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    Dive Paradise Question

    I have been to CZM many times in the past and always had a wonderful experience with the Hotel Cozumel/Dive Paradise team. I haven't been since it changed hands and I was wondering if the service and amenities are the same? Trying to plan a trip with my kids and I'm specifically curious about...

    Single Divers Looking for Roommates

    This is a thread for single divers only looking for roommates for the SB Invasion 2022. Post whether you a female or male and any preferences you have for a potential roommate. Once another diver responds, then you can DM each other with any additional information to work out the details.
  3. cardzard

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    ScubaBoard's Invasion 2022 COZUMEL MEXICO June 18 - 25 ScubaBoard Invasion 2022 Package Deal This will be our main discussion thread for this event. Lets go back in time to our last Invasion to Cozumel
  4. cardzard

    ScubaBoard Invasion 2022 Cozumel Package Deal

    ScubaBoard Invasion 2022 IT'S A DONE DEAL ScubaBoard is Invading COZUMEL :pirate2: We are pleased to announce an all inclusive deal with Bay Adventures making it 1 stop shopping. We will be hosted by Wyndham Cozumel Hotel & Resort and Diving with Dive Paradise, Cozumel MX Here's your...
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