1. C

    For Sale Selling entire scuba collection

    Family friend recently stopped diving and has asked me to sell his gear for him. I am not overly familiar with scuba gear but please feel free to message me with any questions. Gear was very well taken care of by a serious diver and his wife. All gear was tested and working within the last year...
  2. Joc Kujo

    Info USIA closes down

    USIA was sold in 2018. As of May 2022, rent wasn’t paid and USIA lost lease in St Helens. No new location identified. If you have a repair or an order pending, you’re out of luck. Try calling one of the last 2 USIA CEOs, Eric Heid, 360-259-4994 or “Tripp” 215-290-1982. Good Luck! Need a USIA...
  3. D

    For Sale Like New Dive Gear

    All the gear listed is barely used with less than 15 dives on it. The only exceptions would be the USIA undergarment and Fourth Element undergarment which have seen more use. Everything except the USIA undergarment was purchased brand new. USIA undergarment was used by the USIA folks for drysuit...
  4. HonuDiver1059

    For Sale ***Complete*** Expedition Dry Suit System

    ***Complete*** Expedition Dry Suit System <<click there<< ****Note***LIGHT DUSTY LOOKING*** areas visible in pictures is a result of PROPER maintenance and storage techniques using "USIA seal talc" and RINSES right off on the next dive. Why pay thousands for a new USIA dry-suit...
  5. M

    Usia : Techniflex Or Aqua Pro Plus

    hi i get good sound about usia dry suit, i thinking to buy a Techniflex or AQUA PRO PLUS. Somebody have see and touched one? I would like to know more about fabric. Any other brand who use same fabric then the one used for these dry suit? thanks
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