Hose Clamp Screws

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Oneida, NY
Does anyone have ANY info on what thread and length these hose clamp screws are?

The owner of this image has asked us to remove it.
The thread is 6-32, length is 3/4"

And since the new reproduced hoses and duckbill valves are somewhat thicker than original I have found it challenging to install that bugger on the exhaust hose to box top connection.
The older I get the more I realize I don't know, despite having multiple college degrees I fear my quest for knowledge has ultimately failed, I have now forgotten more than I can possibly know. I think the future holds for me a door greeter position at WallY World!
Thus my excitement about the vintage trip, I hope to observe the pros and their equipment and learn from them cuz I done figured out I ain't got it going on! N
I hear ya Nemrod. After 6 semesters of college thus far I have realized I MAY in-fact be very good at Nursing, Biology, etc. but know Jack-***** about Vintage Double Hose Regulators - thats for sure.
Thanks guys,
Now all I need to do is find what LENGTH and THREAD the 2 screws are that hold the Support Arms down and I'll be 'Golden!'

Thanks again all...
I got a couple of old screws of that type from the "old fellow" that are not half bad. I installed a rebuild kit so I no longer need them.
I thought you got a unit from Dave? and I thought you sold the other one?
Soooo, what exactly you got there? Just curious, like a cat--lol. N
I sold my rebuilt Aqua Master DA last year.

I did purchase a nice DA from Dan this week.

The screws, spare parts are for my 'dive box' for my travels, outings, etc. One never knows when/if a lost or missing $ .05 screw will suspend diving fun. A good spare 'parts kit' can prevent twarted dive outings!

I like to be prepared! Kinda like a Vintage 'Save A Dive' Kit!
OK, then have you recieved it and used it yet? I am wondering how it compares to the last one you had?
Having some spares is a good idea. I am not sure out on a rocking dive boat is a good place to pull those infernal clips to get at everything. In my opinion, the fewer times those clips are pulled the better. It is hard on the clips and the regulator both. If something works decent and I have no reason to suspect bad things I tend to leave it alone. There are rings that replace the clips but they are more rare than hen's teeth. My DA, the one I am keeping, has such a ring and it makes getting at the innards to fine tune it a snap and this is the only reason it performs better than the "old feller"--the easy access to fiddle with it. If they both had rings to snap the cover off the old feller would give up it's secrets much more easily.
You know, for more than a decade, used by navys, Cousteau, and sport divers when diving was thought to be a serious undertaking the DA AquaMaster was US Diver's (when they where the premier company) workhorse regulator, it don't say AquaPlebe, AquaNeophyte, AquaBeginner, nope, it is the AQUAMASTER!!! and I am happy that you once again have one of your very own. Good luck with it. N
No - it should be here any day now. Should have by this weekend. Hope to test it shortly afterwards in the YMCA pool - being its winter here now and a balmy 21 degrees outside! lol!

I'd never TRY and service my DA on a boat or anyhting, but, a lost hose clamp screw or bad mouthpiece valve is certainly within the realm of a on-spot service.

the Support Screws and innard parts are for more 'needy' repairs - should the need ever arise!
...now all I need to locate is a ncie US Divers J-Valve and Reserve Rod and I'll be all set. I just found a near-mint US Divers Backpack as well...

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