Question OTS Guardian "Riding Up"

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York, PA
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100 - 199
Master Scuba Diver with FFM certification. Only a few OW dives in with the Guardian. Love the concept, overall.

Question: Relaxed, in my living room, I spent over an hour adjusting the nosepiece in order to get a good position for underwater clearing and nose-breathing. On the dive boat, I donned the FFM with what I believed to be proper tightening of straps (first chin, then cheeks, then top of head). Entered water and began descent... and immediately found mask was "riding up" my face, pushing the block up, making it impossible to breathe through my nose. The mask never leaked, and I could breathe just fine from my mouth. But there was no way to breathe through my nose since the rubber block was pushed up against it. Not only was it uncomfortable and didn't provide the experience I was hoping for, I am sure I was breathing more air since I was breathing through my mouth.

Before tomorrow's scheduled dives, I have watched several more videos about donning the Guardian properly. Again, I am SURE the nose block is positioned properly, with an adequate gap from my nose, while still giving me the ability to block my nose to clear when I want.

Is there anything else I can do? If I change out to a wider gap in the nose block, I'm afraid I won't be able to clear. And the mask riding up was so severe that no amount of nose block adjustment make any difference. It really has to be the way the mask itself is sitting on my face/head.

Is there any VERY clear video about positioning the mask/straps? Anything else?


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I don’t breathe through my nose when using my FFM, my nose block rests against my nose, while I get get some air passing for a shallow inhalation, it’s not like mouth breathing.

I can’t really instruct you how to prevent it from
Riding up, you’ll have to figure what works best for you.
However, when tighing the straps, make sure you pull back, not up or down or out, because they can break.

Silty Sam

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Great State O'Maine
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500 - 999
I had this same issue for a while. I think my solution was the order of the strap tightening. First the chin straps, then the forehead straps, then a light tug on the top strap. I got my info from OTS material, maybe one of their videos. It's been a few years since I had to deal with it.

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