1. BackscatterUW

    Info Ikelite: How To Assemble a Complete Underwater Camera System

    Ikelite: How To Assemble a Complete Underwater Camera System Have you ever wanted to learn about Ikelite underwater housing, strobes, and accessories? In this video we break down everything that underwater photographers need to know about the Ikelite product line, and how to fully set up an...
  2. L

    Closed Seafrogs A6xxx housing, ports, vacuum system, and tray

    Pictures: All optical surfaces are free from imperfections or scratches. Items located in Indianapolis, IN, USA. Included: - Seafrogs A6xxx Housing - Stock Port - 6” dome port with neoprene cover - Short Macro Port - Leak sentinel v5 +...
  3. R

    Closed Brand New Fantasea FA6400 w Flat Port and Zoom Gear--$525!

    This is a virtually brand new (4 dives total!! pristine!!) housing kit that includes everything you need to start diving with the amazing Sony a6400! Although advertised a lot, this housing kit is impossible to find right now as Fantasea production is way behind because COVID. The package...
  4. followtheturtles

    Opinion on Meikon Housings

    Hi All. I'm trying to purchase housing for my Sony A7ii. Ebay has some models I've never heard of that are significantly cheaper. Curious to hear if anyone in the group has any experience with this. Would love to avoid spending thousands to simply protect my camera from water damage. Any tips...
  5. shallingsam

    Backscatter vs Nauticam Vacuum system

    Looking to get a nauticam housing for my Sony A7Rii, but don't know which vacuum system to get. Thoughts? I've heard pros for both.
  6. applecorps

    For Sale Want To Buy: Used Backscatter Housing Vacuum gauge & pump.

    Looking for a used Backscatter underwater housing vacuum gauge and pump. Must be in good working condition. Will pay $50.00 shipping included. Richard ::
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