Aqualung Rogue vs. Zeagle Zena?

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Would appreciate any advice. I am going into my divemaster training next summer and I am really looking for a BCD that won't compromise durability for comfort. I will be in Turkey, so durability is a big factor for me because if something breaks- it is almost impossible to get it fixed or even get in contact with a scuba shop. I have been eyeing the Aqualung Rogue and Zeagle Zena, however they both have their downsides from what I can see:
  • Aqualung Rogue has this ongoing defect about the weight belt clips and I CANNOT risk having my weights fall off during divemaster training. How embarrassing would that be? Can anyone talk me out of this fear or should I just fully stay away from this BCD? I can also use a weight belt to avoid this problem...
  • Zeagle Zena has overall good reviews from what I can see except someone's zipper broke a few times but it seems modular. I can bring a spare zipper patch along with me.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be these two BCD's as well, I just travel a lot and need a good BCD recommendation.
I would look at the Dive Rite Hydro Lite. It is a good travel BC and Dive Rite is a solid well respected company with dealers all over the world. The only thing I would do is replace the bottom Velcro tank strap with a proper tank cam strap. Hydro Lite BCD - Dive Rite
My wife had both of these. Could not get a decent fit with the Rogue. The Zena off the shelf was ok, but then she customized the fit by changing the components to a smaller size, and the Zena fits her perfectly.

She really likes the Zena. No durability issues so far (going on 50 dives.)
My husband has a Rogue and I have a Zena. He likes the Rogue but has had some issues with the weight pockets - they are difficult to get back in while wearing the BCD and has had at least one occasion where he felt a weight pocket slip but he caught it before splashing. That was over the course of about 70 dives with it. I nixed a Rogue for myself due to that issue.

i like but don’t love the Zena. once on and positioned correctly, I am very happy with it. Easy trim, no tank sway. I like the two cam bands, carry strap, and the vest. However, the waist and hip straps can be a bit of a pain to get positioned correctly, usually have to wiggle around a bit when first in the water. Storage can be an issue especially I imagine for a working dive pro. The one pocket rolls up but dangles if you have anything in it. The 4 d-rings are positioned a little weird but you can add some. And the biggest issue for me is lack of a shoulder pull dump - it has two hip dumps instead. So, while I’m overall happy with it for now, I probably would not get it again unless they redesign and add a shoulder dump.

There is some really good advice on the board about the Zena - look for threads with @Kimela for example.

I am in DC and if you would like to try my Zena, feel free to DM me! It has all small components but from what I can tell, the straps have a length that can cover from the upper end of x-small through the lower end of medium

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