vacuum leak detector

  1. R

    Closed Brand New Fantasea FA6400 w Flat Port and Zoom Gear--$525!

    This is a virtually brand new (4 dives total!! pristine!!) housing kit that includes everything you need to start diving with the amazing Sony a6400! Although advertised a lot, this housing kit is impossible to find right now as Fantasea production is way behind because COVID. The package...
  2. D

    Vacuum pressure drop

    I have a ikelite housing. I have the vacum to keep it at about 5lbs pressure. It drop down to about 2.5 in about 4 hours. Is it right? Or safe to dive Please help
  3. Andrey Savin

    For Sale Nauticam housing NA-EM5II + camera + lens + port...

    Underwater housing Nauticam NA-EM5II # 17809 = $879 (with Flexitray handles #71311) Nauticam Vacuum Valve # 25057 = $99 (only together with boxing) Nauticam Shutter release # 25200 = $35 rubles (only together with boxing) Camera Olympus EM5 mark II body w/two extra batteries (only when buying a...
  4. Anilaodiver

    Zen and the Art of Housing Flood Prevention.

    Zen and the Art of Housing Flood Prevention. Several recent leaks in my dive buddy's and my housing are the reason writing this. I have been certified since 1975, my buddy since the 1980's. One of my recent minor leaks was from a slightly misaligned O-ring in the port housing, caused by...
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