1. K

    For Sale Xcel Polar Hydroflex Quad 8/7/6/5 Semi-dry Nearly New

    My son outgrew his super warm semi-dry suit with only 15 dives on it. An Xcel Polar Hydroflex Quad 8/7/6/5, size MT. According to the Xcel sizing chart, It fits 5'11"-6'1", 165 to 180 lb, chest 39 in, waist 32-1/2 in. Xcel quality is the best in the biz and these suits are back ordered 6...
  2. R

    Wet Glove Liners

    I haven't started dry suit diving yet, except for a training class. In cold water, I have a pair of polyolefin socks that act as wet boot liners. They add a little thermal protection plus they make donning the boots easier and reduce risk of chaffing etc. They're also part of an overlapping...
  3. R

    Custom Wetsuit Suggestions

    Looking around for a tropical water 3mm shorty. I'm 5'9" tall, have a 32" waist and a 44" chest. Every size chart I look at has the minimum waist about 2" too big and the maximum chest size about 2" too small. Anyone order a custom wetsuit? Any experiences to share? Thanks.
  4. retiredNtavernier

    New Wet Wear full suit

    Went back to Connie at Wet Wear, in June, to get measured for a new full suit. I stressed to her that I didn't need the new suit until late September. She's pretty busy and I knew it was going to take some time. She was done with the suit in about 3 weeks. I drove over to the shop and had my...
  5. A

    For Sale Scubapro NovaScotia 7.5 semidry men’s size med

    Brand new scubapro novascotia 7.5mm semidry suit and hood, all tags attached and original packaging. Bought online since none of my lds had it in stock and it’s to big. Asking $600obo + shipping/PayPal fees. Open to trades for a size small, provided it fits, if its also in a new condition. Local...
  6. wonderand

    For Sale Pinnacle Kodiak Semi-Dry Men's Wetsuit (M)

    Great condition semi-dry merino lined wetsuit. Men's size Medium. Super warm (8/6mm), just too small for me. Tear in the outer material on the neck seal. Easily repairable and still plenty of material to get a great seal. $125 Shipped anywhere in the continental US. $100 for local pickup in Los...
  7. sullilabs

    Dive Gear Shop in Sydney / recommendation

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for where to buy diving gear in Sydney, NSW. I'm looking to buy my first wet suit and would like to be able to try it on before buying, so reluctant to buy it online. Any tips / recommendations appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Jafo19D

    First Wet Suit

    Thinking of buying my first wetsuit. I dive in a Colombia and most places are fine without a wetsuit so I dive with ScubaPro shorts and usually with a long sleeve Under Armor shirt. So far so good but I’ve heard that for Gorgona and Malpelo you need a wetsuit. Has anyone tried the Deep6 3mm...
  9. Rand

    SOLD!!! Tec Shorts/Wetsuits

    Selling the following items for a dive buddy who has gotten out of diving. Please PM me the item # you are interested in and your zip code for a shipping quote. PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to answer questions about whether a particular size will fit you. Please consult the manufacturer’s...
  10. Fahad Alabhoul

    Wetsuit thickness for Egypt Nov-Mar

    Hello everyone I Hope you are all doing well and being safe throughout the pandemic. this topic is puzzling me a bit; I'm a new diver and only dove in waters >23C in Aqaba. upon searching for what thickness do I need for Egypt in winter there was a lot of different opinions. some say a 5mm is...
  11. Larry Gatz

    For Sale Bare, 5mm Hooded Shorty Wetsuit

    For Sale: Rarely Used 5mm Hooded Shorty Wetsuit, used a couple of dives in Galapagos. Excellent condition. Been hanging in the closet and needs a new home. Extra warm, great winter dive suit. Asking $150.
  12. _anak_pulau_

    Deep 6 Wetsuit

    The 7mm Deep 6 wetsuit seems like a good deal. From what I've ready in forum posts from last year, the quality is exceptional. I'm wondering though if even the size S would be too large for me. I'm a size 6 for Probe iDry 5mm and that's a snug fit. Anyone else had experience with Deep 6...
  13. M

    Want to Buy BARE Reactive Wetsuit

    Hey guys, im looking for a 7mm Bare Reactive wetsuit. size M/L message me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  14. custureri

    SOLD!!! $125 - 3mm and 5mm WETSUITS for Sale, New and Used

    NEOPRENE CLOSEOUTS: ALL SUITS HAVE BEEN MARKED DOWN to $125-$145 (Demo/New). Only a few suits left. If you are an independent instructor, snag as much as you can. PM for BULK Pricing. Want more off? Make a reasonable offer and we just may accept (seriously). See Photos for Actual Suit...
  15. Scoy

    Wetsuit Recommendations??? - Help a bro out!

    Hello! Relatively new diver (<15 dives), open water certified. I'm getting to the point where I would like to start buying my own gear and was hoping for some suggestions on the best wetsuits out there. I'd be looking at a 5mm as I mostly stick to warmer climates and obviously don't go past...
  16. Scoy

    New Aussie Member - Wetsuit Recommendations???

    Hello! New member here from Australia. Great to be here! Relatively new diver (>15 dives), open water certified. I'm getting to the point where I would like to start buying my own gear and was hoping for some suggestions on the best wetsuits out there. I'd be looking at a 5mm as I mostly...
  17. S

    For Sale Wetsuit - Henderson H2 5mm Womens Size 6

    Black/lavender Henderson H2 5mm wetsuit (back zip), womens size 6, in great condition. I didn't use it all that much, about 20 dives total. According to the Henderson size chart, this will fit someone 5'5"-5'8", bust 31-33", waist 26-28", hips 34-36". It has velcro tabs on the ankles (makes it a...
  18. Dave Kay


    Been diving a long time but age has caught up and getting colder with out a suit. I've shied away due to the difficulties getting them on and off. I see divers struggle all the time. I have old rotator cuff issues. Can you recommend wetsuits that are easy to get on and off and are of good...
  19. _anak_pulau_

    Quality Issues with Bare Wetsuits

    GREETINGS! Has anyone come across or heard of issues with Bare wetsuit quality. No doubt it is extremely warm, comfortable and easy to don and doff, but within the first day of using it (for 2 boat dives), there were scuff marks around the back (around the sacrum/tail bone area, as well as...
  20. ScubaHankNYC

    My Tuxedo Wetsuit

    I finally got to break-in my custom tuxedo 5mm wetsuit at Cenote Tajma Ha. The wetsuit was made by Seagods based out of Bali, Indonesia. I put on a few pounds during quarantine but it still fits very well and it's super warm. They also made me a custom rashguard with hood. Again, it fits...
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