For Sale My latest ridiculous list of used equipment !! Canadian $$

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Charlene Barker

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1000 - 2499
This is in Canadian Dollars !!
Recreational and technical equipment. Tons and tons of gear. If it is listed in the written description, then I still have it. Can't find something that you are looking for ? Send me a message. I probably have it !

Lots of hoses of different lengths $20-$30
Used mares first and second stage $100
Scuba Pro yoke MK2 first stage hardly used $100

Aqua Lung Large Wave BCD $150
Agir Wing $200

Tech gear:
2 bookends $5 for both
No name harness pocket $10
Agir ALM light STA with light tank straps $50
Light Monkey 5-12 backmount canister LED light. Needs a new battery $200
Halcyon replacement weigh pouches pair $40
Right side Halcyon weight system $50
2 X SS sliders $1 both
Swivel $20
75 foot reel $30
4 brass double enders $5 each
3 rubber reg din caps $1 each
3 Apeks DIN caps $5 each
2 Apeks new comfy mouthpieces $20 each
2 DIN tank caps $3 each
2 sets of DIN conversion kits ( one apeks and one mystery) $50 each
Butt plate $50
Small Dive rite cam strap $20
Apeks second service kits $40 each
bunch of medical condoms ( I have to count, more than 20)
8 inch bands $75
3 90 degree $25 each

Recreational Gear:
3 BCD hangers $15 each
2 new neoprene straps $8 each
1 Trident strobes $30
Spring straps for posts 14 inches long $25
1 wrist slates $15 each
2 nitrox tags $5 each
Phone cord clips $10
SMB $10
Folding cut in a sheath $15
Reef stick $20
Trim weights no name pair $30
1 lanyards $1
Flashing light on velcro $5
Dry bag free with a purchase
Akona mesh backpack $20
2 DUI drysuit bags $10 each
2 X weight belts $5 each
Fin grips $2
Inflator and corrugated hose $25
retractor $10
2 BCD lego hangers $20 each
Ankle weights $25
PCA light ( no bulb ) $5
Saekodive retractor $10
Tusa fin strap system pair $20
Tank banger $5
mesh bag $1
BC dive book $20
retractor $10
Zeagle tank strap weight pouches $20 a pair
Zeagle pony system $30 for a pair of straps
2 Shears in a sheath $5 each
O2 mask $10
mask bag $4

Snorkel Gear:
5 silicone masks $20 each
2 semidry snorkels $5 each
6 sets of strapped and full foot fins

Other stuff:
3mm hood XL $15
4 complete Mares ABS buckles and strap $10 per assembly
Lots of drysuit hoods $20 each
4- 50 alm yoke tanks $125 each
A few Drysuits $50-$400
Rock boots $25-$50
Gloves $20
Weight belt $5
Mesh bag $1
Bare elastek hood $20
Bare drysuit backpack bag $20
Back Scatter 55mm go pro lens $50
Ikelite diffusers $15 each
Wide Angle lens W-20 $150
Ikelite front lens $20
Zoom gear $70
tank knob $5
yoke tank cap $1
Small DUI undies $200
A few used wetsuits
Gear bags of all sizes $5-$50
Spare parts kit $20

Can't find what you are looking for ? Send me an email !!! I still might have it !!
scuba 1.jpg
scuba 2.jpg
scuba 3.jpg
scuba 4.jpg
Lots of Drysuits?
Yes. I am tired now but I will post them under exposure suits tomorrow. They are all silly cheap BUT they need love. I will have each one listed with issues. Most will be $100-$200 CAN plus shipping.
Magnehelic and size of medical condoms?
The mag is a pending sale. I will give him until the end of the day tomorrow to pay for it. I would assume that the condoms will depend on that. I will peek in a few minutes at the size and number
Travel gear bags?
Yes. Canadian $$ Here are some pictures. Sorry there are a few regular pieces of luggage in these pics too. I did this post for FB but I don't want to retake the pics ;P
Hee Hee
I have a ton of used Luggage, mesh duffel bags, mesh back packs and more !
Prices listed.
Picture 1
Akona Roller bag 12 X 17 X 30 inches $50
Conoco Philips hard bottom compartment 30 X 17 X 15 inches
$40 Bare roller duffel missing one wheel 29 X 15 X 16 $15
Small Hard Green Case Holiday Luggage 15 X 12 X 6 inches
$25 Akona Carry on Bag 22 X 15 X 10 $60
2 Piece blue Travel Lite set 23 X 14 X 7 and 11 X 15 X6 inches $20 for both

Picture 2
Aqua Lung mesh duffel bag $25
Oceanic Blue mesh duffel Bag $25
Yellow and white duffel bag $20
Bare mesh backpack 27 X 15 X 15 inches $15
Pink large mesh bags $10 each
Bare mesh backpack 27 X 15 X 15 inches
$15 Akona Thick mesh backpack 30 X 15 X 15 inches $30
another Akona mesh backpack 30 X 15 X 15 inches $25
Akona light mesh backpack 29 X 14 X 14 $15
Black large mesh bag $5
Blue mesh bag with shoulder strap $5

Picture 3
Blue and Pink Nike 23 X 11 X 10 inches $10
2 Cooper Hockey Duffel 28 X 13 X 15 inches very old school $5
Red or Blue Duffel very retro and dry bag material 24 X 14 X 11 $5 each
Purple Duffel Rossignol 27 X 12 X 12 inches $10
Yellow really big backpack ( not a hiking backpack) 25 X 24 X11 inches $15
Mares Duffel 27 X 11 X 11 inches $5 has a bit of a tear

Picture 4
Drysuit bags ( not dry bags)
6 DUI drysuit bags 15 X 15 X 8 inches ( not dry bags) $10 each
Bare drysuit bag $10
Oceaner drysuit bag 20 X 20 X 20 inches $10
Larger Whites drysuit bag $20
bag 31.jpg
bag 32.jpg
bag 33.jpg
bag 34.jpg
Hey Char, when we get together tomorrow, it looks to me like you have a number of little items that interest me. I'll take all of the lanyards for sure and possibly take the smb too. Will look at small flashlights.
Hey Char, when we get together tomorrow, it looks to me like you have a number of little items that interest me. I'll take all of the lanyards for sure and possibly take the smb too. Will look at small flashlights.
Okee doke ! Let me know what time you would like to come by !!

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