understand, these are typically 30m/100ft dives that would benefit greatly from a rebreather to increase bottom time and decrease deco time. After some time spent on Google, I have not been able to find any...
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