1. S

    Question TG + YS-01 + YS-02 + M52 air lens + PT-058

    I've been shooting macro on Olympus TG-5/PT-058 with one YS-01 strobe on TTL. Recently got an YS-02 (TTL only) and a backscatter M52 air lens. I also indulged into a mini flash/snoot combo. The M52 comes with an optical adapter that directs the optical cable upwards, but it can only take one...
  2. S

    Question Two strobes and a snoot?

    So I now have 2 strobes (YS-01 and YS-02) that I yet have to learn how to hook up together, and a Backscatter miniflash/snoot combo and a backscatter M52 air lens. Shooting on TG-5/PT-058. Trying to figure out what I should have as a setup. I shoot a lot of macro-type stuff like nudis that...
  3. pezgrande

    Wanted Sea & Sea Strobe YS -1,2 or 3

    Looking for a smaller strobe for travel. Please contact if you have one to sell. Thanks
  4. H

    Old YS-02 losing power

    Hey everyone. So I have been using a YS02 for the last 5 or so years. It was used in combination with a G12 and was perfect for easy travel usage. I had been noticing a few problems with the strobe for the last few dives with the power not lasting long but it really escalated on my last...
  5. T

    For Sale Nauticam Housing for Sony NEX 7

    I have the following items for sale: Nauticam Sony Nex-7 Housing 18-55mm port and gear Sea & Sea YS-02 S&S Optic cable Two 9” ultralight arms w/ball clamps and floats I am the original owner and it was purchased from BWP. The only blemish at all is some minor scratching on the plastic...
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