Suunto Tank pod not working after replacing the battery

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Saudi Arabia
When I replaced my sunnto tank pod battery, the transmitter didn’t work. I have checked the
battery voltage and the reading was 3.67 v (brand new battery) I had set of 3 battery, I have tried
all of them and still the transmitter is not working. So I thought the transmitter was
malfunctioned . Then I connect the transmitter to DC power supply and it work. So, I knew the
problem was with the battery. So, I did some research and found that, the best way to confirm
and test a battery when it’s under load. The usual rule is to connect the battery to a resistor that
will put a load on battery suitable to discharge in 10-20 hours. My battery type is LS 14250 3.6v ,
the Capacity 1200 mAh. So, you need 73 ohm resistor to discharge the battery in 24 hours. If the
battery is okay it should read more than 3 volt (using ohm's law). When I test the battery under load, the reading
was 2.2 volt (dead battery).
Then I bought a new battery and replace it, now the transmitter is working fine.
The lesson learned is, Not all new battery are good.
If you want to make sure 100% that your battery is okay test it under load.
As per the manufacturer recommendation (suunto pod tank transmitter) once you open the
transmitter cover, you have to replace it with new (cover and o’ring), that’s why you have to
test your battery before boxing up.

Then I bought cheap battery tester, adjustable resistor and banana plug jack socket from
AliExpress, it cost me around 7$
With some modification and soldering, I made a battery tester with adjustable resistor built in.

Below are some battery test details for your reference :



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This is magnificent dude, and people should also make sure they don't do a watson on themselves
This is magnificent dude, and people should also make sure they don't do a watson on themselves
What is a Watson?
Wouldn't it be advisable to buy reputable brands?
Are you referring to:
-The transmitter
-The battery
-The battery checker
-Something else
-All the above

Inquiring minds want to know.

Are you referring to:
-The transmitter
-The battery
-The battery checker
-Something else
-All the above

Inquiring minds want to know.

Just the battery.
Wouldn't it be advisable to buy reputable brands?
Always! But there aren't heaps of manufacturers making 14250 cells, they are really uncommon. Energizer or Duracell definitely aren't making them.

Side note, I've gotten bad Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA's fresh out of the packaging, when those are supposed to be the very best (at like $3 per battery).
  • in the transcript Gabe's statements appear to be verbose ramblings which at times made no sense at all. However, watching the video they do not appear to be ramblings and appear quite well enunciated thoughts.
  • some of the things Gabe said were not clarified or questioned
  • no questioning about how the computer could beep if the battery was in back to front
  • no understanding that Gabe was referring to the transmitter (when it is extremely clear that this is what he meant)
  • no clarifying if it was the computer or the transmitter that had the battery in back to front - this is now very important as it is clear to me that this is what Gabe meant
  • many of the questions were by DSC Kevin Gehringer and appear to me to show a total lack of understanding of scuba diving
  • there are so many errors in the transcript and sections where UI (presumably standing for Unintelligible) has been placed by the person who has typed the transcript from the tape recording. The UI bits have not been corrected when a simple reading by an experienced diver can correct or fill in some things - I certainly picked up what was really said in a couple of places without even listening to the tape
  • one bad error is at 19:20:00 in the interview Gabe actually says "we were just going to descend to a certain depth" but the transcript says "we were just going to the centre of certain death" - a huge difference in meaning
  • there are other errors, for example, using the term Natrox instead of Nitrox [higher percentage of oxygen in tank]
  • the above three points are important as Police investigators would have only ever referred to the transcript


I bought a Saft battery, two of them, that were DOA

137 IMG_7581a (1).JPG

Which is the forgery

138 IMG_7586a (1).JPG


Yeah I recently replaced a perdix battery with one of these maybe five or four years sitting around

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA's

Let me go have a look.............


Does this mean something, is it good

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