Things not to do after scuba diving?

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After scuba diving, to stay well hydrated, have a good meal, and get a good rest will help to revive again. While, there are also a few activities not suggested to do straight after scuba diving.

*Flying on a plane
the pressure in a plane is comparable to a fast ascension while diving. This increases the chance of decompression sickness. As a general rule, it is recommended to wait 24 hours before flying after diving. And it also adds extra time as a safeguard for peace of mind.

*Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing should be avoided in the first 24 hours after a dive. It’s due to the change in altitude when ascending a mountain. Changes in altitude can cause decompression sickness. It’s probably best to plan the climbing a few days after the diving, so the body has the chance to rest, recover.

*Heavy drinking
Alcohol may affect the way that our body eliminates the excess nitrogen. Dehydration is one of the main causes in decompression sickness, and drinking alcohol is one of the most efficient ways to dehydrate. Besides, heave intoxication can mask the true symptoms of decompression sickness, and adequate medical care may be sought too late.

*Deep tissue massage
During a massage, the blood flow in the body increases. When nitrogen is getting out, your body needs to work at its natural pace. Getting a massage will interrupt the process, and the results can be harmful. Stay away from a deep tissue massage, or it causes soreness in the body.

Apart from these above, are there any other Don’ts we should know about after scuba diving? Just feel free to share more.


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