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Empress of Ireland

Discussion in 'Wreck Exploration and Expeditions' started by Uberlingcod, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. bridgediver

    bridgediver Instructor, Scuba

    Dry gloves as well. Didn't see the stern section. Spent most of our time on the bow and mid section and towards the bottom. As you ascend back up the wreck this is where you have to pay attention or you'll find youself inside the wreck. I didn't penetrate anywhere as I think you need more than a few dives to get oriented on this one - but thats just me. Besides, there's so much to see on the exterior.

    Other advice -
    I echo the need for good undergarments! I had a pair of wheezle extreme plus and froze my arse off even with the suit lofted some (haven't used the wheezle's since, actually).
    A good light! A standard rec light ie pistol grip/standard batt will limit you big time. If you can take a good tech canister light if you don't already have one. HID recommended.
    Skip the Nipagon and do the museum instead. You'll be really dissapointed with it... A warship without a gun!!! Why'd they even bother sinking it? [They removed the entire front turret]. Besides, you got the Sask, Chaud, Mac right in your backyard which are far better than the Nip, even if it still hard a turret.
    Don't miss the musem, although the movie they have is pretty corny

    What are the specifics of procom's trip? Do you have a link or anything? Curious about the logistics and maybe do the trip again if its not full... pm if you like.

    If you're interested I put a trip summary here:
    You do need to be registered to get onto this board but you'll probably like it anyway. Most of the people on there frequently dive BC and all over Canada.

  2. bridgediver

    bridgediver Instructor, Scuba

    hmmmmm...... I guess it must be a secret trip
  3. Scuba_Steve

    Scuba_Steve Instructor, Scuba


    Sorry I'm getting to this late, but I was in Cuba when this thread was active.

    That's one darn sweet video of the wreck really.

    I've got about 30mins of edited video I should put up one day. I don't think it would embarrass me too much.

    I tossed up a couple pics here http://www.niagarascuba.ca/gallery_2.html

    no write-up yet, she's a work in progress.

    I question the validity (sanity?) of those diving her twice a day for several days on end and then sleeping on the ground in a tent instead of a nice bed in a warm room, but that's me :D

    This will probably be my last year as per family requests for me on her, at least for a few years to come, but the reality is I could dive her for the rest of my life and never see it all. I think it just hooks you and you have to keep going back.

    Unfortunately poor weather, and then dead video lights kept me from doing any meaningful video last year, so most of what I have is from 2004. It would have been nice to have on video what we saw last year though.

    Have fun.

    Steve R.
  4. Scuba_Steve

    Scuba_Steve Instructor, Scuba

    Just thought I'd give Tyler Bradford a well deserved plug here. (You'll recognize his name from the book Dark Descent).

    If anybody is seriously considering a trip to the Empress, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you that Tyler runs smooth, first class trips to her and is the best of the best when it comes to Empress expeditions.

    Nothing is disorganized (my personal peeve) with Tyler. He'll show you excellent top-side fun as well. Sometimes too fun :)


  5. texdiveguy

    texdiveguy Orca Rest in Peace

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: DFW,Texas

    Were ready for that video!!! :)
  6. Scuba_Steve

    Scuba_Steve Instructor, Scuba

    Naw, from what I hear you've been talking to my buddy pretty extensively :wink:

    Unfortunately I haven't even looked for it, but when I do get around to it I'll have to have it transfered to CD/DVD first.

    This year was great diving on her, but the vis was bad enough that I really didn't get any useable pictures or video with my set-up.

    Of course in fine bass-ackwards style I NOW have an entirely new set-up that WOULD have allowed better pics 6 weeks ago when diving her...........uhggggg


    P.S> If Urebling is still following, this years temps on the bottom last month were 32-35'F and 'warming' up to 40-42'F on deco. We had tops 10ft of vis I would say.

    My best year on it yet.

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