What's in your Save-a-dive kit?

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I did a search and did not see a thread on this yet... If I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

Newer diver here. I like to be prepared for anything and would like to build a save a dive kit. What do you keep in yours? Any specific recommendations for brands or what not? I dive mostly with experienced and prepared divers but don't want to always rely on them to have whatever is needed. If you were to build a basic kit to cover the most common issues with a budget of around $150 to start, what would yours include? I know there are plenty of lists online-I am just asking for personal experience of the most critical pieces to get a start on it.

Things I have come up with:

O ring/gasket set
Din/yoke converter
Tool Kit
Straps (mask, fins)
Drysuit gaskets

Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!
A picture is worth a thousand words so here is 4000 worth
A few things come to mind.

BC inflator service tool,
Spare double-ender,
Spare batteries for computer, AI transmitter, Lights, etc...
Zip ties
IP Gauge
Shock cord
Spare reg mouthpiece,
Spare STA Bolts and Wing Nuts
My kit gets changed around a lot but a few of the items that are always there and get used a lot are...

Scuba multitool
Adjustable wrench
Extra bungee
Zip ties
Bolt snaps/double enders
O ring kit
Cave line
Rubber bands

You can have sooo much stuff added to that, but you can also fix 99% of on sight problems with what i just listed.
All the o rings in the world
Backup memory cards/batteries
3 x masks (2 spares)
Gorilla tape
I prefer to skip a dive than to carry things that will be useless in like 99% of the dives. This sort of kits might make sense for instructors or diving center owners, who need to fix the problems of hoards of barbaric OW divers who almost never check their gear the day before or even when it’s already assembled before the dive. For me it’s not worth it

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