Recommendations for lodging and dive shop

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Have you looked at lions dive? Sounds like it checks many of your boxes.
Has nothing to do with needing crutches, you're insulting people who simply have different preferences than you. A resort where I can stroll to the boat or jump off the dock is way more relaxing to me than dragging my crap all over the island, and well worth it to me. If that's not what you prefer, it's great you have that choice there, and I won't insult you for making it.

And, I tried to answer the OPs actual question, not tell them what they want is lame. We generally avoid AI or resort dining most of the time, preferring to explore places and check out the local restaurant scene - but I wouldn't tell someone they're wrong if they like something different.
Maybe you’re right just thought they may want to know there are other ways to go.
sunscape maybe?
Check out the Scubalodge, I have stayed there 3 times and had an excellent experience all 3 times. Walking distance to downtown and some of the rooms are actually multi-room and and have kitchens. Strictly shore diving when we were there, we rented a car each time so we were able to hit quite few sites on each trip. Really liked the island, diving and accommodations. Was nice being able to walk to main downtown area at night.
We spent 30 days at Sunscape in 2021, alternating dive days between Ocean Encounters for boat dives and The Dive Bus for shore dives. From our experience diving and snorkeling, I found the shore entries/exits to be very easy, from gently sloping sandy beaches. Most of the shore dive locations are from sheltered coves, so wind and choppy water was not a problem. Curacao has some brisk winds with resulting choppy seas which made for some sporty boat rides and boat re-entries. We found the AI option to be good for us, cutting out the need to chase after a meal, and allowing a great schedule for diving/snorkeling in the AM, PM, or both.
Maybe you’re right just thought they may want to know there are other ways to go.
Some of us who prefer boat diving know there are other ways, we have sometimes even vacationed ‘your‘ way. Citing ‘crutches’ was intentionally insulting. Own it.

We just did a week at Sunscape, diving with Ocean Encounters. Boat dives were good, we generally dove our tank, several boats, so none had a terrible ‘cattle boat’ feel.
we did a shore dive or two every boat dive day as extra tanks are included with the boat dives. It was explained to us that if we had a rental car, we could take the tanks offsite.
Food was good, our trip in Feb was to Cuba so anything beyond beans and cabbage was almost gourmet. :-(
Gryffin- We have stayed at Cayman Brac Beach Resort with Reef Divers and were planning for Little Cayman with them before covid struck- ending up going to LC in late 2022 but stayed elsewhere. I understand your question and can relate as I am a non-diver and husband is the diver. CBBR worked well for us because while he was diving every morning we were still able to have breakfast and lunch together every day, I could enjoy the pool I had to myself (literally) every morning, read, relax and enjoy a quiet break from work. He could also dive some afternoons if he chose. The food was very good and the service at both the resort and dive op was very good as well. The only downside was that he would have preferred smaller groups on the boats and the island was not super interesting for exploring but i felt prefectly safe doing so.
Like you, I am trying to choose a place in Curacao - 2024- that ticks the boxes of a quality on site dive op for boat diving (he prefers) and a valet element as we are not spring chickens. The non diver wants a view, food on site if needed when I am alone, a bar, a pool, a beach with clean, swimmable water for floating and swimming. Being able to walk around in the area and find interesting shops or local sites is a big plus.
And for those who are suggesting rental homes, condos, etc., I should also clarify that on non-dive trips we always choose the privacy and space of a rental house and we have travelled quite a bit to many, many places over the years before diving became a focus for him again in middle age. For diving, he wants a dive op on site where we are staying. Our preference and to each his own
That said, OP, I am leaning towards Lions Dive because I think the rooms look fine, pools, small beach, boat diving every morning, breakfast on site and I think I can walk close by to shops, the aquarium , etc. on my own and take a shuttle to town to see some of the area then we can rent a car for a day or two to sightsee on our own.
The one negative I keep hearing though is late night loud music- a negative for us.
I would love to know where you choose- please post or send me a private message as I think we have on the same wave length.
Thanks to all of the posters for interesting and helpful perspectives.
I am not attempting to hijack the OP's thread but adding that I understand what she is seeking and seek the same thing.
We have been to Curacao 4 times . 3 Times at Coral Estates and rented a house (3 couples) but they also have condos to rent, 3 restaurants, spa, pool etc. Dive shop is all shore dives there.
Hello, we are headed to Curaçao at the end of the month (9/25-10/3). It will be our first time to the island. We’re staying at Coral Estates and only planning on shore diving. Have rented a vehicle and thinking unlimited diving package from Coral Divers makes the most sense. Any tips/insights about Coral Estates and Coral Divers?
Would suggest you dive the house reef before committing to packages. As you’re standing one flight of stairs above the dive shop… look at the peninsula that you can walk on and look in the water to the right. You will see two concrete rocks. From that there is a large rope out across the sand and down the coral slope to the next level of sand at about 120 feet. Follow it and note what two surface buoys it goes under. Next time you’re on the surface you will understand how that rope is laid. It leads you to the right. As you swim over the sand and down the coral watch the soft coral for the direction of the current if there is one. It can change between dives.
. Any tips/insights about Coral Estates and Coral Divers?

Awesome two dive sites that are different there. You can go straight out and then right or left. Night dives there are very beautiful.

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