Perdix AI vs. OSTC 4

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I'm trying to decide which computer to buy, so if anyone have opinions and experience especially on OSTC 4, please share.
Currently my diving is recreational sidemount, but plan is to start to go towards some technical stuff maybe next fall.
I know that I don't need all the features that Perdix AI or OSTC 4 has, but then again don't want to buy new computer when ever I get more experience and more training.
Perdix is kind of standard for quite many people. For some reason OSTC 4 still seems very interesting. OSTC has very good layout on the big screen, wireless charging but still you can change the battery, probably all the Perdix features excluding the AI. I live in Europe so OSTC service is probably easier than Shearwater, if I would ever need any.
Many people like Heinrichs Weikamp products, those have been available for quite some time, but still it's quite hard to find good reviews. Is there a reason for these products not to be more popular?
So tell me if there are specific reasons not to buy OSTC 4? AI is nice feature, but do I really need it?



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Hi. I have OSTC Sport, and I chose it due to battery life, and legibility (I think they have the most readable screen).

I'm a beginner technical sidemounter, and here is my thought process.
there will be some time till I get to trimix, so I bought the Nitrox only version.
And when I come to trimix, the no of times I will dive is minimal, and those times, you'd probably dive using a dive plan instead of a computer, since you will dive with multiple dive buddues and you all need to follow the same plan.

So you'll probably only use the gauge mode for that.

AI is nice, but I kinda don't have a problem with checking gauges from time to time. :D

For me, OSTC is a no brainer. Love mine.


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I dive an OSTC 2C together with a Shearwater Perdix -I love both if them, primary benefit with the shearwater is Bluetooth-divelog.

I would have 0 concerns going with an OSTC if that's what you want - the OSTC screen is far better out if water, similar in water.


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I own a Perdix AI and some of my diving friends have Perdix AI and OSTCs.
Everyone seems satisfied with both of them and there are really few complaints.
Screen clarity seems to be for the OSTC when on surface but really no difference when underwater.

For the AI option, you're the only one to know if it's a nice/useful option.
I was not interested in the AI version at first and I found a really good deal about one with the sensor included.
Even if it's not a "must have" for me, it's really useful to have almost everything on your screen and practical when you have to share informations with your dive mates.

With the "new" swift tank pressure sensor and the last update, the ability to follow pressure on up to 4 tanks is useful for divers with rebreathers and/or lot of run gases/bailouts.

In the last update, shearwater added a Sidemount mode (but I don't know if it's really useful or if it makes any difference with the OSTC4)


If it helps. :)

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